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Nothin much, I'm a furry and a brony, and if you're a furry-hater, get off my profile.


I'm really sorry about no updates on Bubbles and Glitter · 9:33pm Nov 28th, 2012

Yeah, school caught up to me. Plus I had another idea for a ship (a very rare ship, LunaJack :3) called Moonshine, From Concentrate. Luna calls Applejack to Canterlot to experiment with apples and her famous moonshine.(alcoholic) Apple moonshine. Turns out, the moonshine it really good, and they get drunk... Applejack randomly kisses Luna and thus shipping happens. You shall see later!

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Still have writer's block?:ajsmug: I was hoping that B&G had been completed by now.. But it seems it's exactly where it was before. I do hope you finish it soon.:moustache:

Thanks for the fav!

Thanks so so sooooo much for the follow! I'm really glad to hear that you enjoy my writing enough to take the time to stalk me:pinkiecrazy: I hope you continue to enjoy what I have in store for the future:twilightsmile:

155618 lol I didn't give up. I got writers block and life caught up with me XD homework and cello practice and stuff.

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