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Just a fan of Marvel, Ponies and pretty much anything Rooster Teeth. I had ideas for stories and started putting them into my harddrive. Don't be afraid to tell me what you think of my stories. IB out


Fluttershy is a young biological researcher trying to find out why a population of rabbits near Dogder City is fading away.  A fellow researcher comes to her with a solution to the problem.  Gamma Radiation.  Unwilling to test on the rabbits Fluttershy tests the experiment in herself first.  The results are catastrophic.  Years later the timid pegasus is on the run and searching for a cure.  Can she find a way out before General Hurricane finds her?

Co-written with Spideremblembrony

Cover Art by Kenichi Shinigami

Chapters (16)
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Comments ( 71 )

Well, this has potential....

Except that Fluttershy was holding the idiot ball something fierce with this opening.....

3594163. Desperation leads to mistakes. Fluttershy was desperate for a solution and made a mistake. Probably could have explained that. My bad.

3594313. Might try to fix that soon. Gonna be a little busy with the next Princess of Thunder chapter.

So, I have to ask, who's the bad guy in this one dude?


Blood dries really, really fast, and basically turns into a solid (like glue), due to the platelets inside (which cause blood clots to prevent excessive bleeding).

The reason I bring this up is because it usually takes about a day or two for the garbage to get to the main dump, which, by then, the blood has pretty much dried up completely and resembles paint. Also, it has no smell to it. Ergo, the crow would not be able to smell it, and therefore have no reason to pick at the tissue, and that means Fluttershy wouldn't have been discovered anyways.


I'm probably over analyzing this, but I just feel this is information that's really easy to find, and therefore, when people ignore it, it looks lazy. :applejackunsure:

Not that you guys are lazy:twilightblush:

3749581. This is also, a fanfiction about genetically altered magic ponies trying to cure themsekves if deadly levels of radiation poisoning. I may overlook some basic science, but then again they do the same thing in movies because science in its entirety makes all of this impossible. The blood in the drink in the Incredible Hulk shouldnt really have happened. On top of that its not really the blood so much as the radiation in it.

A large number of Ravens were found dead near a dump in a small village in the Diamond Dog country. Basset Town, the village in question, is baffled by this unexpected event. Expert biologists have been working around the clock to find the answer to this mystery and most believe the cause to be lethal amounts of Gamma Radiation,

I don't think that's how animals die of radiation poisoning......:applejackunsure:....especally since the blood was supposed to be dry as a rock by the point the raven got to it.

At least in the 2008 film, the blood fell into a liquid, therefore blending into the liquid and making the man sick.

3831620 Radiation in any amount wouldkill quickly and Fluttershy's blood has extremely concentrated levels of it. And once again the coagulation ofthe blood doesnt matter, itwould still be highly irradiated.

Listen I appreciate you commenting and all, but tis isthe the second time you've broght this up and I feel it's a little pointless to nitpick at the science behind Super powered magical ponies. If there are any other concerns you have by all means let me know, but my main concern right now is if I'm telling the story well. You may see it as "lazy" but I would completely obliterate the rules of Science to tell a story I thought madesense. Plus this was all gone over with Spideremblembront before it got posted and he seems to be a bitofa Hulk expert, at least more so than us, so if he has no problems with it it's probably not such a bad idea.

3831789 Yeah I know, and I don't think your lazy....

I just feel that if one tries to have the same things happen, and make sure it makes as much scientific sense as possible, you gain endless bonus points, because you've shown your work and can always explain an otherwise difficult to explain phenomena with simplistic terms.

3831815 I guess, but this is a pretty minor detail in the grandscope of things. We're only on the second chapter. Plus, this is based off of the comicsas much as the movies and Gamma Radiation is extra wacky there, creating all sorts of differnt effects from almost minute differnces in formula, concentration and the method that exposes an individual toit. This is pretty sensible to some of the Science ignoring properties Gamma Radiation has in the comics, which provide nearly fifty percent of my inspiration. I'd say I'm sort of discovering a path between Science and fiction right now. I feel like theres a word for that, but I cant think of it right now. Anyways, yourconcern is noted, but I just don't seeapoint in making any changes.

