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Yeah. I'm definitely going to continue it. · 7:03pm May 24th

Not very often do you see someone express interest in taking a story off an eight-year hiatus.

But I think it's going to go in a different direction than I originally intended. Oh sure, there'll be upsetting themes and all that jazz, but...

It's going to come from a more sincere place.

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I have no memory of this place... · 10:25pm May 23rd

I stumbled on this account by mistake... and I swear it's like seeing another person write in this account.

I apologize for suddenly disappearing! And... I cannot say I'll be returning. I left the fandom years ago for various personal reasons.

But I do see that one fanfiction I did with Discord... Maybe one day, I'll finish it off. Good news- I'm a bit better at the grammar and all that nonsense now.

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