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The (Mis)adventures of Nava: Book Two - Navanastra

After waking up from a near Fatal magical accident, Nava has developed a new found fear for magic in general. Will he fall to his fears or finally learn and conquer his new Alicorn powers? All under the watchful eyes of the Thestral captain.

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Chapter 1: Consciousness after Darkness

The (Mis)adventures of Nava: Book 2

Chapter 1: Consciousness after Darkness
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Is all that I am constantly hearing. It is annoying but it seems like that there is nothing I can do about it as my body refused to move or even give up a sound.

Nothing seems to work besides my hearing. The world is dark and my other senses are completely numb and nonexistent. Even my body as I couldn’t even feel what might be around me beside that faint beeping noise.

I want to panic, but even that doesn’t seem to work properly as even my sense of emotions are restricted.

Is this what the void feels like?

I personally just wished that this distant beeping sound would just get replaced by something else right now. I have no idea how long I have been hearing it or how long it was there to begin with, but at this point I would just give everything for that dreadful sound to go away. It feels like I have been listening to that sound forever, might even be a possibility to that claim as I seriously have no idea how long I have been hearing it or how long I have been here in general.

Time…a concept I have long forgotten about, or at least so it seems. This void even makes my own sense of judgment seem redundant.

“No…no I am afraid he hasn’t awaken yet.” Distant sounding voices suddenly penetrated the stillness of nothingness, its tone echoing all throughout my mind which almost took me by surprise. Almost, my sense of emotion, again being very much absent at the moment.

But still, it’s seems that my silent prayers have been answered…somehow as these distant echoes finally relieved me of that lone dreaded beeping noise from before, which was a great relief on my being as a whole.

If I even am a being to begin with that is.

“But…but he is stable right? He is not in any immediate danger just like how he was a month ago right?” I suddenly heard another voice echo, its tone sounding something that I think is called despair or worry if I can remember.

Argh, even my sense of memories are limited as well. How long have I even been here, and furthermore, how can I ask all of these question in the first place? Am I alive? Am I even self-conscious? Also, how the heck do I even know all of these things if I am questioning them in the first place? Again, why am I asking such question to myself?

I would have loved to keep going on my seemingly never-ending quest of self-questioning, but those echoes seem to have a completely different idea on my plight as they simply continued to keep talking.

Again, Love, what a strange concept. I know what it is but…I don’t know what it feels like.

“Well…yes, yes he is. You don’t have to worry too much about that Miss Cloudchaser and Flitter. It took our top doctors a long while to keep his condition stable when he was first brought in here, but other than that he has been in a constant coma since his last operation and magical injection. So really all we can do know is hope and wait to see if he wakes up or…not.” The first voice explained to the other before sounding…worried…again on that last part. Or was it uncertainty?

Strangely enough I suddenly heard a sigh echoing from a completely different source once more, making the total number of individuals or…things, present somewhere within this nothingness that surrounds me a total of three…THREE!!

I would have been happy if it was just one that I can listen to but a total of THREE different voices all together!? It must be my lucky day, not that I can remember what luck actually is strangely enough or if I had it beforehand.

Seriously where are all of these concept coming from? Also…what is a Cloudchaser and Flitter?

“Well is there…is there really nothing else that can be done for him nurse? Me and Cloud have been restless ever since my sis over here told me what happened. He means a lot to the two of us and we don’t want to lose him like how we lost our…our parents.” The third voice questioned in a sad tone before sounding more depressed with every word its owner or source stated.

I was actually starting to feel sad myself after having heard it say that. A feeling that didn’t really last long as I realized what I just emotionally felt, not once but twice in a row.

I…I just felt something…and I knew what it is and what it feels like!

“All of our doctors are trying their best Miss Flitter and Miss Cloudchaser. I can assure you two that he is in very good hooves, but even so, all we can really do is wait at this point I am afraid. As I said, his condition has thankfully Stabilised since his last direct treatment 2 weeks ago but his mind and body just refuse to wake up from their slumber. We just can’t do much at this point.” The first voice explained which again sounded sad but this time also apologetic as well.

