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Just a fan of Marvel, Ponies and pretty much anything Rooster Teeth. I had ideas for stories and started putting them into my harddrive. Don't be afraid to tell me what you think of my stories. IB out



Rainbow Dash, a talented young flyer, rich, inventor of some of the most advanced technologies in Equestria and to the pleasure of stallions every where, single. However her cushy life takes a turn when she is mortally wounded and taken hostage by a radical Diamond Dog terrorist group. But Rainbow creates her greatest invention in order to escape. When her back is to the wall Rainbow Dash will become The Invincible Iron Mare.

Cowritten with General Soarin(Chapter 4 and on.)

Co-written with Avenging-Hobbits (Prologue-Chapter 4.)

Picture borrowed (without permission heh) from AlienFirst on Deviant Art

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Obviously this gets a fave:ajsmug:

Hey this reminds me of another story that has the same cover art, is about Rainbow Dash getting captured by Diamond dog terrorists and her beginning iron mare..... Hmmmmmm nah can't be

You should make Applejack thor then make the Avengers Pony Style woot woot!

2637543 I've already got plans set and AJ is going to be my Cap.

2636726 Oops! I don't know where that stories plot went, but I haven't read it so any similarities are just a coincidence.

2638181 the only difference is that in that story, ZECORA is Jeeves and not... Caramel?

2638296 I think you mean Jarvis and Caramel is actually going to be standing in for Pepper.

2638420 no the guy in the cave was called Jeeves, the computer was called Jarvis

2638483 wait do you mean Yensin? There was no Jeeves in that movie.

2638494 yeah that's it, yensin!

2638504 Oh, I'm actually going to do something a little different for that part.

:pinkiehappy: I just wounder who is going to war-machine/iron-patriot

Interesting.... I'll keep an eye on it.

2641192 Yeah I'm not including Iron Patriot.

An excellent beginning to this fic, and I can't wait to read the rest of it!:twilightsmile:

And Dash losing her wings, and therefor her ability to fly was quite the plot-twist. I really didn't see that one coming. Interesting idea that her dad (whom I really don't like very much right off the bat, given his attitude about Rainbow's flying,and her wanting to join the Wonderbolts (but then again, what can you expect from a non-flying unicorn?!)), suggesting that she get into flying machines,and her raction to said suggestion. (A taste of things to come, perhaps?:ajbemused:

Anyway, having her dad be a unicorn is,indeed, another interesting twist to the tale. I just hope he's not quite the obnoxious, snobby jerk that he appears to be in this Prologue. Can't wait to see what you have in store for us on that score!:ajsmug::twilightsmile:

2638181Good choice in planning to have Applejack as Cap(tain Equestria(?), I'm guessing?). She's perfect for the role!:ajsmug::ajsmug::ajsmug:

2666872 Thank you. I alwayd appreciate support and a good explanation of what you liked. And yes AJ is Captain Equestria.

2667901You're quite welcome on all counts, m' friend.:twilightsmile:

And as a fellow writer, I know that that's what I would appreciate myself. I just hope that, once my (admittedly very) humble scribblings start showing up here, I get the same kind of support that you, and many other authors, are getting.:twilightsheepish:

And I kinda figured that "Equestria" would come after "Captain" in this (what else would it be, given the location and the cast?! "Captain America"?! Don't hardly think so!); I just kinda wanted to make sure.

Still, I absolutely :heart: AJ in this kind of role. Like I said, she's just so perfect for it!:ajsmug::ajsmug::ajsmug:


I like how Rainbow Dash is a technical genius. I also like the general storyline, as long as it doesn't fit the Marvel franchise too closely. Rainbow Dash is a perfect character analogue to Tony Stark, but I'm most interested in how this story could become different.,

I'll be watching.

I already follow the one with Twilight Sparkle as the Iron Mare.

This should be interesting.

I feel like I know the asshole who's leading the diamond dogs but I just can't put my hand (or hoof) on it funny-pictures-blog.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/thinking-meme.png

2691899 He's one of Iron Man's more obscure villian's and is in no way canon to MLP. That's all the help you get.

2691911 The guy who imprisoned him in the original comics. Also as a request have Lightning dust appear as the Iron Monger she and rainbow already hate each other more so than gilda and rainbow (PM me I mean)

2691920 Oh Don't worry Lightning Dust will play a huge part in the long term plot. Not sure what you want me to PM you. The Captor guys identity? Anyways in order to distract you from asking more questions about the plot, I'm thinking of using Tank for Jarvis

2691949 Yeah that's the reaction I got from Bronyman (sort of)

Happily fav'd, and looking forward to more.

Have y'all noticed that no writer has finished and 'Iron Mare' fic yet ?

Maybe you'll be the one, I'm rooting for you.

2700959 Bronyman1995 had one finished, but is currently rewriting it. As for me I already have the plot planned through to the sequel. This is getting finished.

Caramel is so awesome.

Oh man poor comet.:fluttercry:

2767838 Don't cry I might have plans to do something different. :trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright: Maybe....

If Comet takes the same route as the scientist that helped Tony Stark during the hostage situation scene at the beginning of the first Iron Man movie, I KILL YOU!!!

Otherwise please do continue.

2768128 That's a bit Extreme, but don't worry it'll be good. At least I thank so.

2768160. Good! I thank so too! Hahaha

I think Dash caved in too easily. I mean, if they killed Comet, Dash would have still refused to work. Meaning they'd never get the weapons they wanted. Dash could have easily called their second bluff Still, bloody good story. Do keep up the good work.

2901840 You have to understand though that this is a very foriegn situation for Dash. From our view point we get to look back at the situaton several times and come up with a logical solution. Rainbow however doesn't have that luxury. She had to make a fly desicion and she decided on what anyone would. Save a life. Anyways if she didn't the story couldn't progress.

Curse you for making me wait! RD is and always will be my favorite character, so I feel really sad that she cab't fly. :( me sad.

3045093 I know, but still. Right in my feels man. Right in my feels.

3045112 yes well there are more feels to come.

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