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Stumbling out of a crashed TARDIS, the Doctor arrives in Canterlot over a thousand years in the past, and quickly befriends one of the most famous unicorns of the time. At the same time, the Doctor has to recover from a regeneration, and stave off the Weeping Pegasi.

Cover Art by Chezamoon18
Note: While the "Time Turner" tag is used, that Doctor Whooves design does not appear in the fic. The pre-regeneration Doctor looks like this, and the post regeneration Doctor looks like this.

Chapters (5)
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Comments ( 53 )

Putting words on a page can be hard, especially if you tend to critically analyze everything you write. But that doesn't change the fact it felt like less than half a chapter.

Don't get me wrong, it was a fun read while it lasted.

wait the doctor is a chick?

2935971 Not in chapter 1, but otherwise yes.

2954948 That was one inspiration, although I plan for the Doctor's form to be the only thing they have in common.

2954966 That fic inspired two roleplays for me. You can never have too many female Doctors.

2954994 It actually inspired me to set up an RP blog on tumblr with Colgate as the Doctor. A surprisingly underused concept.

2954999 Here's another use for Colgate.

hehehehe, Gallopfrey:rainbowlaugh:

2968242 It's a commonly used ponificiation of Gallifrey.

I love that you put the opining and closing theam, now it feels like an episode of doctor whooves.:scootangel:

So doctors 5 & 6 huh. Oh and I read this one story about the tenth doctor regenorating and causing a rip in the multiverse and turning in to a pony in equstria.:twilightsmile: I think it was called discord and the doctor.

dam i love it now just need more :fluttershysad:

dam this is good

Low level perseption filter?:duck: oh and it would have sounded more fersome if she had said "I fear you may be right star swirl."

3053174 If you like, but I did say that the Doctor was still technically recovering from a regeneration, so things were more likely to slip her mind, and I also said it was her first time encountering the Weeping Pegasi, and do you remember the book on the Weeping Angels in The Time of Angels?

3053197 yes the one with no pictures, what of it?:duck:

3054112 What I'm getting at is that the Doctor wouldn't have a lot of sources to go on when dealing with the Weeping Pegasi, and not much of a way to know what they look like, especially since she hadn't faced them before.

3054147 okay I see. Oh since you mentioned the book ,did it not say that 'the eyes are not the window to the soul, they are the doors' and the doctor said that the eyes are the window, so maybe have somepony look into the eyes of an"angel":rainbowwild:

3054291 I was more referring to the whole "That which holds the image of an angel becomes an angel" thing, hence why the Doctor wouldn't know what they look like, even if she knows of them by hearsay.

dam i love it :heart::heart::heart::heart::fluttershysad::fluttercry:

:derpyderp2: The Doctor.. is a mare?!:twilightoops:

3451345 Well, yes. What I tried to do was make that as incidental to the story as possible, hence why it's not directly referenced in the title, or the description, unlike most fics that feature a female Doctor.

In all the time watching MLP:FIM and Doctor Who I never could have pictured the Doctor being female.
..It just doesn't stick in your head... :derpyderp2::rainbowhuh:
But I can roll with it! :rainbowdetermined2:

3961491 Does it help that I used an existing background pony for the female Doctor?

Personally, I loved this story, but each chapter felt a little too short for me, just barely meeting the 1k word minimum. You probably could have put them all together into a 7k one shot with the intro and ending, or you could continue into a whole series of femdoc fics.


I'm not familiar with Doctor Who. Even so, I think I like this fic so far. The opening and closing themes of Doctor Who at the beginning and end is sheer genius! Just how did you do it?

Ok, my only main critiques are these:
1. Not being familiar with Doctor Who crippled me from properly imagining the inside of the TARDIS. Which means this fic is meant for an audience familiar with Doctor Who. If ever you want to expand the target audience for this fic, you will have to make more descriptions.

2. Speaking of descriptions, the Manehattan scene could also use more specific descriptions. Include sights as well as sounds, and maybe even the smell of the Manehattan air.

3. Despite #1, when the action starts happening inside the TARDIS, I was eventually able to make a functional idea how and what the TARDIS is. It may be a telephone booth on the outside, but it's pretty big in the inside, right? And I imagined the Time Urchin to be just that, a sea urchin type thing.

I must commend you again for your use of youtube links, as in the youtube windows are actually there! How did you do that?

Possible Technical Errors:
The Doctor was about to shut *of* the star chart, but then one of the console's other panels exploded, sending a chunk of shrapnel right into it.
-The Doctor was about to shut *off* the star chart, but then one of the console's other panels exploded, sending a chunk of shrapnel right into it.