Wait a minute…I am slowly started to grasp these concepts as well. I am starting to remember what apologetic is and feels like. Heck I am even slowly starting to get some of my memories back as well as a whole. How is this suddenly happening?

I heard another sigh “Well…ok then. Thanks for explaining this all to us Nurse…we are just…so desperate. We just want Nava to be ok after everything that he had to suffer through these past few weeks.” The third voice said

Wait…who or what is a Nava? What are they talking about?

“That is quite alright Miss Flitter, I can understand your pain. If I was in your hoofs I would certainly feel the same way for somepony that is very close to me. Again, we are trying our best and we will immediately inform either of you if we have more news of his condition.” The first voice explained.

Wait…is this it? Is this nice change of sound going to end with it being replaced back to that annoying beeping sound?

Well…all nice things have to end I guess. I just wished that it took a little while longer.

“Well come on then Cloud, we still have to work tomorrow. Again, thank you so much for letting us into his room and informing us Miss Red Hearth, it means alot to us.” The third voice thanked in a goodbye type of tone which sadly proofed my theory.

“Yeah, yeah…I know, stupid work and what not.” The second voice muttered before I heard a sound of multiple clip clops echoing through my blackness which immediately reminded me of coconuts banging together.

Yes, I have just remembered what coconuts are and what they sound like too.

Then silence, lone and dreadful silence. I want to mentally groan in annoyance as the beeping sound slowly returned when all of the sudden those clip clop sounds quickly returned. Though this time it seems to be less than the mess I heard just a few moments ago, much more in rhythm but strangely enough even in volume too.

I was going to mentally question myself what the heck all of this meant when all of the sudden and brand new sensation quickly made itself know to me.

A warm and soft touch sensation quickly made contact somewhere on my being. It was smooth, pleasant and calming, it somehow managed to ease my troubled being and filled me with a sense of serenity and an idea that everything is going to be ok in the end.

It was then when suddenly everything made sense to me once more, feelings, the memories, those…names and their meanings. Everything immediately came back into the light as whatever this source of warmth and comfort was quickly disappeared from my senses of my own reality, but before I could even think more about this sudden change of events everything around me rapidly turned white and everything once more ceased to exist for a moment as I felt myself speeding off to the source of that flash.






I slowly regained consciousness as this constant beeping noise assaulted my ears. I began to blink, trying to open my eyes and trying to move myself.

My body felt sore and stiff, and my visions is blurry. Everything about myself with the exception of my hearing is soar, unresponsive or down right defective as I tried to do something.

“What the…where am I…what happened?” are the logical questions I asked myself, as my mind, alongside my ears are the only two body parts of mine that seem to be active in this current moment.

Somewhat at least, not accounting the dizziness I am feeling in my noggin.

I tried to call out for someone but that plan also got quickly kicked in the crotch as my throat felt like it hasn’t received any water or food or…anything for quite a while, which in turn just makes me feel even more lost and confused on my current situation then I already am.

“What the…why am I feeling like this? Why is everything so stiff and sore on me? What the gods name happened to me?” I thought to myself as I once again tried to rapidly blink my eyes in hopes to get the blurriness out of my vision.

Alas it is not to be, that is when I suddenly came to the realization that something crucial is missing which is normally sitting right on my nose for THAT VERY reason.

“Oh right…my glasses. I am obviously not wearing them it seems.”

With that realization in mind I tried the very next thing that comes in mind in my current situation. I tried to move only to find out that everything on me just feels so darn stiff and heavy as if I have been laying like this for who knows how long.

Might not be so far off on that concept to be honest.

Thankfully though my sense of feeling quickly came back into the forefront as I realized that I am laying and also being wrapped around something both warm and soft at the same time.

Trying to move my head this time which thankfully yields far better results than the last, although with a bit of difficulty and groaning, I swiftly came to understand that I am pretty much cocooned on a wide bed with the white blankets pretty much wrapped somewhat tightly around my form which at least explain the one part as to why I am having trouble moving my body in the first place.

“At least my left arm is actually outside this white cast of a fabric.” I thought to myself as I realized that my left arm or…forearm to be precise is free from its bindings unlike the rest of my form.

