• Published 29th Jun 2016
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The (Mis)adventures of Nava: Book One - Navanastra

Have you ever imagined that one day you would wake up in a strange new world in an even stranger new body? Well I never have but it still happened and now I am running around in my OC’s body in a land I thought was nothing more than a cartoon

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Chapter 1: The worst wake up call EVER

//The (Mis)adventures of Nava//

/Chapter 1: Worst wake up call EVER/

Story by: Navanastra

Edited by: WrittenWorld333

“Oh, my, god, why do I feel sooo sore?”

Waking up is one thing…waking up feeling like as if an elephant has been using you as his personal sitting cushion all night long is another, and let me tell you it feels horrible…like really horrible. I generally have no idea how it feels to have a hangover simply because…well I don’t drink but I guess this is somewhat close to it…I guess.

Yup close enough because now I also have a pounding headache to go with it. Bloody fantastic. Is there anything else on my body that doesn’t feel like it’s about to die…anything...please?

The other thing I quickly noticed besides my body killing itself with pain was how unfamiliar all of this felt. For once I could tell that I was NOT laying on my nice soft comfy mattress I came to recognize whenever waking up, instead what greeted me is the simple feeling of laying yourself down on something that would explain why, oh why my body feels as rugged and stiff as a plank of old used wood.

I was laying on a rock, a cold hard rock.

Why? How? When? I really don’t know, in fact I don’t know anything besides what happened the day before. Which really is strange and worrying since I never had the displeasure of experiencing memory loss in such a way.
Am I really sure I didn’t just suddenly decided to go out, buy a bottle of funny juice and drown myself with it just for the heck of it?

Nooo…no of course not, one I don’t have money and two I really never liked the taste of alcohol to begin with. Besides wine…which I am positive we don’t have in the house simple because we only get some during special occasions like Christmas or New Year and stuff like that.

WHAT THE HELL AM I EVEN DOING!!?? I have much more important problems to think of than liquor. Where the heck am I and what the heck happened. For once I can tell beyond the stiffness and pain that I am NOT in my room judging by the sound and smell around me.

I can hear leaves rustling in the wind, owls hoooing, wolves howling and everything around me smells like nature.

If…that’s even how you’re supposed to evaluate nature.

I don’t know, it kind of smells like how grass starts to smell after a rainy day so I guess I can say it smells like nature.

I’m losing track of the severity of my situation again aren’t I?

Well that’s just great, I can’t even focus on a single topic without derailing myself with all this extra nonsense my mind is known for, it would definitely be easier IF MY BODY WASN’T AS STIFF AS A BOARD AND WOULDN’T FEEL LIKE IT WAS ON THE VERGE OF DYING, THIS IS BY FAR THE WORST WAKE UP CALL I EVER HAD IN MY ENTIRE LIFE, PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME!!!!
Speaking of waking up…why haven’t I opened my eyes yet? Oh…right…my eyelids feel as if they are made of lead…great.

Everything about my body feels like as if it has just been through a lot by the way it hurts and how...unfamiliar it feels as well…actually…wait a minute.

I…I do feel different…like really different…did I suddenly grow extra limbs all of the sudden and why the heck can’t I feel my hands or fingers. For that matter WHY CAN'T I FEEL MY FEET, WHERE ARE MY CLOTHES?

“I NEED to open my eyes NOW…I need to see where I am and what happened to me”

Who knew that opening your eyes would ever become so slow and tedious that it almost felt it wasn’t worth the effort, but with a bit of grunt I finally managed to get my eyeballs out of their covers and into the light of the outside world, and the very first thing that greeted me was nothing but a blurry dark mess of dark colors in almost unrecognizable shapes and sizes. Though it was not the only image that greeted me. There was…something else, something much clearer and much closer and more obvious than the rest, something that was right at the very bottom of my peripheral vision.

“I need my glasses…where the heck are my glasses?”

Moving my head and neck was almost a torture on its own, I don’t want to sound like a broken record but just like the rest of my body they were sore and stiff and moving them hurt like ass.

With a heavy grunt I managed to move my head to the left in hopes to find what I was looking for, it also doesn’t help the fact that I was dragging my head right across the hard rough surface of the rock I was laying against which just made this even less enjoyable than it already was. Only to eventually find out that my glasses were not there at all. Great all the effort wasted for nothing.