Actually you got me thinking on another topic. Ijust rewatched theEd Norton Hulk the other dy and thought of something. If Samuel Sterns pretty much just got Banners blood straight in his brain andthats his set up for becoming Leader, How come it killed Stan Lee? Shouldn't it have just killed Sterns too? The only reasonBlonsky lived was because of the serum he'd been injected with prior to the blood infusing.

I'm offtopic sorry. Anyways, thankyou for at least reading the story and giving me feedback. I've been a little dissapointed lately with the lack of helpful input, so if I seem a little extra bitey thats probably why. In conclusion thank you for your input.

:applause: I congratulate both of you on a job well done.

Hey next time me and my co-author are doing my story care to try and help out a little?

3884935 Sure. I'll be working on Cat's Claws next.

as pissed as a minotaur

Don't use slang words like this in the narration. It reads wonky. Unless the story is first person, because then you're basically hearing the narrator's thoughts.

Other then that, not much wrong with this, beyond it sticking rather too close to the film overall, and the out-of-the-blue cameo by Fleur .

4060150 Yeah not gonna lie, there was more than that bothering me with this one. A lot more, but I got rolling with it and mist of it seemed usable so I went with it.

Not Fleur BTW.

Thanks for the input.

So it's Rarity then? Where exactly does this fit in with Twilight and Ironmare?

Sweet job going through this chapter.

4515575 Thanks man. I'll admit this was the first chapter in thus story, I had full confidence in while writing.

Well then i seem to be caught up in your MLPU stories. for some reason i thought this one was finished. oh well, i shall be waiting impatiently for you to finish the next chapter.

4568757 Yes you've caught up to Mr, but the chase is still on. Next chapter should be up soon.....ish. and thanks for the fave.

Oh. Yay :pinkiehappy: bootstrap didn't die! also this took longer then expected.. though i'm just assuming life stuff got in the way of work so i can understand why it took so long. anyway i shall wait for more

4609599 Yeah life stuff. Like I said in the AN.

And right of the bat you already have given word of captain equestria.

What would be funny is if the crow turned into a hulk

4667865 The crow didn't get the serum that keeps Fluttershy from dying.

ya new chapter:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:
hope the next chapter wont take long
keep up the good work

"Clap" "clap" "clap" a very good story my dear boy keep it up.

Rick Jones! Or maybe Doc Samson...

4757708Answers will be revealed in the next chapter.

4757631 Thanks. I had a little more fun with this one compared to the others. Not sure why.

4757350 Yeah gonna be working Captain Equestria nnext, so might be awhile.

The Gargoyle was his very first supervillain. Short midget guy with a disfigured face.

5015430 I don't think he was a supervillain, just deformed.

With that said, I'm pretty sure it was the Circus of Crime (or whatever it was called).

5024133 Then I guess Lex Luthor shouldn't count as he's just a bald guy with a ton of money and a really smart brain.

5024910 Precisely. "Super"villains aren't so named by how evil they are, but whether or not they have "super"human powers. Money and brains, anyone can have those. The ability to hypnotize an entire crowd with just a spinning hat attachment, that is not normal at all.

5024910 5025281 Okay first off stay civil guys that's all I ask. You're not out of line yet, but it's getting close.

Second Super Heroes and Super Villains are hard to define. I've personally always interpreted it as a being who has abilities far beyond others in the same field. Hawkeye may not have super powers, but he's at least the second best shot in the entire Marvel Universe, second only to Bullseye.

In the case of Lex Luthor. Sure he only has his brain, but that brain has given him the ability to go toe to toe with Superman. That's saying something. No powers does not equal normal. It's just another challenge for people to overcome in order for people to join the ranks of super heroes.

5028632 Sorry dude. Didn't mean to get out of hand.:twilightblush:

5029762 You guys weren't out of hand, just getting close. That's all.

Answer: Samuel Stern, aka The Leader. As smart as the Hulk is strong. Not to mention that, before he became the Leader, he was a construction worker, a stark contrast to Banner being a scientist.

5171777 But I'm not done yet. Why would you think it's leaving already?

6073843 We'll see, how this goes. Who knows, maybe I just needed other stuff to work on so I don't feel forced to write these stories.

I'm liking this.

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