Yes for a moment there I forgot that I am a horse now and not a human how I mostly remember myself.

What is actually strange is how my free arm is dotted with tubes and cables from all size and from, some going directly into my skin via needles and what not while some just travel the whole length of my arm and curving up and down into my chest and lower torso, or so I guess since the blanket covering me pretty much doesn’t give me much of a view as to where these medical tubes and cables go on my body.

Furthermore, it also seems that my nostrils are attached to a breathing tube as well, which I just managed to realize when looking back down on myself.

All of these evidence and the fact of a constant beeping noise I am hearing in the background quickly lead me to one solid conclusion about my locations and overall whereabouts as a whole.

“I am in a freaking Hospital.” I thought to myself with slight wide eyes as the realization hit me.

“But…but why? Why am I inside a hospital as a patient connected to so many life-support and monitoring systems? Did something happened to me? Well obviously otherwise I wouldn’t be here now would I? But still…what exactly happened to me?” I mentally question myself.

I try to think and ponder about the possible reason and memories on what exactly happened to me that would lead me to be in such a serious looking state. But all I get are just blurry jumbles of bits and pieces in my mind that are completely useless to me. Nothing but a few emotions and a lot of emptiness, basically a giant between the now and the very last spot I can remember.

I was moving back to Applejack's farm to clock out after a long and pleasant talk I had with Rarity. Did something happened to me while I was on my way back? Could be possible but then again I just get this feeling that something else might have happened to me all together. Something big, something…that almost cost my life.

I groaned as I am slowly developing a headache of all this thinking and lack of information.

“No point to keep digging at this point I guess. It’s obvious that I am suffering from some case of amnesia which means getting the memories on my own is almost impossible without outside help. Let’s just hope that I can get some answers on this soon, maybe when a nurse comes by to check on me.” I again thought to myself as I simply decided to explore my surroundings a bit.

As predicted, there are about a dozen different machines around and connected to me via the cables and tubes on my body. From a heart monitor and breathing apparatus on my right and some IV bags and some weird glowy thingy majiggy on my left. Though what is the most interesting thing I spotted on my left side is a large cluster of flowers and bouquets sitting on a table right beside my bed with a large pink card nestled right in between this forest of flowers.

“Huh…what are these for? Gifts from ponies I know who most likely visited me when I was unconscious?” I wondered to myself as I stare at the large stack of green and other colors sitting on my bed table, most notable that card right in the middle of it.

With curiosity once more taking a hold of me I started to carefully move my exposed left arm towards the pink card folded up in a triangular roof form.

I have some difficulties at first but I soon managed to get my…well hoof on the pink piece of thick paper and slowly moved it back towards me before steadily unfolding it.

What I see made my eyes go wide in surprise.

“These are all names of ponies I met and know ever since I came to this world. There are even some I haven’t yet personally met yet like Fluttershy, Rarity’s parents and even some of the nurses here like Nurse Redheart. All in their personal hoof writing as far as I can tell.” I wondered with surprise as I started to read the content of the letter with all the names on it.

Get well soon. Signed by: Flitter, Cloudchaser, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Big Mac, Granny Smith, Rarity, Pinkie, Fluttershy and…Twilight?

I did short double take on that before shaking my head and keep reading.

Spike, Mr and Mrs Cake, Rarity’s Parents, the Hospital staff…Golden Oak, Glade? And…Princess Celestia and Luna????

I flinched back, my eyes going wide in both utter shock and slight disbelief as I recognize these last two names on the bottom of the card. Written both on gold and dark blue ink no less.

“Well this can’t be good…also furthermore, who the heck is Golden Oak and Glade?” I wondered to myself before the real meaning of this message finally dawned on me.

“Well shit…both Princesses obviously now know that I exist and so does Twilight. Well she already DOES know me…but not as an Alicorn, which I am sure everybody knows now. Those doctors and nurses taking care of me most likely reported that right back to someone who needed to know when they examined my body, and that person most likely sent that report further up the line until it lands on the princesses hooves themselves…great.” I thought to myself bitterly.

