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Applebloom stood on the platform, watching as the train pulled to a stop. It was one of the newer stations, installed by order of Celestia a few years ago. It still had that new train station smell, which is much like new horseshoe smell only with a great deal more coal. It must at this point be said that there was nothing wholly remarkable about the train station, or for that matter its rather cheerily painted trains. But at exactly one in the afternoon something wholly remarkable was set to occur.
She felt the weight of the one way ticket in her bag.
"All Aboard," called the porter.

Into the Everfree we go.

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That was...
Buck it. I don't know what to say to this story. All I know is it's well written.
*5 stars it, still unsure*

...oh my.:pinkiegasp:
What just-:rainbowhuh:
How did- :twilightoops:
Why is-:applecry:
You're doing it again squeaky! You're pulling me in! Must...resist...
OH WHO AM I KIDDING? That's a great chapter beggining! Nice job!:pinkiehappy:

Hey, do you wanna elaborate on this Contest? I'm curious.
Also, I hope this won't distract you TOO much from my favorite Caramel fic! :twilightblush::heart:Let's hope these both get some good updates soon! :pinkiecrazy:
I'm tracking thissss...
Watching it'ssss every move...:trollestia:
Anyways, nice job! I smell one heck of an adventure coming up!
And Squeaky never disappoints! :rainbowkiss:


this story reminds me a lot of alice in wonderland. Keep up the good work squeak, looking forward to more of this story and all your others

Ah, nice to see you decided to continue your story from the write off. Marking to read later.

.... I can't help but hear this in Morgan Freeman's voice.

Nice story! Although I'm still waiting for caramel's light, this can quench my thirst for it long enough!

Wow. This chapter was very very trippy. I love it!

Uh, did someone spike my milk?

The whole Applebloom reading and it becoming true reminds me of Alan Wake.

lol i was thinking the same thing

anon i enjoy these new stories
but i still wait for the next chapter of gaia you said that you were working on
hope you get the time to post another chapter

stil waiting

A reaction, play by play:

:pinkiesmile: A heartwarming story by my favorite fanauthor! I'll give this a read!
:trollestia: Oh, how delightfully funny, this narrator. I like how it phrases things in ways that make me laugh. Oh, silly Applebloom, I wonder where you're going? Manehattan? Canterlot I'm sure this will be quite a tou--
:rainbowhuh: Did . . . that train? And then . . . Oh no. This isn't Little Apple Goes to The Big Apple! This is Bloom tumbles down Miyazaki's imagination! or like The Labyrinth.
:trixieshiftleft: . . . :trixieshiftright:
:yay: Chapter 2, go!

The story gets better as I go. I've always been fond of these Wonderland style fics, and this one is filled with charm and a plenty of humor.

The library, and Tome, were both highlights for me, getting plenty of laughs. :pinkiesmile:

You continually prove why you're my favorite fan-author and how I am always rewarded by reading your work. :raritywink:

Well, this my friend, is trippy. :coolphoto:



SHIT, I better prepare.

Never declare a fic dead until the author says so. Great to see an update

That was a fairly exciting bit. Much more scary than I imagined this story would go, which was a nice surprise in the "ohmigosh" sort of way. I enjoyed reading through it, even though it had less of the goofy, semi-sensical humor

(might want to check a few errors in this latest chapter though. A couple of words look accidently repeated)

!! Is Applebloom still in the everfree forest?? :pinkiegasp: Follow the tracks Applebloom dont get lost!!!:applecry: *Track, Like, and popcorn lines up as Inar reads with his Trusty Android phone* :yay:

Okey well following the tracks wont work. Darn black magiczs!:ajbemused:
On an other note, TRUST DA PIGGY!!! Pigs never let anyone down! :pinkiehappy:
Inar out!

Hmmm sun flowers do not grow on zebras last I checked. Wait! I never checked for sunflowers on zebra heads!:pinkiegasp:
Oh Aaaapleblooom dont you ever visit Twilights none-brick library??:twilightsmile:

Well next time applebloom sees someone i recomd how she gets out of somewhere and how to get to somewhere else. Mabye that will work in this increadibly vague plain of reality hmmm. Nice story it is making me think AND I LIKE IT!:pinkiehappy:

Wow Applebloom seems to make everything better! I wonder how much of a difference she will make in the forest. Awaiting update!

I understand! Eureka! AB took a train somewhere to defeat her unsureness about her abilities and talents. Only when she defeats Unsure, will she be able to leave the forest!

This is real good. Thanks be to Slywit for revealing it to me.

Wow. This was a very creepy but very interesting chapter. The Unsure seems like bad news... I think.

I'm very much enjoying the way the story intrudes on itself. The fact that Tome's warning already seems meaningful proves that you've made this story work. I just hope it isn't too horrible! :applecry:

This is really well written. I've enjoyed what I have read so far and look forward to more

I understand it all now! :D
And am not willing to explain it.

Hey! Yea, it's me. Just here to say that I sent you the first chapter, with all the corrections. Quite a few I must say :rainbowwild:

Anyway, I'll get to the rest of the chapters later, like I said. Kinda sleepy right now :ajsleepy:

Will you continue this at some point of time, or is this this story cancelled?


Far from Cancled my friend, just busy at the moment.


Simply, wow.

Very well written, and incredibly intriguing so far!

The strangeness of this story reminds me wonderfully of The Phantom Tollbooth. :D

“I’m delicious!” He turned and began to viciously bite his own leg.
My favorite line of the chapter.

I...I don't even but oh god I love it. the flower was a crowning touch. I couldn't help it.

Two Remember your kindness, because something horrible is going to happen about seven hundred and eighty words from now.”

Best line I think I've ever read :pinkiehappy:

This story is nothing short of delightful. I can't wait until you find the time to continue!

Beautiful story! I hope you'll finish it someday. :fluttershysad:

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