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The newest police duo, Officer Judy Hopps and Rookie Nick Wilde, are on another case that's all too familiar to the Nighthowler incidents.

Meanwhile, an accident in Twilight's castle accidentally causes Fluttershy to wind up in the city of Zootopia, a city bustling with mammals, where she stumbles upon the police duo.

Though loving the city at first, Fluttershy wants to go home... but after a series of events, she must team up with the Duo to find out where more of the Nighthowler is coming from, explore the different parts of Zootopia, and hopefully, find a way back home... and stop her urge to cuddle with Judy along the way.

Mostly made because everyone says 'why isn't there a Zootopia crossover?' And this is an unofficial sequel to the movie that loosely follows a certain Theory
Zootopia and it's character all belong to Disney, so please, support the official release, and spoilers abound if you haven't seen the movie... go on, do it! It's a good film.
Cover by Heir of Rick
Edited and cowritten by SudokuBrony

FEATURED!!! :yay: 7/27/2016. And when a chapter has been uploaded so far.

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“How am I going to ever get home!? My friends are going to miss me! Who’s going to take care of my animals!?!?!?”

“You have animals?” Judy finally spoke.

“...Uh… they’re not like you.”

Oh god, that made my day :rainbowlaugh:

Interesting concept. I like it so far. Some nitpicks though. You should put in better scene transitions. Switching between scenes can be confusing to the readers if there isn't a clear line break. I never saw Zootopia, but I feel that you did a good job of summarizing the movie. I'm interested to see where you take this story.

Love this so far. Zootopia is my favorite Disney movie :pinkiegasp::pinkiehappy::heart:

Lol best thing anyone can ask for

A case of words repeating a bit, starting about where the Zootopia-parts begin.

Awe! Cute story so far! Please continue! :pinkiehappy:

7424706 the honest trailers guy wants to fuck the rabbit XD

Zootopia! Instant fave! Now to read *squeeeee*:pinkiehappy:!!!

7424741 Welcome to Zootopia, where anyone can be anything

7424766 So grateful that you can as well.

What a nice start to a Zootopia crossover. Funny I thought there'd be more than just two by now. Huh, I wish I could publish mine but I have so many other fics to finish I can't bring myself to do it.

Anyways good job looking forward to more Flutter-topia.

7424785 Hey, I wanted to make one myself, and silence all the "Where's a Zootopia fic/crossover" things I see. Though there are two others, they're... How shall we say... Mixed.

It's not until now that I realized how perfect a Zootopia crossover with Fluttershy would be.

I look forward to reading.

“How am I going to ever get home!? My friends are going to miss me! Who’s going to take care of my animals!?!?!?”

“You have animals?” Judy finally spoke.

“...Uh… they’re not like you.”

Oh god, I can only imagine Fluttershy's train of thought upon saying this. :rainbowlaugh:

''This... Will be hard to explain to the cops here...''

7424791 So, true I read the others and this one is the best so far.:rainbowlaugh:

7424928 oh, thank you. :yay:

And more will come. Hopefully, by next week.

Okay, don't wanna be harsh, but try not to use the "&" mark. Second, don't use more than one exclamation mark!!!!! Is that clear???!!! Other than that ...*enters fanboy mood* OH MY GOSH THAT WAS INCREDIBLE! The comedy in this chapter made my day! The characters are all spot on, the humor is great, the concept is nice, and this is a FRIGGING CROSSOVER WITH ZOOTOPIA! Please, don't make us wait too long for the next chapter!

I'm so sorry that I couldn't write the story with you, I just never had t he time for it, a lot of issues in my life were happening right then, I kept checking for u ou though, on the doc. I'm very sorry.

It was chaos righ during the writing.

Please forgive my forgetfulness. I'm glad it turned out great anyway.

The New King Equalar

7425525 I'll try, though both are a force of habit.

7425533 You are forgiven... Now, kneel before your master.

7425553 the f***?
What is the point of asking apology to be asked to bow down?
Why am I still here?
Oh well, might as well see what's said.
The New King Equalar
Ps if joke, I have bad humour

7425572 this is a joke... And language! This is for everyone, more specifically, families that let their kids read fanfics. Don't know if there are, but there may be a few out there.

7425593 sorry, my humour is more of the kind that either occurs randomly, or just something done on accident. Just saying I have a really bad sense of humour.

It just depends on who you are.

Oh well. Just make the story better than mine.
Please do better. My story doesn't really have any point in being on the site other t Han to appease the need to have the feeling I actually did something.
Oh well, see ya around!