5369606 The YouTube links are pretty simple to put in. You click the youTube button, and enter the URL for a YouTube video, and it's automatically embedded.



Oh. I never noticed that YouTube button. Gee, the things you learn everyday.


Gee, didn't know that. The things you learn everyday.

It's a new feature, isn't it?

UPDATE: No, it's not. It's been there for a long time, apparently. Me and my sluggish brain.


"Good. I made it out in one piece. Wings are gone, but I'm definitely not bleeding. I must have regenerated. Now, let's see. Maya blue coat, periwinkle mane, looks like a streak of blue in there too, horn. Yes! I'm a unicorn again." The Doctor surmised, adding "Wait, something's wrong with my voice. Tell me I didn't regenerate into a colt. No, I can't be a colt, I'm too tall, which means..." The Doctor started to form a theory, confirming it with a shuffle of the hind legs. "I'm a mare? Yes! I'm a mare! This is new, and exciting. I've never been a mare before.”

That's what you get for messing with time.

I wish I could thumbs up per chapter. So far, I'm loving it.

Possible Technical Errors:
1 In her defence, I did find her stumbling *how* of a blue box." Star Swirl commented.


The plot thickens.

I am sooo loving the opening and closing themes. I play them every chapter! It's like watching the story in TV!

Possible Technical Errors:
1. However, the gap between the statue and the doorway appeared to be just big enough for the Doctor to fit *though*...


"And saved your life, which I think overrides the whole defenestration thing." The Doctor answered. "The princesses will want to know what we found. Come on."
- defenestration. A new word I just learned.

"...Keep as many eyes on them as equinely possible."
- "equinely." Nice!

Coming to the gates, she noticed even more of the Weeping Pegasi guarding them. Keeping her eyes on them, she carefully based through the gate and continued on her way to the TARDIS.
- Uh, "...she carefully based...?"

Dang...short but sweet, each and every chapter, so far.
Oh I'd love to be able to write like this.


Despite the possible corrections below, it's a good, sweet read. Not to heavy, not too light. Just light enough. Sweet.

You were able to give personality to The Doctor, despite his/her gender change, it was still her/him all throughout. I believe adding the Doctor Who themes had something to do with it.

Despite the concept of "time paradox", it isn't something too heavy to think about and is actually quite easy to understand, the way you presented it.

All in all, a sweet, good read. I've never explored the "Time themes" of MLP:FiM before, and now I have. Thanks for a good, first time experience with this theme.

Possible corrections:
"Three tribes that hate eachother's guts come here with nothing but the clothing on their backs, make peace, and start a thriving society. Truly inspiring,"

And that is?" Star Swirl inquired. The Doctor produced a small device that looked similar to her sonic screwdriver, but with a few key differences: the was a small dish on the end and the rest of it was slightly thicker than her screwdriver. "This is a homing beacon for my TARDIS. Once I activate it, the TARDIS will home in and materialize around it."

"That blue box you found me with. I use it to travel in time," the Doctor quickly added. "Before we leave, though, we need to erase any evidence of you lot being here. If there's any sign of ponies in this area before the Exodus, it's going to cause a massive paradox when happens. They sent you back to a point at which your presence to drastically alter the (?) development of Equestria, meaning that unless we're careful, the Canterlot you came from might cease to exist."
- I'm not so sure about this one, but maybe "That blue box you found me with. I use it to travel through time," perhaps?


It doesn't bother me. I imagined her like the pic you posted all the way through the story.

I'm a slow reader, so I'm going to do this piece by piece:

First of all, Starswirl as the Doctor; only one response is appropriate:

5382826 But Star Swirl isn't the Doctor in this.

Hi! This work has been reviewed in the PCaRG! Hope it helps!

Wait what? What? What? WHAT?!

2955006 damn... somepony already did it.. IDEA. I SHALL GO BACK IN TIME TO STOP YOU FROM POSTING THIS! Wait... then 5his wouldn't be here if I stopped it and I would of done. . Damn.

I got this. Ok get six of them together face you and then move out and then they will be quantum locked never being able to move. Hah!

So short. . It was still awesome.. *le disappears*

I'm calling it right now they're weeping angels or something.

"Good. Fear keeps you on your hooves and it keeps you alive," the Doctor responded.

*Obligatory 'Fear is a Superpower' reference*

I actually wrote this in 2013, before Capaldi's first season, but there was a similar sentiment expressed by the Eleventh Doctor in the Weeping Angel two-parter from 2010.

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