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I am the most adorable dragon slayer in existance.


A year has passed with the defeat and cleansing of Dark Matter in the Pokemon world. Since that time the Expeditions society has been busy as ever to map and explore the respective dark corners of the world and to expand their overall view and understanding of their world, and maybe even chunk of their universe thanks to the recent appearance of a group of Islands and civilization south of the Water Continent.

With now a new means of traveling past their own world at their hands, and the added prospect of new means of explorations and discoveries all together. The Expeditions society and they new Islander Clients and friends are on a mission to explore one of these "NEW" world and see what wonders lay beyond its borers.

Though unfortunately, they aren't the only one finding interest in this new realm and the potentials it my offer. A group of...lets say bad Pokemon's are seeking in accomplishing something in this new world in which they failed in their own.

The poor clueless and somewhat powerless Natives of this world will eventually be dragged into a crises they have no much saying in as The member of the Expedition Society are trying to keep these Evil doers from causing to much damage to this world while also offering these Natives a much more broader view of their large and mysterious world while also contributing to the creation of certain things or relics, or the one or two new nations in the coming future.

The Pokemon's will have a major hand in shaping this new world, for both the good and the bad.

(Human tag only exist because if you have ever played a PMD game, you should why)

(This is somewhat of a Crossover between Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon and of course MLP, though Ancient MLP before Equestria and all the other nations where even a thing. If you have played PSMD before then the characters and backstory mentioned here should be easily recognizable to you. Minus the original characters introduced of course.)

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This story is a sequel to The (Mis)adventures of Nava: Book One

After having just escaped death from a near fatal magical accident that he nearly paid with his life, Nava must now make a choice either fear magic forever, or finally man up for once and face all of his problems head on. Including his bad acrophobia and the fact that the Princesses now know of his existence as well.

Not only that, but a certain group of thestrals will also be keeping a direct eye on him too. Specifically a certain captain with anger issues and a complicated past which may or may not explain her reasons for her questionable methods and sometimes open hostility.

Will Nava break from his problems with the help of those closest to him in this new world? Or will he finally break down and let his fears get the better of him.

Also what is going to happen to both Flitter and Cloudchaser? The two mares who invited this strange new Alicorn into their lives. Will they find out that he is not from Equestria at all?

Who knows? Only the future itself can answer these questions.

(Featured again on the day it was released on the 3/18/2017)

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Emperor Mateus, emperor of the Palamecian Empire wakes up in a strange new world. Having been defeated not once, but twice by the hands of Firion and his rebel gangs. But instead of returning back to hell after his second death just like he expected, instead he suddenly finds himself drifting off through the void and dragged to a new and unfamiliar world with an even more unfamiliar body as well.

His mind somewhat warped and altered from his previous experiences, he now has now the chance to start over from scratch in a world that seems to be oozing with magic. But don’t be fooled by his now somewhat altered ego, he still is the Emperor, highly intelligent, cunning and extremely powerful (even though at the beginning his magic is weakened)

Now that he is here and given another chance in a new world filled with new possibilities and conquests he will make sure to not repeat his previous mistakes ever again while getting his…han-hooves…on a new empire. He is going to show this new world what true dominance is.

The Emperor is back and hungry for more power.


(Authors note: The current cover art is only temporary, I will create a more dedicated cover art if this fic is being received well.)

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(This Fic has a sequel, or a continuation as you like.)

Have you ever imagined that one day you would wake up in a strange new world in an even stranger new body? Well I never have but it still happened and now I am running around in my OC’s body in a land I thought was nothing more than a silly children’s cartoon.

Well here I am…in the land where friendship is supposedly magic as an alicorn no less, staying with the two pegasi sisters while trying to make sense of my situation and keeping my whole alicorn appearance a secret…especially from the OTHER two alicorn’s. God knows what happens when these ponies find out what I really am...Both now and what i used to be.

Hopefully, one day…all of this will make sense and let’s just hope I don’t cause too much chaos while trying to find answers and trying to find a way back home.

(STORY GOT FEATURED IN 25/7/2016 :pinkiehappy:)

(This story was somewhat inspired by "The Third Roommate" and "Fleeting Flames" but will still have its own nature, style and obviously plot. Also big thank you to WrittenWord333 for helping me figure out the plot for this story.)

(Cover art by me.)

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(Star Wars/My little Pony: Friendship is Magic Crossover)

Riggs Dantion, an Imperial TIE-Defender Pilot of Shadow Squadron finds himself on an uncharted world after a horrible hyperspace malfunction. Forced to make planet fall and to make contact with the peaceful locals, this Imperial Commando will face new challenges. But, a dark shadow is starting to emerge from the horizon. One that will threaten this isolated world with the horrors of mindless conflict and endless war.

Will Riggs come out of his hard shell, look beyond his troubled past and help this world from ripping itself apart? Will he ever get his hyperdrive fixed and get off this strange rock? Will Riggs ever see his squadron again?

Only time will tell.

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My name is Julius Corness one of the riches man's in the world, but sadly that is the only good point about me. My life was just full of empty feelings and thoughts sense my parents tragically died that one fateful day when i was just a little boy.

After the tragic death of my parents i was forced to manage and hold together a vast company at a very young age without any friends or Family members to help me.

I was alone for the most part of my life without any real positive views to my future. It was only with the help of my trusted butler and only friend who kept me from going into the wrong paths. For years i had to endure the stress and depressing feelings of never being anything else but a lonely and misunderstood young man who has lost all self confident and will about his life. All until that one fateful day when i made a desperate wish upon a shooting star i would find something that will change my fate, destiny and my whole life forever.

Authors Note: This story is basically the introduction and origin story of my possible series Tales of Fate.
After this there are probably going to be sequels (if I even get that far) to this one also in titled Tales of Fate but with a different secondary titled of course.
So yeah that's it, see you all in my stories :)

P.S that cover art is from me. :D

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