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Twilight Shine

hello, my fellow pegasisters and Bronys. I am a 15 (b'day may 7th)and you can also call me Midnight or Shine if you want . Also, don't forget to SHINE ON!!

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Ello I am Twilight Shine, one of my friend related me to Twilight because I love science like crazy and I love to read alot. So, you are probably wondering what species am I or not, but any ways, I am a aura winged unicorn. I am also the student and assent of Prophecy; he is an Alicorn you can go to the future and past, and no he is not a Prince. Also he is the cousin of Celestia and Luna. Finally, my cutie mark is a six pointed magenta star with wings, which means I am fast with magic. Also, WELCOME TO MY PAGE!!

Im doing my first Collab also i am doing another storie

So i am doing a collab with a friend of mine. It all started as a silly text and he said that it would be a great story so... then we started to actually turned it into a story, so right now he just posted it so check it out. I will have the second chapter and he will have the first chapter.SonnySkies

okay now the story I m creating by myself with a little editing help is BronyDad

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I'm so sorry for not responding! I've just had so much on my plate, again I feel like a bad person.

Hi there! I saw your awesome art on the Art for Fanfiction group, and was wondering, do you draw cats? I was wondering if you would be interested in taking a request for fanfic art that involves cats... if you don't mind, that is!

2344994 I'm kinda busy with school at the moment but I will one day continue my stories. Plus I need to become better in writing and think of some new ideas for my stories, since I lost some inspiration.

2264317 Come on, please Your stories are good! please continue your stories :scootangel:

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