The jig is up and I am sure that they want to personally talk to me the moment they know that I am back up and conscious. It’s going to be a talk I have been dreading ever since I came into this world.

Will it go badly? I do not know, all I can hope that these two are pretty accurate to their MLP counterparts.

Even so, the biggest worry I still have is Luna, not so much Celestia herself.

I sigh. “Well…all I can really do now is wait and see how things develop from here.” I simply thought as I allowed myself to relax once more while listening to the rhythmic beat of the blasted heart monitor to my right.

“This thing is going to drive me nuts isn’t it?”

Trying my best to ignore the constant beeping of the very thing that most likely kept me alive for the duration in which I was out cold I began to think back to the last point of my recallable memory in hope to find the answers as to what happened to me in the first place that lead me to be in the state in which I woke up as.

I took a good few minutes to try and piece together in the best of my mental capabilities to recall all the possible scraps and pieces I can find deep within my conscious only to find a handfull of certain feelings and emotions in blurry and blank places. Most notable fear and pain.

I eventually just gave up as I gave a sigh of defeat. There is a reason why amnesia is such a problem even with modern medicine and psychiatrist treatments.

“Again, all I can do now is wait in hope that the answer will come to me automatically over time…and hopefully some nurse will come by soon as well because my throat is killing me.”

“Also some of those things connected on my body are starting to get itchy as well. Specifically that breathing tube connected to my nose.”

As luck would have it, right on cue, the door to the left of the room suddenly opened up and revealing the very person or in this case pony I was hoping for.

An aqua blue earth pony nurse, a mare judging by its facial features and overall body structure.

Her eyes immediately went wide in surprise the moment she looked at me. Almost dropping her medical board in the process.

Before I could even react she immediately rushed me. “Oh dear heavens you are finally awake, this is incredible given how you were brought in to us at first. How do you feel?” She immediately asked before going around my bed to check on the data on all of the equipment that I am attached too.

I was about to reply, but only managed to get out a few coughs out of me thanks to the still dry nature of throat. She immediately looked at me with great concern before I pointed at my throat with my free hoof and quickly understood what my problems is.

“Oh you have a dry throat. Just a moment, I will go and get a glass of water for you. Won’t take long.” She declared before quickly rushing out of the room and leaving me temporary alone again with my own thoughts.

I took this moment of peace to once again take a much better look of the room that I am in. Granted my version is quite blurry without my glasses which is why I really haven’t bothered to even try to explore my surroundings the first time around because it would be somewhat pointless. But since I really have nothing better to do until the nurse returns with my requested glass of water I might as well try and see exactly what this room really has to offer.

From what I can tell, the walls or rather wallpaper, it is covered with seems to be in a very flat and basic light cream color with the ceiling contrasting to that with a complete pure white color. The floor is made of what I can see of white tiles with some light blue once mixed in them to add some design and color.

Turning my head to the right I am greeted with a large window which is abstracted with green colored curtains preventing me from seeing through it. Above me is a basic half dome covered ceiling light and directly opposite from my bed are a few shelves with a large closet in the middle.

Overall a very basic and bland looking hospital room similar to the ones back at home.

“Here, I brought a large glass of water from the cafeteria for you.” I heard the nurse announce as she reemerged into the room with a glass of water placed on a tray balanced on her back.

Actually that made me think. How did ponies come up with drinking glasses if they have hooves and no hands? I mean sure they actually can grab stuff with their hooves to some extent. But still how did they come up with that idea in the first place? Was it the Unicorn and Pegasi? Because Earth ponies really won't benefits from such an item as much as the other two would.

Or it could have also been introduced by either the Gryphons or Minotaurs as well. That could also be the case.

She immediately gave me the glass by angling it directly under my mouth. With her assistance I started to drink the contents of the glass with great gusto. The effects were immediate as I could feel my throat relax and ease up after it has been moistened by the elixir of life itself.

After the glass was empty the nurse retracted it with both her fore hooves and placing both it and the tray on the bedside table next to me.

I coughed a couple of times to get any remaining recess out of my system before turning my focus back to the nurse with a thankful smile on my features.

“Thanks…you nurse…uh…”

“Blue Pin. Nurse Blue Pin sir.” She introduced herself in which I nod.

