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Stumbling out of a crashed TARDIS, the Doctor arrives in Canterlot over a thousand years in the past, and quickly befriends one of the most famous unicorns of the time. At the same time, the Doctor has to recover from a regeneration, and stave off the Weeping Pegasi.

Cover Art by Chezamoon18
Note: While the "Time Turner" tag is used, that Doctor Whooves design does not appear in the fic. The pre-regeneration Doctor looks like this, and the post regeneration Doctor looks like this.

Chapters (5)

This is meant as an alternate/speculative take on what Season 3 might be like, drawing heavy inspiration from the third season of ReBoot.

During Shining Armour and Cadance's wedding reception, Princess Luna speaks with Twilight in private, to warn her of an impending Changeling attack on Ponyville. She then assumes the role of Ponyville's military commander, with Derpy serving as her second in command.

Ponyville has become Equestria's first line of defence against the Changelings.

Using this map by Aurebesh for reference.

Cover art by Rando-Meeks

Note: This fic does not fit with the canon map of Equestria. In this, Ponyville is the westernmost settlement in Equestria, Appleloosa is the easternmost with deserts stretching beyond pony territory, and the Everfree Forest covers Equestria's western border.

Second note: As I started writing this before I heard anything about Season 3, there's no reconciling this fic with Season 3.

Chapters (13)
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