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Based on the Spongebob Squarepants episode of the same name.

After causing some trouble in Applejack's class on the weekend, Granny Smith has Ocellus and Silverstream paint the inside of her house. Unfortunately, it's easier said than done for the two, especially when they make a fatal mistake.

Mostly made just for fun. I might make more if this goes well and/or you want more.

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An honest farmer in love with a mare, who's family is a rival to his. A wannabe sports star with his biggest, and loudest, cheerleader. A coach to a local sports team with a very motherly baker. A Rock Farmer trying to find out if he wants to follow his family's tradition or be something else and an inner city mare forced to go to a small & quiet town. An accountant searching for a new business with a student from Celestia's school for gifted fillies. And a local cloud worker with a silent admirer that wants him to notice her.

This is just the beginning of who they are, the type of shenanigans they get into, and how they became who they are today.

Fathers And Mothers of the Mane 6 were made by liniitadash23.
Both Pictures were edited in together by my friend, Shrunken-LittleBro12.

A Headcannon idea I've had for a while since The Perfect Pear was leaked Aired.


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After seeing Twilight and the others on their weekly Pony-Pet play date, Starlight Glimmer heads out to get herself a pet.

FEATURED!!! :rainbowkiss:

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Spike is friends with Ember, the new Dragonlord, and Thorax, a nice Changeling. They've never meet each other and Spike wants them to be friends.

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The newest police duo, Officer Judy Hopps and Rookie Nick Wilde, are on another case that's all too familiar to the Nighthowler incidents.

Meanwhile, an accident in Twilight's castle accidentally causes Fluttershy to wind up in the city of Zootopia, a city bustling with mammals, where she stumbles upon the police duo.

Though loving the city at first, Fluttershy wants to go home... but after a series of events, she must team up with the Duo to find out where more of the Nighthowler is coming from, explore the different parts of Zootopia, and hopefully, find a way back home... and stop her urge to cuddle with Judy along the way.

Mostly made because everyone says 'why isn't there a Zootopia crossover?' And this is an unofficial sequel to the movie that loosely follows a certain Theory
Zootopia and it's character all belong to Disney, so please, support the official release, and spoilers abound if you haven't seen the movie... go on, do it! It's a good film.
Cover by Heir of Rick
Edited and cowritten by SudokuBrony

FEATURED!!! :yay: 7/27/2016. And when a chapter has been uploaded so far.

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This story is a sequel to Deadpool in Equestria

Deadpool has done it all: He's battled against and won some battles, survived those he lost, traveled through dimensions, and has saved Equestria. Unfortunately, this isn't about him. This is however, around-
What the-!? How'd you get here!?
You door was unlocked, silly! Ooh! Is that me!? I'm looking really awesome! Dad would be proud! Ooh! Who's that? A fan!?
...Yeah... see folks, when Deadpool saved Equestria, Princess Luna got pregnant because of that and, we have her as the protagonist. Say hello to the readers, Neaera.
Hi Readers! Please, call me by my superhero name, "Lunacy"!
Uh... Neaera... why are you-?
See, I'm a hero in training, but I want to be the best superhero of all time! Sure my dad's a bad guy sometimes, but he's not a 'bad guy', and my mom wants me to do the boring, paper stuff of princesshood, but that's boooring!!! I wanna have fun while I do the right thing!
Of course, it's gonna be tough, but I know that with my determination, I can make a great name for Mary Sues everywhere, whatever that means.
Oh! And don't worry, I'll have plenty of time with my dad, why, believe it or not, I'm actually-
Yes, sir?
Why don't you go back to your story? Build that time machine you and your dad are making?
Okie Dokie Loki! ... Man... he's so hot.
Ugh... please... enjoy the sequel

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After learning that Discord avoided the Hospital, where Rainbow Dash learns that she's pregnant, Fluttershy asks why he didn't come. Turns out, Discord has a huge disliking of babies, all thanks to a job he took to babysit Flurry Heart while Cadence and Shining Armor were away.

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Something Miraculous has happened: All of Humanity has entered Equestria! Now, both humans and ponies can unite in harmony, bring in a new era of peace, and progress technologies for both species! ... That, unfortunately, doesn't happen. Instead, Humans are no taller than four inches, and though ponies find humans to be cute & helpful in some cases, they really find them as delicious treats. Join these small humans as they survive in a new world filled with giant ponies that love to hunt them & keep them in their bellies, but are also compassionate enough to help them in situations.

Now with a Discord Group

Conatins: Soft Vore and some heartfelt moments.
Variety will be attempted to add.
1st person: What else?
2nd Person: You are added.
EQG: Takes place in Equestria Girls universe (though not a lot)
Guest: Not made by me, but different authors. Feel free to submit me your own fanfic that goes into this world, just mail me.

New Cover made by Ponythroat! So awesome of him!!! :rainbowkiss:
Edit: Title added! Photoshopped in by my friend Shrunken-LittleBro12.
Discord for story: open for everyone to join.


Pupa's Purpose.

Tales from Tiny Deadpool

Tales From Tinies (NSFW Version) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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Luna, the princess of the Night, decides to cast a spell & use the magical mirror to head to a different universe as a way to discover the humans version of Nigtmare Night. Fortunately, while she still has her magical abilities and can go home, her body has changed to a more human body, complete with clothes, and all of the humans around are about as tall as one of her index fingers.

Meanwhile, six human teenagers are celebrating Halloween, though it's very late. They encounter the princess, and with one accident, Luna begins to hunt them down, filling herself with her newly discovered treats.

Contains safe, non digestive vore, and some mouthplay.

Takes place a bit after the first Equestria Girls, and, though there's humans, they of our world, not the EQG type.

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Nothing's normal with Planet Express, a local package delivery company in the year 3000. They already have a cryogenic frozen delivery boy, a karate knowing cyclops captain, a foul-mouth robot that wants to be a chef, a bureaucrat who never shuts off, a cute Chinese pretty girl from the richest family on Mars, a lobster alien that acts as their doctor (despite not knowing anything & is homeless), a super old professor that should be dead, and a janitor that no one knows. With all of these people, what happens when they receive a package from an anonymous sender? And what happens when said package contains an adorable gray pegasus filly with crossed eyes and a love for muffins? The whole Futurama series recreated with Derpy as one of it's main cast, that's what! Don't like it!? Well bite my shiny metal ass!!!

09/06/15, 09/15, 09,30, 06/08/16, 07/11

Chapters (23)
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