“Uhhhh…why couldn’t I have woken up on a field of grass in state or even better MY BED!!!”

At this point I felt really annoyed, if I ever want to find out where the heck I was, what the heck happened to me and why I needed to find my glasses because without them I was almost as blind as a freaking bat.

Greeting my teeth in discomfort as I slowly turned my head all the way to my right I began to quickly note on how long my hair felt like. I mean shit it’s all over my eyes as well, moving across my vision while turning my head.

And…and did I just saw red hair? Did I really just saw a red spot on my normal natural black hair? For once I know that my hair is normally much shorter than it feels right now and second I never EVER have used any hair dye in my life because the idea of putting anything on my hair that wasn’t shampoo was always cringey though for me…unless…this is not dye at all.

This was slowly becoming more and more surreal with every passing second which is somewhat pointless since the pain I felt all over my body was certainly the real deal. No amount of hallucination, dreaming or drugs can emulate the pain I am feeling now.

After a slow and gruesome trek of turning my head fully back to the right I eventually sighed in utter relief for the first time since I awoke to see the blurry outlines of my beloved and trusty glasses just laying lazily beside my head.

With as much effort as I could muster and gritted teeth I began to turn my whole body around in an effort to fully face the right so that I have a much easier time grabbing them. Every muscle and joints in my arm were screaming at me as I slowly moved them towards my glasses in an attempt to seize them, only to end up halting my efforts when a new and frightening sight entered my already bad vision.

“What the….is…is that my arm? Where…where is my hand…WHERE IS MY BLOODY HAND?”

Ok, fuck this. I need to grab my glasses ASAP and see exactly what the MOTHERFUCKING fuck is going on here.

Well if I wasn’t all panicky than I am definitely all panicky now as I desperately try to grab a hold onto my glasses with those handles stubs I have now without breaking it, easier said than done when you have no hands and when your arms are shaking more violently than they would during a typical Japanese earthquake.

Against all impossibilities and the fact that all of my erratic movements were just wonderful for my already aching body, I finally managed to, by some miracle, place my glasses right there where they belong finally allowing me to fully see the world around me as sharp and crisp as a 4k TV.

The first thing I saw after slipping my glasses back over my eyes was obviously my surroundings. I could finally see that my earlier suspicions were indeed spot on as nothing but a dark, gloomy and overgrown forest graced my now crisp and clear vision with just a few light sources penetrating the thick canopy above.

What really was even more confusing and also a bit frightening is how…unreal everything looked…everything around me despite being dark and foggy where just so…unrealistically vibrant in colors. Something you would usually only see in cartoons or comics.

Another thing that automatically sets alarm bells off in my head where how familiar this all looked to me. I could have sworn that I have seen this art style before somewhere but I just cannot put my finger on it…if I still had fingers that is.

That last thought though immediately snapped me back to severity of my situation as my thought quickly went back towards my handles arms that I just discovered.

With great fear and dread I slowly began to move my arms upwards towards my field of vision so that I can finally have a good sharp look at them.

My heart immediately sank down into my knees at the realization that greeted me.

Not only where my hands completely gone but my whole arms looked different and strange as well.

I…I had hooves…hooves covered in what I can only tell was in some kind of really pale brown looking fur, in fact my whole arm was covered in fur from its tip all the way up to my shoulders.

Fur I swear I didn’t have just a few days ago let alone hooves in places where my hands should be.

I really started to panic now as I continued to stare blankly into my handles, fur covered arms, sweating and breathing heavily through my mouth as my heart was pounding rapidly against my chest.

Millions upon millions of thoughts raced through my mind trying to formulate some sort of explanation, some sort of logic in how this was scientifically possible.

I needed more…I needed to know more, just to be sure. I needed to know more to make sure that this wasn’t just some sick joke or hallucination.

Completely ignoring my body's protests I began for forcefully sit myself upright, keeping myself steady with my now not so normal looking arms as I started to inspect myself much closer.

What I saw immediately send shivers of shock through my spine as my eyes went wide in disbelief.

