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An honest farmer in love with a mare, who's family is a rival to his. A wannabe sports star with his biggest, and loudest, cheerleader. A coach to a local sports team with a very motherly baker. A Rock Farmer trying to find out if he wants to follow his family's tradition or be something else and an inner city mare forced to go to a small & quiet town. An accountant searching for a new business with a student from Celestia's school for gifted fillies. And a local cloud worker with a silent admirer that wants him to notice her.

This is just the beginning of who they are, the type of shenanigans they get into, and how they became who they are today.

Fathers And Mothers of the Mane 6 were made by liniitadash23.
Both Pictures were edited in together by my friend, Shrunken-LittleBro12.

A Headcannon idea I've had for a while since The Perfect Pear was leaked Aired.


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This is really interesting and fun story. I know that I will continue to follow it.
Mr and Mrs. Shy really should get canon names in the future; even when I use them for my stories I make up names that would fit as best as possible.
While I don't think the Mane 6's parents could have possibly met like this, I do like the concept of this idea of all of them meeting like that.
Looking forward to next update.

This chapter needs a bit more editing *Same as the last* and it's a bit hard to follow but good job.

wow the mane six parents are awesome

You might want someone to check your grammar and spelling, but I'm hooked on the concept, so I'll keep reading.

“I bet you are.” She grumbled to herself. “Parents wanting me to get out of the city for this… everything’s so BORING here!”

Well, considering where she ends up, she's one to talk. :rainbowlaugh:

I'm getting flashbacks of "Fall Weather Friends", which leaves me both intrigued and concerned...

That's definitely Rainbow Dash's dad.

(I thought of this before Bow swallowed his pride and admitted he was wrong.)

At this point, I want to write "Stop being stupid" on a bat and then have it get acquainted with Bow's head. Numerous times.

“Oh yes! Yesyesyesyesyesyes!!!”

Twilight Sparkle after she gained her cutie mark.

Scootaloo looking at her as though she'd drained a year's worth of cider barrels.

More than a year later and no progress?

It ain't easy when you got a house with bills to pay.

Like some certain boutiques.

So basically this is on hold I hope the story continues this is pretty interesting take on on the parents of the main 6

What a totally shock discovery that the parents of the main 6 were actually friends wow

You know it's funny given take about the history between rainbow and applejack Being so competitive to each other it makes sense where they get it from It's a never ending story between those 2 and the family lol

I really hope this story does continue because this looks like a very interesting story about the main 6 parents

Huh, who would have thought the mane six's parents would have been friends? I can tell this is gonna be good.

I understand you have a life outside of Fimfictions and all, and i dont wanna rush you but this is really good and you should continue it.

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