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Meet Deadpool: a mercenary, an assassin, and overall, an antihero in the Marvel Universe. He has the ability to quickly heal, thanks to some tests made from the Weapon X Program that healed his incurable cancer, but left his mental stability down the toilet. If any of you know the real Deadpool, don't worry, he's not the same silent freak played by Ryan Reynolds in the piece of s**t prequel starring Hugh Jackman as a short guy with metal claws. If you have no idea who or what is going on, please, look it up.
Meet Equestira: A magical land that hosts many mythological creatures, but mostly god horses, unicorns, pegasi, and boring horses. Everything is ruled by two god horses; Princess Sun Butt and Princess Moon Cheeks. Sun Butt rules during the day, controls the sun, protects land from monsters, indulges in male anatomy shaped fruit & cake, and abducts children... at least that's what wikipedia says. Moon Cheeks rules the night, controls the moon, plays with people in the 'apple master race', haunts children as the next Freddy Krueger, and plans how to take over the world when no one is watching. There's also six horses that act as the 'mane' stars and a bunch of other background & side characters that this Fan Base loves... like this girl that... loves... rocks. I don't get it.

Deadpool (C) Marvel Comics

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Comments ( 1909 )

Deadpool's dialogue was great, and I loved the story. Just one thing..

Lyran ran next to the body of the weird human that wanted to eat her.

May wanna fix that.

5248228 I really believe Lyra would still care for something, ESPECIALLY when it's a human. Even if the human is random, dangerous, and invincible. Still, more will come later as Deadpool will meet more characters with EVEN MORE shenanigans to come.

I love this story! Make deadpool meet Twilght next! I can imagine that, him being bored like in his video game! Or pinkie pie, for both deadpool and pinkie are crazy, but I won't dictate what you choose. This is only a suggestion. But I can imagine deadpool with either one! XD

5248335 Also forgot to say this, but make him meet Fluttershy. I can see him liking her the most.

I have another thing to say also. Ah-hem. Did they seriously make a sex doll on Lyra?! O_O please be kidding

Oh god yes. The fucks given shall reach an all-time low shortly.
Next, I say fluttershy. :fluttershyouch:

Mmm... Fumes...

Rainbow Dash scene where they race, but Deadpool leaves her hanging.

5248358 sadly, no. That is FOR REAL!!! It was so famous for it's description, though most of us make fun that was something else (Socker Boper gloves, mug, pencil holder, ECT.)


5249060 yes, I agree, it's disgusting!!! But, there do exist people like that so... Love and tolerate them, I guess.

Hmmm, interesting, always good to see old Deadpool continuing the good work of messing with all reality everywhere! Also, Twilight Sparkle...just to kill more of her sanity and finally get her into the mind set Discord SHOULD have gotten her into during return of Harmony...AKA Smarty Pants Incident Twilight...but with Cocaine involved...making Twilight the next SNOWFLAME!!

:hint: :hint: :yay:

I am not sure if i will like everything of it, but right now it looks like i could enjoy the story.
Maybe he should meet one Background Pony again befor the Main six got alarmed, or maybe Rainbow Dash.
I mean she is attacking everything on the first sight, maybe she accidently kills him again.
I would say Celestia and Luna AND Discord, should not come to soon, maybe Pinkie Pie should wait too.

It'll be interesting when he finally runs into Pinky.

The 4th Wall will end up so violated, it'll be huddled in the corner, sobbing, by the time that's all over of course.

This is amazing. Can't wait to see what's next.

Do you think you can color the dialog of DP's voices so we know which one is talking? Like for example the crazy voice would be yellow, and the logical one would be light blue.

5253141 that... I never knew that. Thanks! I'll have to add that to the next parts with an explanation on why they weren't available

5254914 yours is too, but in a more lighthearted way... *blood drips from right eye* Oops! sorry about that! Its "Totally" normal! :3

5254921 *Picks up a Jesus-Pony plushie* Protect me lord.