I was no longer human. The body I was born with, the body in which I grew up with, the body that I came to see in a mirror every day when going to take a shower was now completely gone. It had been replaced by an unrecognizable alien body that was covered in the same colored fur as my arms. My legs were no longer human legs but more like hind legs of that of a quadruped, ending in the same hoof covered in fur as my now so called arms. A long black silky tail tipped in crimson was visible from under me, and by looking and feeling around my back I even spotted what I could only guess where a pair of wings extending themselves right behind my shoulders, which pretty much solved the mystery I had earlier about the sensation of suddenly having extra limbs.

All of this realization combined and it was a miracle that I was still conscious and not about to just faint from shock.

“Ok…ok calm down…hyperventilating is not going to get you anywhere or solve your issues…just…just calm down…everything will be just fine and dandy.”

It was then during my attempts to calm myself down when a thought suddenly entered the chaos that was my current mind. A snap of realization as one particular memory suddenly surfaced. A Really crazy and impossible idea but I still needed to be 100% sure before I can confirm this idea I had in my head, but for that I needed to see my face first.

Observing my surrounding in hope to find something, anything that could help me give me a much better look of myself I managed to spot a small pond just a few meters away from me from where I was sitting.

“That’s convenient…at least that explains why this place would smell like wet grass.”

My mind was set, I needed to somehow get over there without killing myself as my body was still on the verge of shutting down on how sore and stiff it felt.

“Time to roll down the rock I suppose…this is going to suck I know it.”
With a heavy sight and a heavy grunt I slowly laid myself back down onto the rocky surface in an attempt to carefully roll myself of this somewhat large rock I was resting on.

With a small yelp I managed to not so gracefully roll myself of the edge only to land onto the equally rough surface of the forest floor below, head first and with a heavy grunt of pain at the end.

“For the love of…fuck…why does this has to be so difficult, first I get removed from my home, than I get transformed into…into this thing I am now with no memories and recollections of how, when, why, and now I get to enjoy the pain of hitting my head onto the ground and tasting forest floor dirt…why me, WHY?”

Pulling my head out from the ground and spitting out the dirt in my mouth with disgust I eventually started to crawl myself over towards the small pond by digging my…front hooves into the dirt and dragging myself forwards with great difficulty.

“Come one…just a…few…more…I swear…this better…be…worth…the effort…ohh my muscles…”

I eventually made it with a heavy sigh of relieve as I simply laid there for a few more moments to catch my breath and rest my aching arms and legs.

After a while I began to steel myself for what was to come, this was it, I would finally have a good front view look on what has become of me.

I closed my eyes as I pushed myself over the edges of the water. I let out a calming breath as I prepared myself.

I opened my eyes and time stopped. What I saw in front of me was…unbelievable, despite that something deep within my mind suddenly clicked as i continued to stare at my own reflection.

What stared back at me was not the face of a person but the face of what could only described as a pony.

A PONY at least that explains what I have been seeing under my vision this entire time...the…the edges of a snout…my snout.

Other features i could easily see was the long horn sticking out of my now long black hair with the right side of my bangs colored in red rather than jet black like the rest of my hair.

Thankfully though the only feature that still stayed the same to my old self in comparison to everything else where my dark brown eyes.

I remember now where I have seen all of this before…I remembered now what all of this is. The art style…the colors…my…new…form….

I immediately knew who I was and what I was and I just couldn’t believe it.

This realization was the final straw for me as I could no longer keep myself from fainting.

I quickly lost my strength as the world around me started to fade away.

Blackness filled my vision and I felt no more.

It was rather a relief, actually.

Author's Note:

Hello there i like to give a BIG shout out to my editor WrittenWord333 for helping me figure out future plot points and idea's with this story. Without his help this fic wouldn't be possible.

So you can say this fic was made equally between us.

Also for some of the readers who also read "The imperial ace" and wondered why i haven't uploaded a new chapter yet, this is one of the reasons why i haven't because i was busy working on this new story.

Chapter 2 to 5 are already written but still need proofreading and editing of course. I am currently working on chapter 6 as we speak. But don't worry "The imperial ace" is not dead and i will upload the new chapter whenever its done editing. (which is hard btw)

Thank you guys for reading my work.