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The filly must have been only a little older than Applebloom and her friends, but the smile she wore was starkly out of place on her youthful features. It was much too knowing, much too smug, much too jaded and cold to belong on someone that young.
"You'd be surprised what you can find by looking up pony in a blue box" she said cooly "I understand more about you than you know....Doctor

When Twilight, beset by a cold, asks the Doctor to get her some soup, she didn't expect any crazy adventures. She certainly doesn't expect to be stranded in the wrong time, chasing after a loose-cannon filly with the potential to irrevocably change time, and absolutely no qualms about breaking the rules.
In retrospect, the soup probably wasn't worth the trouble.

Cover picture by The Pony Librarian

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it's alright so far i'm just wondering how the doctor will muck up getting a bowl of soup. and a note to people who can do this GET A DOCTOR WHOOVES OR TARDIS EMOTICON!

Y'know, I'm not sure why this story has two dislikes already. I've seen horribly written and clich├ęd stories get better ratings than this story does at the moment.

Think the Doctor cannot muck up a bowl of soup?
Also, I would use the heck out of a Doctor Whooves emoticon :pinkiehappy:

Well, it's impossible to please everyone :applejackunsure:
It's early yet, so I try not to take dislikes too much to heart :twilightsmile:

Um... that's not good, at all........ Waiting patiently for next update!!:derpytongue2:

That BITCH man! Geez. :trixieshiftleft::twilightangry2::ajbemused:

Colgate *sadly shakes head*


i don't know if i should feel sorry or laugh

Well this contradicts a few things
Day of the doctor anyone? :twilightblush:

In this story, the Doctor came to Equestria right before the entrance of Clara, so he wouldn't know about the events that took place in the Day of The Doctor :pinkiehappy:
Thank you for the comment, and I'm glad I was able to clear that up :twilightsmile:

Well... things are certainly getting interesting :moustache:

Wait, didn't The Great Intelligence died in The Name of The Doctor?

Twilight looked to the Doctor, biting her lip. He looked up at her, then to Colgate, then to her again.
"Oh..." he said slowly "I see."

Well would you care to EXPLAIN Doctor?

Would you care to change this

he would be very, very disappointing

into this

he would be very, very disappointed

AND AMAZINGNESS STRIKES AGAIN!!!!!!!!! :rainbowlaugh:
I must read more of this! :raritystarry:

You have no idea how much that comment made my day :twilightblush:

Comment posted by MysticStoryThePegasus deleted Mar 18th, 2014

better than what the TARDIS manual got, I just opened the doors and threw as hard as I could"

Twilight guffawed, exclaiming incredulously "You threw the TARDIS manual into a black hole?"

"What?" the Doctor said defensively "I disagreed with it"

1:38 - 2:08

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