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Am I a good writer? · 3:40am Jan 13th, 2015

Following a recent review of one of my fics, I'm wondering if I'm really that good at writing. In short, it had a good premise, but in execution it was full of plotholes, poor pacing, and a lack of detail. For all the years I've been writing, I should be better than all of those, and yet I'm not. It's like I keep trying to get better, but I just don't see myself improving.

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The future of I Know You Well Because I Am You · 4:20pm Dec 20th, 2014

I have gotten a lot of requests for a continuation of I Know You Well Because I Am You, probably because I deliberately left Shining stuck as a mare. Truthfully, I had no plans to resolve that. However, I have recently opened an associated RP blog on Tumblr, titled Cursed Shining Armour. I am also leaving it open for anyone else to write their own sequel.

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A little surprised · 1:33pm Dec 8th, 2014

Last Friday, I posted this fic, which could be considered my first clopfic, though it contains other elements as well as clop, including psuedo self cest, dreaming, and genderbending. Since then, as already become more popular than my other two fics, despite having far fewer words than the other two, and having only been on the site for three days. Despite this, it doesn't have nearly as many comments. Based on the comments it has received, I have to assume the general response is not

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