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Just a fan of Marvel, Ponies and pretty much anything Rooster Teeth. I had ideas for stories and started putting them into my harddrive. Don't be afraid to tell me what you think of my stories. IB out


At the height of the Minotuar War, young Applejack is forced to watch from the sidelines as her younger sister is sent off to fight in the war. However Applejack isn't the kind of pony that just sits around when there's something she can do and she is quickly recruited into a government program after a failed attempt to join the Equestrian Army. With the help of Dr. Reinstien, a goat scientist trying to save his home from the Minotuar's, and the cocky young Comet Dash, Applejack intends to become the greatest Equestrian Hero: Captain Equestria! Will her new power be enough to stop the Infamous Red Skull and his brother Baron Flam?

Cowritten with Billy Mischief

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We outta really look into differing cover art.

Just to avoid future confusion.

4516031 Is it really that big of a deal. I looked for good cover art and this was the best I could find. Besides, pretty sure I used the picture you used on your Spider-Colt fic before you did.

I always commission my own cover art. It's not as expensive as you'd think, depending on the number of characters you want to show off. MechaShockwave did the art for Fantastic Fillies, which I'll hopefully be finished with soon.


4518715 I currently have a severe lack of funds. However how much do you usually get charged per character?

It varies depending on who you commission. Fantastic Fillies cost me $29.10 for four characters and detailed shading.

I commissioned DILeak for Spider-Pony and that only cost me $7 total.

4518945 I may have to put some money into this.

4518945 really?

That's pretty damn good all things considered.

4521212 Right? This seems worth looking into. Not nearly as expensive as I thought it would be.

Any artist that take commissions will have a sheet for varying prices depending on how you want it done, from a low detail sketch for around $4-5 dollars to a fully detailed pictured picture of four ponies with a complete background for around $40.

It's all a matter of just getting what you need done and not overdoing it.

YES! Finally. I love your marvel ponies fics.

4525945 Thank you very much. I hope to keep you interested through out.

Avengers #4. And assuming Cap was frozen at the tail-end of the war, 18 years (I'm pretty sure this was in 1963).

Love it so far, the age jumble has thrown me for a bit of a loop though. I like the trivia idea, I was thinking of something similar for my stories.

4656408 Yeah, I hadn't thought the Comet Dash thing through completely way back when, but I'm rolling with it.

is it bad that when i read the chapter title the first thing i thought of was the character Rein from xenoblade chronicles saying "Reyn time"?

4837627 No. It means you're a nerd and that's e best feeling in e world.:pinkiehappy:

That trivia question! I referenced this one in Fantastic Fillies. Namor, The OG Human Torch, his sidekick Toro, Bucky and Cap himself and they were called the Invaders.

You might wanna have another look at this chapter, there were a few spelling and grammar mistakes here and there. Aside from that, good work on this chapter.

I have been waiting for the new chapter to be posted.

4838745 Thanks I'll take a look at it later.

4838786 Well, what did you think?

4840223 I think your getting along great for now but the suspense of waiting for her to become captain equestria is killing me.

4840234 It will happen when the time is right.

Union Jack! I forgot Union Jack!

4842040 I was mostly referring to the core group.

Applejack is that you?” Applejack heard her mother call from the kitchen.

There should be quotation marks at the front.

“Whatta ya mean?” Apple Bloom asked, confusion etched in her tone. Their mother had yet to say anything or even turn away from the vegetables she’d been cutting, but Applejack knew
she was paying attention.

Is the new line intentional?

As for caps shield, all I know is in the movie it looked like titanium and either the red skull stepped on it and flattened it into a pancake or it just got shot to hell, I can't remember.

5075876 Whoops! I'll fix those and sorry but I'm looking for the answer I'm looking for comes from the comic books.

This was awesome! :pinkiehappy: :pinkiehappy:

5081247 Was? What is this was? Story aint over yet! lol... Glad you like it.

5085129 Oh oops I meant is :twilightsheepish:

5085253 That's much better! Thank you so much!

This is really good :) I like how it's similar to the movie, but you're not taking the dialogue or minor events directly from it. :pinkiehappy: :raritystarry: :yay:

5183739 Thanks for the support. I've been prcrastinating on the next chapter though. it's starting to feel like part of the routine. Anyways I hope the rest of the story is just as entertaining.

....Poor Dr. Reinstein

5394473 No spoilers, what's wrong with you?! just kidding, lol.

5396432 Is it really a spoiler when your retelling a story older then mud? :p

5396450 Retelling, but not in the same way... least I hope it's not too similar. I am trying to do my own thing here. It's based off the Marvel Universe, but it's not exactly the same.

5399948 I know and its really good. :twilightsmile:

5399988 Thank you very much. Means a lot to me.

Is this cancelled for good, or will it be continued in the future?


The hype is real!! :pinkiehappy:

6128279 Let's pray I don't get too lazy with it. lol

I'm liking the buildup and where it's headed.

6418570 Fair warning, it may crash and burn. I'm not as invested in these stories as I was when I started. Probably won't keep writing past the team up story.

I missed this good to see its back.

6777949 thank you. be warned though, updates will be slow. Like maybe once every few months slow

7595746 While I would appreciate a hug, I will be very worried if you find me. jk, thanks for reading.

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