I would like to see how Judy and Angle get along. Most likely Angle would act like a turd.

7426722 who's Angle.

And sorry, no Angel Bunny here... Though, that's a plus in my book.

:pinkiehappy: Finally a Zootopia crossover! Great story so far can't wait to see more!:twilightsmile:

Alright! A Zootopia crossover that's good. It's off to a promising start. Keep up the good work. :twilightsmile:

Twilight's owl is actually spelled "Owlowiscious", not "Owlicious". On the other hoof, good start to what seems to be a great story!

Didn't like "&". At all. Please change it if you can.
Less "!!!" too.
Could use an additional editor with a good grasp on punctuation rules - commas to be precise.

it's to "its" is like "I'm" is to "my/mine"
so these need corrections:

and finally, with it’s mouth over Pinkie Pie’s face

The book shook violently, glowed, opened itself, floated into the air, and flipped through it’s pages,

It’s wings fluttered rapidly and it quickly took Judy off the ground, flying and hovering at least three feet over Nick’s grasp. Judy gasped and struggled to get out of it’s grasp,

I doubt Owlicious can find her way ‘round the castle to find Twi.

his - IIRC the owl is a male

“HEEELP!!!” The Shy pegasus screamed as she was being pulled in.


“That’s definitely true. And how is your friend, anyways?”

Nitpicking. I vastly prefer "anyway" over nonstandard "anyways"

“Good, then you’ll be able to stop it.” Judy turned and entered the Alleyway.
The Alleyway, like most others,


Various clip clopping sounds were heard, giving the two the idea that this stranger was equine.

Logic jump. There are many animals with hooves beside equines...

Walking out of the corner was another mammal, but it was very different from any resident of Zootopia… or any monster/alien they would inspect.


The Equine had a confused look on her face.


Looks like Fluttershy found her utopia.

Well it's about time someone wrote this crossover. I just hope the mystery in this story will live up to the movie.

7428783 I'm going to try to be engaging as the movie. The mystery won't start right away, but we'll get there

7428788 Ok, just finished the first chapter. I've got a few comments.

First, that scene with the portal has too many exclamation points. I got a good idea of what was going on, but I think a more toned-down approach would work better.

Second, the exposition dump about Zootopia is a bit disruptive. Make it more natural by, for example, following Judy Hopps through her daily routine, adding a sentence of explanation or two whenever something crosses her path. A picture of her family to show her past, a chat with the cheetah cop to explain her struggles with the ZPD, witty banter with Nick to introduce her partner, a glance at the holding cells and Nighthowler news to introduce the plot of the movie, that sort of thing. A little integration goes a long way.

Do it right, and no one will even notice. It's shorter as it is, true, but anyone who's familiar will the information will find it unnecessary, and anyone who's not might find it obtrusive.

Now, what I liked. I've been hoping for a crossover for a while, so that's a plus. Also, the character interactions towards the beginning and especially the end are quite good. Try to do more of that. Although you should identify who's speaking at any given moment, especially in a conversation with more than two people.

“I’m gonna win this game!” The Kudu yelled.
“Like you are!” The Oryx yelled back.
“Is that a challenge!?”
“You bet it is!”
“Fine! Let’s go!!!” The door slammed on Fluttershy, but only silence came. She took a calming sigh of relief and walked back into Judy’s apartment. Tired, she rolled onto the floor, closed her eyes, and fell asleep.
“Job well done, Fluttershy.” She thought to herself.

Hey look! I found AJ and RD in Zootopia! :twilightsheepish:

This looks great, I'm definitely following this!

This was a fun chapter. Though I do wonder whether or not Discord will show up for tea. Being flung across dimensions doesn't excuse you from tea time!

Oh, love this so far. Also, I see someone has done their homework regarding the Zootopia movie we never saw, nice touch

Wonder what Fluttershy looks like in clothing

Very interesting. I am going to keep my eye on this.

Also, an error I spotted:

"Angel proceeded to walk out of the door, but had to hold the struggling Angel in his place."

Pretty sure the first Angel is supposed to be Fluttershy.

7430900 Glad to see you found that reference.
7430902 A Yellow Sundress with matching large hat.

7430929 yeah, kinda glad we didn't get version of the story

Grats on the first non fetish/clop use of the Anthro tag in Fimfiction history!

Wow, this updated right after I finished reading the first chapter! :pinkiehappy: Anyway, there are a few errors, but on a whole, the chapter is awesome!

7430949 It would be sorta interesting to see... right after this movie, of course, just as an alternate timeline.

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