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Facing hard times and plenty of bad luck, con artist brothers Flim and Flam have dug themselves into a deep financial pit. Since their attempt at conning the folks at Ponyville, the brothers have not had a single success. Even to this date, towns left and right are too tough for them and just simply chase them out. Out of options and almost broke, the brothers decide to pull off one last scheme - a failsafe in case of moments like this ever happened to them. Their plan: make a new brand of cider so delectable not even the most stubborn of ponies would not be able to resist for long, and hope it sells like crazy. Time is running out, and if this plan does not work, they’re done for. But how far will these two go to ensure that their plan does not fail them?

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Pretty good! It didn't go where I expected it to, and that's nice for a change. :pinkiehappy:

Like and a fav.

Call me a downer, but I didn't really like it. Doc states why I didn't: it didn't go where you would expect it to go. Sorry, but it's kind of a jerky story. :fluttershysad:

Very well done Ehan, I'm glad you linked this! Looking forward to the next 7 chapters! :yay:

I feel bad for Flim and Flam. I don't know, Equestria's justice system has always seemed messed up and cruel to me. Examples: Discord ended world hunger and made things fun, so he was turned into stone, put on display, and was forced to listen to whatever ponies had to say about him for a thousand years. Chrysalis wanted to feed her subjects, so she and her changelings were hurled off a mountain and scattered across Equestria, probably not surviving their crash landings. I know Discord and Chrysalis technically did evil things, but hey- what pony or other in the show hasn't gone berserk and committed crimes of their own? Of course, the mane six are always let off easy no matter what they do (mind control, public disturbance, assault, food poisoning, etc.) which just proves the fact that the justice system is messed up.

I really do like MLP FIM, but things like that annoy me. Even so, I like your story and I didn't see any noticeable grammatical errors.

I thought Golden Delicious Cider contained the same attributes as nicotine, but this is even worse.

This was so awesome! I loved it! I especially liked the ending. Great story!

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