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It's not terribly easy being a pear selling pony in an apple loving town....Forelle is a pear pushing pony from Roam, here to help her family out and find her way in the world. This is what happens to her in the course of an average day.

Forelle created by Egophillaic

(Oh neat the update made the featured bar, thanks everypony!)


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This should be fun and interesting. :ajsmug:

can't wait to see where this goes

Why was I reminded of Cooking Mama when I saw your cover?

This might have a potential for mild sad, because I felt that emotion upon reading about her life in poverty.:fluttershysad:
Excellent work.:pinkiehappy:

This looks really cute, I can't wait to see more.

Forelle glared at the Mare who dared say she was struggling to keep her family happy like she was. Causing the orange pony to back away slightly.

"Whats yer problem."

"Struggle?! You don't know the meaning of the word!"

Now the mare looked as if she were slapped. "Hey don't think we don't have it hard! We..."

"Did you eat this morning? Because I didn't! Are you worried about being kicked from your home because you can't pay rent? Because I am! Does your entire livlihood depend on a single tiny tree tht barely grows a third of one of those apple trees I see in the distance? NO!"

"I'm tired, hungry, I'll be sleeping on a bench by the end of the week because I sent my last few bits back home to feed my starving younger siblings in Roam who were lucky to have a single loaf between them a day before I left. Don't you dare try to compare our livings because it is absolutly insulting and only shows how ignorant you truely are."

Hey I really like your character here, you wouldn't have an issue if I use her? I have a story in mind and I would like her to make an appearance.I would link your story here, what do you say?

this is good, but i noticed a couple of errors.

I love pears, that stallion has no tastedl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/sillyfilly_Applejack.png


Would you mind pointing them out? I'm a TERRIBLE proofreader.

Oh that is just anti pear prejudice! Screw you Doctor!

Grilled pears are delicious.

idea she uses the bits to buy the apples at low prices places them next to her pears (which i find dilicious by the way) making the apples look better so she can sell them at enflated prices then after a while she can bring the price of the pears down and sell more to make more so she can buy more seedlings pears trees so that when they start proudceing she can slowley start to phaxe out the apples once more people start buting her pears untell she can become an independent seller


1280215 better yet, just PM me th' next chapter.


Alrighty then, deal. I'm writing this story as the day progresses (Everything you see has been written since I woke up) so the next chapter isn't penned yet, but is getting penned as we speak. In the mean time PM me any errors you found in the previous two chapters if you would mind. Thanks for the help!


1280332i'm honestly proofing someone else's stuff right now, so i don't think i can do th' previous chapters yet. i tend to do already posted chapters when i don't have a chapter that needs to be posted to work on.


Ah well, that's fine.

Onwards and Upwards!

1280377just pm me th' next chap when you're done.

I dislike pears, but if I were in Ponyville, I would not hesitate to buy some of her damned merchandise to give her some money to buy some food.:pinkiehappy:
Awaiting further releases.:fluttershysad:
EDIT: You might want to add the 'OC' character tag if Forelle is yours
Never you mind, she's not yours, but you did well in giving that comic some more story.

Damn you DOCTOR!!! Your hatred of pears has cursed a mare to nearly starve.

Seriously though good job. I look foward to more.

Poor kid, maybe trip to the library of Ponyville could help her out. I mean what better way of learning a new way of sell than from a book right ? :twilightsheepish:

Still it was a nice update and a nice way of showing the old "judge a book by its cover" idea. :ajsmug:

Pelase do keep up the good work upon such a great storyline like this one.

Will read late but...mmm...
By, "Forelle created by John Joseco ", do you mean the cover art or the actual character?:applejackunsure:
'Cause the comic the cover art is from is by emlan. Specifically here.:twilightsheepish:

Nice twist with the Apple family, I will be looking forward to more of this. :ajsmug::eeyup::applecry:

Make me have all the feels won't ya? Gosh.

I do most certainly HAIT. PEERS, but I would gladly buy and eat some for the sake of fair Forelle here.:pinkiehappy:(you get the reference?)

Talking about the good Doctor, could you be so kind as to advice me to HOW to properly watch the show? I have principles of watching from the beginning unless it can be skipped, but I do not know if I can do that. And it will take me forever to reach the Tenth Doctor from the First if I start from the beginning. Should I watch the first episode, or could I start anywhere?

I has a sadnow.:raritycry::fluttercry::applecry:

Oh yeah, and I curse that stallion at the end. May he be set on fire.:twilightangry2:

P.S. IRL I love pears and cannot stand the taste of apples.
:applejackconfused: What in tarnation?
Uhhh, sorry AJ but it's true.


There are several ways to start I suggest starting with 'New Who' which started in 2004 with the ninth Doctor. The effects aren't the best but the writing is great and you'll quickly fall in love if you happen to like scifi to any degree. Another good starting point is season five which starts off with the 11th Doctor and which you can start with little to no background knowledge.

Hope it helps!


Okay, so basically I CAN watch from several points. I'll definitively start at the Ninth or Tenth, then probably watch some of the older ones later. Thank you very much kind Sir or Madame.:pinkiehappy:

If you didn't notice, that was most likely the good Doctor. The Doctor may have his dislikes if he so wishes.:duck:
Also, I used to love PEERS, but now they have a tendency to taste wet, yet dry and sweet yet sour in a chaos that is rather despicable. So as of now, APPLES is a force truly great, while the despicable PEERS can die in Tartarus for all I care!
...but if it helps Forelle, I'll gladly eat some...PEERS now and then. Ugh.

a most entertaining story, i cant wait to see how things turn out.:moustache:

i wish i could go into this story and buy her pears. I.LOVE.PEARS. so far im feeling for Forelle, i would give her big hug and help her with however i can. good story, keep it up.


I didn't notice the (possible) reference to Doctor Who(oves) here, but you do realize that the doctor hates apples? Not pears? I haven't heard anything about pears.

What else? oh yes! Great story!

Pears, not peers. I'm not talking about cannibalism, I'm talking about fruit.

This is wonderful! Also heart-breaking. But still wonderful! I was scared that the apple mafia was moving in on poor Forelle there for a second.

1281142 Lots of luck on that.

Most of the First Doctor's and Second Doctor's episodes were destroyed and no longer exists.

So lots of good luck on finding those eps, what few are left of them.

I'm guessing that from the up-votes vs. down-votes that this story is funny as hell?

Interesting story. The moment I saw that comic panel I knew someone was goin to make it into a fic sooner or later, and you seem to have executed it very well.
On an unrelated note...
It's... odd. Whenever I read a story involving Big Macintosh he's either portrayed as a secret genius who simply doesn't like being near others, or a complete idiot who needs to be told what to do but has a 'good heart'. I'm assuming this stories going for the latter?

Actually, 10th doctor instructed martha in season 3 "dont let me eat pears, i hate pears!"

not sure that im replying to you, im new to fimfictions commenting system

I know.:pinkiesmile: I intentionally misspelled it because that's how I pronounce it nowadays.

Ohhhhh....then I hope to be lucky enough to find some of those!:pinkiehappy:


And yes, yes you did reply to me :rainbowlaugh:

Yes, it was a reference, but really, I have the misfortune of having my formerly beloved PEERS' magnificent taste warped into such a detestable one. So from now on, I despise PEERS.
...why do I spell and pronounce it PEERS? Because The Doctor utters...their name... Like PEERS!

Wait... wait... Applejack likes pears? What blasphemy is this!

...or it could be the headache speaking. You know, after Applebloom smacked him "I'm the noggin"?

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