“Well thank you…Miss Pin…I…I feel a lot better.” I thanked her although a bit raspy as my voice isn’t still quite there yet.

She simply nods while giving me a smile. “Glad I could help, that is what I am here for anyway. You are quite welcome.” She replied happily.

This is my chance to get some answers on what the heck happened to me. I look up to Nurse Blue pin with a curious look, which she thankfully noticed as I collect my thoughts a bit.

“Well uhm…Nurse…I…I have a question.” I rasped out before continuing. “For…for what reason am I here…in the first place? How long have…have I been here…and what the…hell happened to me…before all of this?” I finished my somewhat slow questioning thanks to my still raspy voice and scratchy throat.

The nurse’s expression quickly change from her previously neutral one to a more concern and nervous type look which in turn made me feel somewhat dreadful as well for what is to come.

She sighed before looking back at me to give me my answer. “Well for starts…you have been in a coma for over a month now, your condition swanking back and forth while you were in our care during that duration. Your state was absolutely dire and critical when a group of Thestral guards first brought you here. Simply stated that you have experienced a magical mishap before quickly retreating back into the night. At first we were of course in shock at your life threatening state of severe magic loss and internal injuries and obviously also the fact that we were brought an…alicorn of all things.” She took a momentary break before continuing. ”I am not really sure what exactly happened after they carried you into the emergency room but all I know was just how bad your state really was and the very slim chance of you actually surviving that one night or not. Even after your first operation and magic replenishment the doctors were still not a hundred percent sure if you would be able to make it or not. Only after a dozen more operations later were they able to confirm that your state was finally considered stable enough to truly survive though how long the recovery was going to be was still unknown at the time, even for them. You were simply in a never ending coma since then and a lot of ponies that know you and including us were extremely worried about your condition. Even the Princesses after they were informed of this and came to have a look at you for themselves.” She finally finished explanation with a deep breath.

I am stunned beyond belief at the information I was given. “Wait…wait…so I was…practically half dead when I was brought here?” I asked with wide eyes and mouth.

She simply nods.

“And…and I was in a coma for over a month as well is that correct?” I ask further in which she nods once more.

I lay back down, trying to properly process all of this shocking information I was just given.

“I was practically half dead and in a coma for almost over a whole month? What the hell happened to me?” I thought to myself as I am still in some level of disbelief with all of it.

Then again, what is the point in not believing what supposedly happened to me, the fact that I lay in a hospital bed and the fact that my body feels like crap should speak for themselves.

“Do you…do you maybe know what exactly happened to me?” I ask the nurse while still keeping my fixed at the ceiling.

“No, no I don’t. All I know is that you were suddenly brought in without much of an explanation.” I heard her reply in a sorry tone which just made me sigh.

“That is fine…at least I am still alive somehow and that is what counts I guess.” I quietly replied as I found myself getting suddenly tired for some reason.

Must be all of that shock and excitement, and probably also all of those drugs running through my system. If they gave me any medication that is, I mean why wouldn’t they if I was out for a whole month.

“Would you…would you maybe need anything else there sir Nava?” The nurse questioned after a somewhat long and awkward silence passed by us.

I just shake my head. “No, it's fine. I think I will just sleep through this for a while. I just feel so very weak and tired at the moment.” I replied before giving off a weak yawn at the end of my sentence.

She nods. “Alright then, I will just quickly inform the head doctor of the good news so that he can personally have a look at you later. In the meantime I wish a good night to you Mister Nava.” She replied with a soft smile on her aqua blue muzzle.

She eventually left after having picked up both the empty glass and tray she brought with her before closing the door behind her.

I didn’t really take long for me to fall unconscious once as the world quickly fell dark around me once more.


“So he is finally awake then. Better inform this to the captain quickly before any of his friends and princesses get to him first.” A Thestral whispered to herself as she moved away from the window occupying the male alicorn.

Not a single pony ever noticing this dark mare fly by as both her cloak and natural colors blend perfectly within the darkness of the night as she flew off. Leaving no trace what so ever.

Her bow perfectly concealed under its bindings and cloak.

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