5254925 *burns your plushy in a flash of sickly green fire* that's not going to help you, not at all. After all, 'What is a God to a Non-Believer?' *Eyes drip sickly green fire and my Mane and tail burst into green flames* *My coat turns black as oil and green fiery tribal patterns fade burn across my body* What I am is not death, nor is it life, I am neither Heaven, Nor Hell, I. Am. PURGATORY!

5254973 *throws your video into a portal to the Void* That was quite annoying and hilarious, but it will not save you. *grabs you and throws you into another portal* HEY! WHEN YOU GET THERE! TELL OL' PYRAMID HEAD HIS BUDDY PURG SENT YOU! HAVE FUUUUUUN~

5255013 *Lands near Pyramid head. Looks down at me* Your Buddy Purg sent me. *Pyramid head gets Kawii eyes*
*2 hours later*

5255022 *I come in on a teleporting scooter with discord* Sup PH! how you been?

5255030 *Stand near a fallen PH as he's having a seizure* Pyramid head caught too much dance fever. Hey Discord! How's Fluttershy doing? Married to her like in "Bride of Discord" yet?

5255085 Discord: "ah shes fine, we've got kids too! :3 Me: "hold up, I got dis... *Deep Inhale* HUZZAH! HERMORJES EX MORTIS!! *explosion!* DONE! :D

(go to 0:20)

5255232 *Get blown up to the roof, I break through the ceiling, landing her Fluttershy.*
Flutterhsy: Oh dear! Are you alright?
Me: Of course Flutters. *Foal with Fluttershy's mane & tail, but having Discord's colors comes from a corner of her house* Aw. What a cute child. You should name 'Im Peanut.

5255279 *I teleport in* HEEERRREESSS- *gets clotheslined by Jesus pony* Jesus pony: ...No... just no! Me: uuugh...ok... *THEN SUDDENLY! VINYL SCRATCH AND HER BASE CANNON WALK IN!*

I am moderately interested. Keep up the good work.

just by how u described the equestrian part im not sure whether / not i even WANT to read this /

5269932 I'm just thinking like Deadpool, nothing else.

Most of it is really funny, i am suprised that you are able to write suh a good Deadpool. I don´t mean it in a bad way, but i don´t know many fanfictions like this, which have survived.

PS: The yellow is the funny voice right?
and the blue Voice is i am not sure, but i think he was more serious.

Only to be sure that the two voices are in his head.

5270224 Why Thank you!!! I wasn't quite sure this WAS Deadpool people know & love. And yes, the yellow is his fun & reckless self while the blue is his more logical & controlled self.

5270234 i haven´t seen much of him to be honest, but i think i saw him once in a movie and then i saw his Game.
I don´t know if i remember more of him, but i think he had to fight against the Marvel guy ehm.....Wolverine?

But yeah i like Deadpool:pinkiehappy:

5270288 please, don't remind us of that HORRIBLE prequel around Wolverine. And the game, though funny & really Deadpool feeling, was just WAY too short: I get they're making fun of the fact that videogames cost millions, but you don't have to make it a 5 to 6 hour campaign!!!

5270310 do you know any other stuff i could read or watch about him?
To be honest, in that prequel he looked more like a zombie i think, but yeah i stop talking about that HORRIBLE prequel, i don´t remember much anyway:trollestia:

5270323 well... He is a playable character in the Marvel Lego videogame, both Marvel Ultimate alliance games(though had to be unlocked in the second), and is in Marvel vs. Capcom 3. In tv, he had his own episode with Spiderman in "The Amazing Spiderman" and made his debut in "Hulk vs. Wolverine". Other than that, you have to read the comics.

5254973 I just wasted 10 minutes of my life.

5272681 AHH!!! I thought you meant it in a bad way!!! I'll try, but like I said in the blog, there SHOULD be a weekly added new chapter with canon characters, brony celebrities, & popular O.C.s.

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