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I'm The Doctor as a elf, maybe I'll write stories later on


Update · 4:01am Jan 25th, 2014

Summer, a wonderful time, so much free times to make stories, do you know what it isn't right now in the US, Summer.

This blog is just to say I won't be releasing the story 'till the summer, and won't be working on it 'till at least spring break, but that's only for The Adventures or The Elven Doctor, I might make a test story, just to see how it goes, in the meantime, I'll be on here more often.
Just a quick update,
see you people later,

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Hey there!
Remember me?:pinkiehappy:
I was just curious on how that story of your's was going!
No rush, just curious.:raritywink:

834488 Well, why
not, it just makes my vacation longer, I mean, it's not like the Cyber-Daleks are just gonna appear right now- YOU GOT TO BE KINDING ME, well, at lest they can't take the TARDIS if I don't even have it.


Of course ElvenDoctor!

i'm going to borrow that Tardis for a sec....

"Hey, How you Been Doc? It's been a while"


You are awesome!

Don't let any pony tell you other wise!

You deserve a big hug! with a bunny!

Hug me?

All for you from

The Pinkie Pie's Smile Association.

Be sure to fill out a welcome to the party invitation, if you decide to join us!

Hug me cheer up and smile, Today is your Day! Don't let sadness have any sway. Come on over to the party and play!

BUM BUM BUUUUUUM(failed Zelda achievement theme) TheElvenDoctor has made an avatar picture :pinkiehappy:

I've just noticed how many spelling errors this page has, I just thought, "Do I really need an editor just for my user page", so, yeah, derp, oh, and btw, I might start working on the story this weekend, but don't hold your breath!(so many spelling errors in this comment too, I'm a really bad speller!)

833327 You're Welcome kind sir!

Thanks for the fave too!

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Make Chapter 1 of "The Adventures of the Elven Doctor" []
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Stop Being Lazy[almost](now trying to work towards writing it)
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Get Villain info [almost done]
Make up Elven Doctor info[x]
Make a plot line for Story[]
Write a prolog for story[am getting inspired, well try to do it soon!]
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