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Scootaloo is a grown lady now. All her friends had outgrown her, and are busy with their own lives. This would be fine, really it would have. But it's the little things that add up, the little things that drive you absolutely mad.

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This sounds like a good story can't wait for more.:twilightsmile:

Nice, not bad. Maybe Scooterloo will just realize she's better than everyone else, become a wizard and go to scootawarts! But thats just a prediction....


Upping the rating when the next chapter ups the game. For now it's pretty harmless.

This has serious potential! If you work out a bit of grammar errors and other kinks, this can get popular!


An up vote and praise from an admin of the overly stupid fan fiction group doesn't come lightly. You should be proud.
And I think its fairly good too. The pacing is perfect, the story idea is awesome, just…. everything. You're gonna go far kid.

No sarcasm here sir. They stopped me at the border like they usually do and checked my car. I'm clean :pinkiecrazy:

Oh, my gosh... I love this. I thought I wasn't going to, but hell was I wrong! Great job, here have a favorite. But one thing, the grammar may need a little help. You should get a proofreader to check it over first, then you should be up in the featured list in no time! :twilightsmile::twilightsmile:

I'm torn about this story. Scootaloo not earning her cutie mark into a adulthood, and being viewed as immature/not worth it, is an iterating premise. On the other hand you manage to hit cliche every cliche of Scootabuse in a just over a thousand word chapter. Some how the bright, sunny world world of Equestria where the inhabitants usher in the season and plan the weather down to the last snowflake lacks a social safety nets.

This story sounds intriguing and legit ! In liking it so far


Ooooh! I'll be sure to keep up the work thanks so much!

Gonna start the hunt for a beta reader too.


Run far

Run fast

Run away


Well, it's also a world where your purposes is literally stamped on your backside for the world to see. A ponies purpose is a known quantity and they can dedicate their life to it.

Except for Scootaloo here it seems. She's an anomaly, an aberration amongst Equestria's perfect harmony of well-working parts. Let's see what happens as we go along.

Holy shit; that got really dark REALLY quick.

5121187 Quite the truth, I thought this was not going to be this dark considering the first chapter was rather subdued. I really love dark stories and this one looks like it's going to be good; Can't wait for more updates!

I'd gladly proofread chapters for you. This is an interesting story, though the writing mistakes do take away from the immersion quite a bit.

A bit short but still a great chapter.

Is this dead? Are you dead?

Seems author has been offline for around four weeks. Welp, so much for that.

Please come back and update for us...

Might want to get that leg checked out, especially if you aren't up to date on your vaccinations scoots

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