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This story tells the tale of a man name Darwin Maximus who created a portal that allowed him to enter other universes, but though events he soon find himself becoming the protector of two young fillies and their names are Tia and Luna. He would find himself though trills that would test him might and mind, and will force him to make choices that could affect the world, Tia, Luna and himself. But before the end of his journey he will find something that he always wanted but could never have. This is the story of the Guardian of the Moon and Sun.

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Other than the use of 'use' instead of 'us' i have to say y see potential in this history, i can't wait for the next chapter.

I can tell this is going to be an amazing story! :yay:

a GROUP of humans!? noooooo-

When will you continue this?

4266889 In one of my old blogs, i said i already written chapter 4 & 5, but my editor has his own stories, editing other peoples work, and classes. Part of chapter 4 is been looked over but when it would be completed i don't know. But i have forgot this story. If you or anyone one else has question feel free to asked.

OMG yes. I love reading these types of stories. Where the mentor and leader of all is being taking care of by someone from the future. He's probaly not from the future but you get what I mean.

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