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Applejack is just an average mare living the life of an average hero in Ponyville. She has her friends, her family, and her daily routine, and that's just about she'd care to ask for. But when the going gets rough and a nightmarish leviathan of the Underworld or two ruins all her best-laid plans, there's problem she can't solve and no foe she can't overcome with a good, strong buck.

No, seriously. Absolutely anything. Just one buck.

Shamelessly based on Onepunch-Man, a manga about a superhero who defeats all of his enemies with just one punch. Tagged incomplete because I'll probably continue to add additional stand-alone chapters periodically/whenever I feel like it.

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Comments ( 38 )

I didn't know I loved you but I clearly do. I follow that manga, and this is bound to be hilarious...
Will read this later when work is not so busy. But anything with onepunch man is bound to be funny.

Edit: having now read this... so much yes. Can't wait for reactions and her batting Twilight away demanding experiments and whatnot. :rainbowlaugh:

Great now for the everlasting statement! I need moaaarrr

Onepunch-Man is the greatest and everyone should read it.

Should've been Onekick-Mare


P.S. it's great

you sonofa...dam this is a good idea!

All of my YESSS!
Wonderfull adapted, i canĀ“t wait for more.

Just let us all pray that AJ is not going to be bald sooner or later.^^

So... what happens to her partner if Applejack accidentally kicks in her sleep?

And that's how Bucky McGillicuddy and Kicks McGee were made princesses. Just them, though, not the rest of Applejack.

Definitely looking forward to more of this.

You wonderful motherfucker, I just started getting into the manga. Which I might add is the greatest thing of all mankind and stuff.

This bearded individual is correct.

Wait but it's not anthro? I'm confuse :rainbowhuh:

Anyone who likes Onepunch Man aught to also read Mob Psycho 100 by the same author.


I was wondering when this crossover was going to happen. its about time if you ask me.:rainbowlaugh:

Holy cow, someone did this, brb luvu4evr.

Too true. Even better, Mob Psycho has something of a release schedule, whereas Onepunch Man progresses whenever its author wants to dab in it.

oh look, another reason that applejack is best pony, not that she needed one:ajsmug:
4876060 no more snoring, (s)he fell down stairs, she swears!:rainbowlaugh:

One-punch man? Oh hell yes.

I never thought I'd see a crossover of this...:rainbowderp:
You win all the stuff:yay:

I would have to say that the character of Saitama doesn't really mesh well with Applejack. Saitama started out as an unemployed salaryman who wanted an exciting life as a superhero which was why he trained and trained until he turned into the unbeatable onepunch man. His crisis lies in the fact that the exciting life he aspired to is now out of reach because all of the monsters he fights are defeated in one blow, making superhero work as boring as ordinary life for him.

The thing with Applejack is that she's quite content in everyday routine (indeed in this chapter, she's pissed that something is interrupting her daily routine) and doesn't aspire to life and death struggles and becoming a heroic figure. Saitama's dilemma doesn't really apply to her. I would imagine that this sort of crisis would be more applicable to Rainbow Dash, who does aspire to greatness and overcoming great foes. Applejack? Not so much. I love One-punch Man, but I think you picked the wrong pony for the job.

I'm not really trying to make Applejack Saitama, though. I'm trying to do a horse version of Onepunch-Man, which would necessitate me changing a few things to make it both functional in this canon and somewhat unique. Aside from it mostly just striking me as hilarious when I thought of it, AJ's angle on the whole one-punch superhero thing is her frustration with all these monsters and super villains getting in the way of her daily life, plus how it conflicts with her view that anything worth doing is worth working hard for. Half the reason I'm even doing this is because of how contradictory this power is to AJ's character. Which, again, I find hysterical.


Well. it would certainly be interesting to read if monsters did come more frequently to Ponyville because of her reputation of might, thus disrupting her daily life more. I can see how that would cause her problems. What you say about how it conflicts with her philosophy that anything worth doing is worth working hard for is where I balk. Defeating monsters is not her goal, they're just annoying inconveniences. If her ability to destroy anything with a single kick made farming and maintaining Sweet Apple Acres super easy, then I would see how it would conflict with her philosophy.

Regardless, I am interested in your take of this crossover.

MORE, soon, RIGHT??? PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

An adaptation of that painfully unfunny manga? With Applejacks as the MC?

I'd rather chug a bottle of hydros.

That's unfair. It's disquietingly unfunny at worst.

That was fun. A good ol'fashion fun read. Is the manga's main hero as casual and routine focused as AJ is here? Or more like Fist of the North Star one punch death blows? I'll go check that one out.

Anyhow, cool Slice of Life story you got here. :raritywink:

Applejack as saitama? I wonder who genos will be:applejackconfused:


Saitama is the best character and now that Applejack is my best PONY!

Also I have a spam button and I am not afraid to use it to get another chappie on this fab story.







Why aren't there more of these!? Make it happen fimfiction!

6623479 Remember when the site was over saturated by Cards againts Humanity fics and only...2 of them were good? Do you really want to see that happen to the amazingness that is One-Punch-Man?

Hmmmm not bad.... need more humor thought but not bad kept going man

She ain't no One Punch Pony. But THIS guy is! XD

Defeats enemies with one buck. If only I gave one.

I would have used Maud here, as she shares Saitama's apathy and is probably stronger than AJ in canon. That said, this is still a hilarious adaptation.

A funny running gag might be Twilight coming up with a different friendship macguffin each time, and finally just stomping in frustration whining that she never gets any of the action.

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