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Applejack was a bit hesitant and confused when the no good conman, Flim, appeared at her front door, asking for advice. Naturally, she turned away from him, still bitter about everything he has done to her family and friends in the past.

As days go by, however, Applejack comes to terms with Flim. And, she quickly realizes that just like ponies can change, hearts can change, too.

This story is a side story to Chosen Love. Consequently, there are some spoilers for that story.

Sex tag is for a few innuendos.

Cover art made by floravola on DeviantArt, commissioned by HolyCross9!

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Damn. Thats a lot of writing for me. Too much xD


It took me a while to finish this, so I agree with you, it is a lot :scootangel:

That used to be me...

then everything changed when the writers block atracked.


I used to have the worst writer block. It would take me two months to even come up with something to write, and it was awful. I guess I'm making up for it now :rainbowlaugh:

I can't think of anything. I started to get over with it but then I stopped writing for an hour and lost it."

For some reason, the thumbs up/down feature isn't working on the story.

So if AJ had a crush on someone before, who was it?

Also, I can imagine that this realization is possibly what caused her additional stress as shown starting in the middle of Maud's story arc.

Well, when I tried clicking on the thumbs-up icon, nothing happened.


Huh. Well, I've gotten one more downvote than I had yesterday, so I guess the system's working. It could just be because this story doesn't have enough votes so the ratio isn't shown.

And I mainly leave it to interpretation, since it was a long time ago. And this is exactly what caused her stress :twilightsmile:






You'll have to see :trollestia:

And it is? YAY SOMEONE ELSE WHO LOVES IT :pinkiegasp::pinkiehappy:

Why must I have to waaaait ;-;

And YES! I thought I was alone in shipping it. (Strange, considering how popular Opposites Attract ships are.)

"...What would ya do if ya found 500 bits on the ground?"
"Take them," he said without any hesitation. Applejack shook her head.

...sadly I relate to Flim here, especially with the empathy thing.

And Flam is so mean here! ;-; I never really liked him in the show, but... wow. Not giving money to your dying mom...

Either something's going on here, or Flamsy is a complete demon.

Good chappy though! ^^


Don't want to spoil anything! :scootangel:

And I guess not many people ship it because they view Flim as irredeemable. I personally love this dynamic and it has always been one of my favorites :derpytongue2:

You know, I could commission an artist on Devianart to make a more decent cover for this story.

I love fuzzy stuff

Awesome! I love sex jokes

I really love this story. I am glad I am not the only person who ship Applejack with Flim. I read this story soooooo many times and I keep loving it. There should be a comic version of this.

That was SUCH a cute story! I love it! Flimjack is TOTALLY my OTP! Awesome story!

Applejack chuckled. "That's because ya have a bit to learn. Y'all will be better than me soon, trust me."

I can’t tell if ‘y’all’ is referring to just Apple Bloom or Apple Bloom and Big Mac, but I have to say this: whenever the writers of MLP use y’all as a plural pronoun, it’s false! I’m a southern. I know a lot of people who use this accent. And every single one I’ve met will tell me that y’all is plural. I’ve even had conversations about it.

But that aside, I’m enjoying this so far! I’m a huge Flimjack fan!! If you’re still on this website, I would love it if you read my Flimjack story!

There's a lot of technically improper grammer in cowboy speak. Like how they say "She don't" instead of "She doesn't". "Y'all" is used for both single and plural.

...It'll never work out with?
Applejack, my dear, I don't think you've seen the tags.

Flim started laughing again, Applejack tilting her head. "What is it?"

Irony, my dear naive little pony.
Tis irony, in a way.

This was cute! :3

You know a history is really good and pleasant to read when you reach the end and there's nothing else, that's when you realize you didn't stop reading it. I haven't read many Applejack romatic stories, and I find this one quite amazing. You did a wonderful job. Well done.

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