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I am the most adorable dragon slayer in existance.


My name is Julius Corness one of the riches man's in the world, but sadly that is the only good point about me. My life was just full of empty feelings and thoughts sense my parents tragically died that one fateful day when i was just a little boy.

After the tragic death of my parents i was forced to manage and hold together a vast company at a very young age without any friends or Family members to help me.

I was alone for the most part of my life without any real positive views to my future. It was only with the help of my trusted butler and only friend who kept me from going into the wrong paths. For years i had to endure the stress and depressing feelings of never being anything else but a lonely and misunderstood young man who has lost all self confident and will about his life. All until that one fateful day when i made a desperate wish upon a shooting star i would find something that will change my fate, destiny and my whole life forever.

Authors Note: This story is basically the introduction and origin story of my possible series Tales of Fate.
After this there are probably going to be sequels (if I even get that far) to this one also in titled Tales of Fate but with a different secondary titled of course.
So yeah that's it, see you all in my stories :)

P.S that cover art is from me. :D

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4 likes 2 downs 2 comets not bad i guess :\

What do you mean by incorrect rating code?
I want to give this a thumbs up!

3071158 thank for supporting me this is my first attempt and i was a bit nervous doing this so ever positive feed back helps :twilightsmile:

Could be better you could use auto correct on it. If this is your first you might want to read some of your work it could help you get rid of some of those run on sentences and i's.

Comment posted by Navanastra deleted Aug 20th, 2013

Please keep up with this magnificent work, also, MOAR

I like this.
It would be interesting if someone of a third party found out about Celesia and Luna.

3120453 To be honest, what do you mean third party? :rainbowderp: (sorry if my question sounds stupid to you it was early in the morning and i didn't had my coffee yet) :ajbemused:

As in someone else other than the main character and the butler found out about the two alicorns.

I'm also writing a story like My Little Dashie, but with unique twist of my own. Your's looks interesting.

It's just me or this story has a lot more HNNNNNNG's than My Little Dashie? Good work! Lovin it

wow not even an hour and already there calling him there dad another good chapter my good author.

wow...... if they eat a whole salad at this age how much do they eat as adults?:rainbowderp:

advancing fast must be an alicorn trait another good chapter keep it up

still going strong keep it up man

3183703 lol XD dude did you just comment me for every chapter :rainbowlaugh: cool

hey I have something to say I say it

Another beautiful chapter and another failed attempt to kill me of heart attack, good try anyways, good job

3218315 Thanks for the wonderful comments it helps :twilightsmile:

3308833 You do? Because as i explained in the beginning of the chapter the development of this chapter was long and painful and some parts of this chapter were even rushed and in editing I had to do allot of changes too.
So it felt for me that this chapter was a bit more chaotic than the previous ones, well for me at least.

aww thats so sweet was celestia said at the end

Besides a couple of spelling and grammar mistakes, great story.

Besides a couple of spelling and grammar mistakes, great story.

Ooooo.... Interesting. Would like to see how that would turn out. :twilightsmile:

Great chapter! There's a few errors like where instead of were, and in state instead of instead.
But other than that, it's a great chapter and for that, you deserve a mustache :spiketache:
(I'm on my phone so I can't use the emocons)

Seriously, this needs to get more views. I would suggest adding it to some groups and promote it on the 'Shameless Self Promoting Bureau'

3612468 Thanks for the tip :twilightsmile: and about some of the errors...well I guess I didn't noticed them when i was editing :facehoof:

Comment posted by RainbowDragon deleted Jan 6th, 2014

When will the government find out about them? :twilightoops:

Really, you need a proof reader or editor for this, I'm seeing a lot of errors here and there. First, it's since, not sense. Secondly, it's following, not fallowing. And lastly, it's instead, not in state.

3745484 I cant see or find these errors myself. I even just checked some of my previous chapters again to try and find them. :raritycry:

Where can I find a good editor?

Ick, something went wrong with the paragraph formatting in the beginning. Can you fix those ones that look a little odd?

There must be spaces between paragraphs. Google docs dun derped.

Cute chapter. But can little Alicorn girls get colds??? I honestly thought that would be the topic of this chapter, seeing John and Julius rushing around to take care of two little ponies would have been amusing.:rainbowlaugh:

3858249 Yes, yes you did my friend :twilightsmile:

3856797 maybe i will have something like that in a future chapter, who know.

Sadly I can't promise it. But its still a very good and interesting idea

dammit i was listening to this through the discovery sceene

god dammit Liquid Pride

Is this the latest draft of the chapter? I recall changing the title a bit.

This story is epic.
HOWEVER there are a few things that have... bugged me ( i may have been doing too much :facehoof:)
I kept spotting the same mistakes over and over and over and over.... yea you get the idea.
Here are a few that i have noticed that have been through out
sense- since
fallow- follow
allot- a lot
hearth- heart
Save - safe
maid- made
instate/in state - Instead
than- then <---- this one is depending on what is being said/done/described but half the time you use than instead of then.

But other than those, keep the good work up :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

3903061 don't worry my friend i have recently gotten my hands on an editor.

Future chapter are going to be much better phrased than that.

Also me and my new writing buddy are also reworking some of the previous chapters, fixing mistakes and other errors here and there.

So everything will be nice a tight in the future :pinkiehappy:

Thanks for your kind words. :D

I swear the government would of found celly and Luna by now...
Otherwise great chapter!

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