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Just a fan of Marvel, Ponies and pretty much anything Rooster Teeth. I had ideas for stories and started putting them into my harddrive. Don't be afraid to tell me what you think of my stories. IB out



Orphaned at a young age Scootaloo was raised by her Aunt and Uncle Cake. She's had a pretty average life. She goes to school, get's picked on and doesn't seem to have much in the way of friends. Yeah, average... for her at least. However everything she's ever known comes crashing down around her as the mysterious circumstances surrounding her parents deaths comes to light. Now she must make the difficult choice between the path of vengeance and the journey of a hero as she becomes The Amazing Spider-Mare!

Proofread and Co-written by Avenging-Hobbits, but not part of his MLP/Marvel crossover series.

Chapters (16)
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Well, my friend its here:pinkiehappy:

And as I said, you've got a good feeling of atomphire and tone. I look forward to more:twilightsmile:

All she could do was cry and hope that she wouldn’t live with this pain forever.

Ho boy... This is gonna stick... DAMN YOU MURPHY!!!!

As for you not mentioning me in the last chapter.

You are forgiven.

And as for links, you can put a link the description of the story.

And, this story is off to a nice start.

So wait... Is Featherweight Harry Osborne? Then who's Norman?

2248139 No Featherweight is Gwen Stacy. That sounded better in my head

2248155 Been a while since I saw the movie. Sorry 'bout that... So.... FeatherLoo?

2253469 Yeah but the total wordcount is all wonky. Or is that just me.

2253476 Nah it's okay. Expect the chapters to get slightly longer as the story goes. That's typical.

2253587 No the first few times Iooked after posting chapter 2 the total word count was only at 2000 something

Ohhhhhh.... I'm gonna cry harder here when Carrot Cake dies....:fluttercry:

At least let me clone myself before you ambush me,” Scootaloo giggled as she playfully pushed the two overeager foals away.
“You can do that?” Pound Cake asked, his eyes wide in disbelief.
Scootaloo chuckled as she tousled the young colt’s mane. “Give me a few years, I’ll figure it out,” she said winking.


Wow. 6,000 words. That was exhausting.

2297164 The joke there is that in the comics Peter Parker actually got cloned at one point.

Are you going to make any changes to the movie plot at all?

2302704 Yes. We'll be doing something more original next chapter

Good chapter, though I am wondering what Dinky means when she tells Scootaloo

You look a little piqued.”

. Good luck with the next one!

Am I the only one who find it odd that every time this gets a like, someone dislikes it? Or so it seems.

2369278 it's one dislike for every like. It's cool though.

2370333 yup.

Screams from the hates have a nice ring to it. I guess every superhero needs its theme music.

Yes! I Love it so far.
“And I mean everypony,” he continued turning to the crowd. “Come on, shows over, nopony wants the principle right?
It's actually Principal.

2416909 Oops. Both me and spell check missed that one. Thanks for letting me know and We appreciate the support.

Scootaloo didn’t know what had scared her parents so much, but she didn’y ubderstand

Just pointing out the mistake. Great story, to :pinkiehappy:

2422184 Oh well that's embarrassing. Thanks for letting me know and the kind words.

Huzzah its up!

Now comes the hard part...

2425910 The middle of the story. We've got our origin out of the way, now we just need to start stitching it together.

there were a few errors that i spotted, spread thin throughout the story. mostly, u used word that were spelled correctly, but were not the words that u probably should have used as they closely sound like words that would have made sense, but have very different meanings. such as 'effect' and 'affect', very similar, but they mean very different things and r used in very different ways. 'affect' is used to cause, or describe a cause. 'the affect of Gamma radiation is what lead to the creation of the Hulk'. 'effect' is similar i grant u, but still different. 'none of the cures that Dr. Banner tried had any effect on the Hulk'. as u can see, the two r not used in the same way. this error, and others like it, r very prominent in this chapter. i know ur editor is busy with his own works, so im not going to rail on u too hard, but u might want to go over the chapter again...ud be surprised what u might find...

2526068 Thanks for pointing that out. I'd actually appreciate having a proof reader or two. Any chance you want to help me out there?

2526103 i am sorry, but i must decline...

2526315 Oh well. thanks for your help anyway.

Oh god... poor feather weight

2531218 Well what will happen to his dad in the end if this follows the amazing spider man.

2531947 Oh we're not going to be following the movie to the letter. In fact we're scrapping the Lizards genius plan from the movie altogether. There are a few more characters we'll be introducing, but we probably won't get to Dinky and Featherweight's families until a sequel.

2531961 Oh well then I feel like an idiot.

2531989 Don't. Most of the Crossover's like this wind up being the same plot just with ponies. That probably would have happened with this one too if my co writer and another concerned reader hadn't pointed that out to me. I wanted to do something more original, or at least something I hadn't seen done before.

On an unrelated note, every time you leave a comment here it pops as two notifications per comment. Never seen that happen before.

2532016 Meh. Also is Babs by any chance going to become this guy img.playground.ru/images/3/1/VENOM_by_QuinteroART.jpg

2532117 Probably not. I'm a traditionalist for villians and Babs is my Flash Venom was originally Eddie Brock, just not the little wimpy guy they had in Spiderman 3. He could take a hit before the symbiote. So that'll probably be the sequel, maybe do Carnage too.

2532127 Oh okay thanks just had to make sure. I figured babs was either eddie or flash.

2532130 Yeah she's Flash, but don't worry there is no way I'd leave out Spider-man's Number one Nemesis. Venom will make an appearance.


2532153 That was the first video I've watched on my computer in months. The fact that it was Eddy Brock becoming Venom just makes it that much better.

Awesome as always.

2533906 Thanks. We aim to entertain. OOH that's a good slogan.

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