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Just a fan of Marvel, Ponies and pretty much anything Rooster Teeth. I had ideas for stories and started putting them into my harddrive. Don't be afraid to tell me what you think of my stories. IB out


Armed with her mighty hammer Mjolnir, Twilight protects her home, Equinsgard the realm eternal. But after a failed attempt to learn how a small force of Windigos broke into her home and thus starting a war, Twilight is banished from her home. To her despair she is banished to Midgard where she meets Minuette, a unicorn bent on understanding the secrets of the universe. Can Twilight regain her honor in time to protect her new friend or will her brother, Shining Armor, destroy all she cares about? Watch as Twilight becomes one of Equestria's mightiest heroes.
Cowritten with Spideremblembrony(chapter 5 and on)
Proofread by Avenging-Hobbits(prologue-chapter 3)

Cover Art be Tate Shaw( agian this will be a link soon)

Chapters (17)
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Well crap, my notifications kind sploded a little bit.

3218754Thanks for the support and all the help.

3218801 I love that line. I will be using it when the time comes.

Review (If you complain its short talk to my lawyer):

Paragraphs: Great! (nice structure)
Spelling:Excellent (no problems there!)
Plot:Excellent (I love Thor too much to just simply like the plot)
Names:Excellent (new one for me and I must say Excellent names for each one!)

Want a longer review please tell me so and i will feature this on my blog (though I only have 11) I shall do my best to get it spread great job!


3218920 Sure I'd love to see a longer review though I can't take much credit for the names. Most of them are straight out of the comics and movies, except Equinsgard which was coined by Avenging-Hobbits. It's sort of my way of paying homage.

shining armor = loki?

I wasn't planning on tracking this, but you wrote it well enough to pique my interest. I shall be watching this intently.

i question the logic of Shining Armour in the role of Loki, the MLP cannon of these two characters always has being so close to each other...it is one reason y i enjoyed Trixie in the role, she has always been a kind of anti-Twilight, a reverse of what Twilight represents and stands for...

Longer review:

All paragraphs flow together very nicely and that is one thing most writers struggle to do. I never read the book but I never even thought about a book for Thor to begin with so I missed out there but I am glad that my first time reading is from a great writer. The entire story of course is based of the original Thor but I must award a credit because you were able to manipulate it and thats hard! Especially if you do something with Marvel or Capcom. Another point is that you used names very well. I don't really talk about names since it usually common pony names but you did a great job there!

The entire purpose of writing is for people to read what you write and you wrote it so that people can read it again. Great use of the font I must also mention and normally I say leave a space with no dashes or XXX in the middle but your way is actually quite nice so another well done there!

Not much else really but I can still say that this was a great prologue


3219306 True, but Trixie changed in her last appearance. I also already might have a plan for her.

3218978 Yes sir.

3219068 Thank you. Glad you reconsidered.

3219508:rainbowderp: Wow thanks man, that really means alot to me. Glad I did a good job.

Who is going to be the enchantres cadence

3222068:rainbowderp: I dunno maybe. Just wait til you read who Hiemdall is. You may hate or love or just be confused by it.

Nice! I am enjoying the story so far can't wait to continue seeing more


Interesting start; this looks like it'll be good! :pinkiehappy:

3257033 Thank you I hope you enjoy the rest as the story unfolds

Another good chapter done. Though a few spelling mistakes it is all good otherwise!

3346729 I'll have to read through that again and see if I can pick those out.


Pegasus Twilight Sparkle?

Gee, I thought with the whole 'banishment' thing, she'd just be a unicorn like in the show.

Guess I was proven wrong!

3449679 She's an Alicorn though. I mention that. A couple of times. Didnt I?

3451392 jeeze man. you had me freakin out thinkin I was gonna have to go back and do a bunch of rewrites.

Welp, awkward. :twilightoops:

Very nicely done; I can't wait for the next update! :pinkiehappy:

3469659. Should be soon. I have the chapter mostly done. Just gotta add in a few scenes and have Spideremblembrony go over it. Might be able to post it late tonight or early tomorrow.... hopefully.

I will assist you... on any Spider-Mare story that has Venom. You will find very few who know him like I do bro.

3473910. Hmmm... maybe. Gonna be awhile before I get there. Venom will be the main focus of Spider- Made three.

3474042 Stupid tablet. Does that every time!

3474046 So have you figured out who will be the Eddie Brock of Spider-Mare 3 yet?

3474051 Yes. Let's speak further in PM's. Gotta keep it all hush hush.

3474320 As M. Bison would say: OF COURSE!

So who the rest of the Avengers?

3486465Well I'm already writing Iron Mare starring Rainbow Dash, Rarity is seen in the same story as Black Widow, Pinkie appears in my Spider Made story as Hawkeye Flutterage is in development and I'm in talks with one of my co writers on Captain Equestria. That should tell you who's who. :rainbowdetermined2::ajsmug::flutterrage::pinkiehappy::raritywink::twilightsmile:

3486513 Applejack is Captain Equestria what about S.H.I.E.L.D.?

Comment posted by zzwolf deleted Nov 14th, 2013

3486757 I meant who will be the boss of N.E.I.G.H.S.

3486870. That is a surprise. It will be revealed at the end if Iron Mare. I'm not even sure if my co writer in that story knows who it is.

Which iron mare there is more than one?

3487120:rainbowhuh: ummmm..... the one I'm writing. Its not done yet.

So Shining & Cadence had Twilight like in the wedding.

3491460. No ones betrayed anyone....... yet.

3491702 Right and same how the Windigos just find a way in Equinsgard with out Owlowicious knowing about it and Cadence say Twilight is better off being in a library than on the battle field as for Twilight's so-called Pegasus friends in Chapter 5 both agree that they are better off with out her?

3493083 well first off twi never saw the pegasi as friends so thats her own fault. As for the rest you just affected the later plot of this story. Thank you very much.

Comment posted by TheInvincibleIronBrony deleted Nov 15th, 2013

3493529 So far you're following the movie line well and Twilight think those two are Shining's friends.

3493748. Well I'm not trying to follow the movie exactly. There will be some deviation, partly by my plan and partly by talking to you. Again thanks.

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