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An oppressive batpony empire called The Cloud have brainwashed pegasi into believing that flight was an impossibility. In the little town of Woodburn, a pegasus named Aether Storm has a nearly fatal accident, falling from a cliff. When she misses the ground, the rebellion begins.
Flight follows her revolt and the revolution that follows, exploring the nature of Freedom, Truth, Depression, and Revelation.
This is a prequel to Flight, but it's supplementary material—not prerequisite. :twilightsmile:
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So, when does this take place?

The bat ponies are Monsters

Power beyond a pegasus? Glowing?

7502853 I didn't see this until now, sorry!
I like to think that any creature could have the kind of glowing-eyes apotheosis that Twilight and others have. So I put it down to the ability to sense the world around you and the course in life you're supposed to take. :)
I've been rewriting the story to start after this bit--I think it'll be much more exciting to start from there. :D If you're keen, I'd love to show you where it's going from here. My email is wkblack@byu.edu

7502747 This is an alternate universe - it's meant to take place perhaps a few centuries before 'modern' time, but this land doesn't have the Princesses or an equivalent.

7502783 Nah, they're just keeping things in order.
But seriously. They're a repressive regime, that keeps pegasi under their hooves.
I love batponies though, don't worry - you'll see their good side eventually. :)

7502853 Really, I like to think that anyone can use magic. Holding a wand, or having a horn just makes it easier to believe that you can cast spells. The real power comes from within, and everyone has that power inside them. Some are just more aware of it, or more able to tap in to its power.

7511058 That's good to know. I was having trouble placing it in a timeline. now I'm good with it

7511064 I like bat ponies too, Heck, I have a story in the works about one as well. I said monsters because they were mutilating ponies. And I understand its your story, I just had to vent during that chapter.

7511070 That's an interesting concept. I agree that any pony can use the magic that's akin to their race. Weather related magic has always been part of the pegasi. The more dire the need the more magic I can see coming from an individual. The bat ponies have repressed the pegasi for generations and I can see how the magic could build up into what we see here. It could be just me, but I have always attributed the glowing white eyes with an overload of magic,... hmm. and now that I have time to think about it I can see her having it in extreme circumstances. But to have her eyes glowing at will seems to be a bit far fetched to me.

Good story, I got really emotional when the pegasi were being mutilated.. It angered me to see the regime clipping wings just to prove a point and I felt heartbroken for the poor ponies. Looking forward to seeing where this is going. I have a feeling that Canary is going to be converted into a changeling.

7511717 Did you ever get the email response I sent you?

7511070 I dunno how I stumbled on your site and this story, (No I haven't read it.. yet?) but I couldn't help but notice what you said there. You literally described the title of my story, The Power Within. Even though my protagonist isn't able to use any kind of magic, he still have an ability he's not aware of. :) I'd love to promise to read your story later, but my "read it later"-list is far too long already.. :twilightblush:

7755727 Cool! What's the plot of your story?

7756094 Well, I can send the plot to you via PM if you don't mind :) I'm having some problems with the latest chapter so I'm not completely sure how it's going to end.

Comment posted by wkblack deleted Dec 17th, 2016

7756134 You know, you really shouldn't put your e-mail address where everyone can see it.

Flight is a Scenic Novel: rather than force feed you the entire story, select scenes are shown and the reader is left to interpolate less crucial filler.

This story isn't too confusing, is it?

7799325 Oh, I don't mind. If people really want my email, it wouldn't be hard at all for them to find it. Most all of my profiles are public and it hasn't been a problem so far.

Re "Scenic Novel": No, I don't think it's too confusing. But I'm rewriting the story to be in a more typical form. In fact, I was considering just deleting "Before Flight", since you will be able to read "Flight" without it, but I'm still relatively happy with Before Flight, so I'm leaving it up. :twilightsmile:

8157802 :pinkiehappy: Glad you're liking it! Thanks for the +fav—I'd love to hear your thoughts!
And make sure to read Flight once you're done! :twilightsmile:

8158277 definitely!

One thing we find interesting is that this exact set of circumstances is what allowed the bats to dominate like this. Anypony who managed to escape would find out the truth fairly easily, but reaching back and pulling the wool off everyone else would definitely prove difficult.

It's really interesting how she basically discovered carnal magic...

That's how it often is in the real world too—we're too seeped in current ideas that we're unable to see obvious truths around us. :twilightsmile: I love that theme, since that's how many advances happen: we realize we have a false mindset and overcome. :pinkiehappy:

:pinkiehappy: Yeah! :D I like to call it primal magic. :twilightsmile:

8162349 Here's to hoping this turns into the nicer version of the Eagle that thought he was a chicken story,.. ;)

8164638 Thanks for linking me the story! I hadn't heard it before. :twilightsmile:
You'll have to read Flight to find out. :pinkiehappy:

The image is broken.

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