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Discord sneezes, and it causes him to switch bodies with Fluttershy. Naturally, he decides to take the opportunity to pull a little prank.

The story takes place shortly after the end of the episode "Three's a Crowd."

This was written for the Transformation group's Body Swap contest, assuming I didn't submit this too late.

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Comments ( 8 )

Thats great portrayal of Discord

I thought this was funny the first time, but the second time through, I took the time to imagine John de Lancie talking like Fluttershy, and that had me near dying of laughter. Man, I wish they'd do an episode like this...

Take my like, You deserved it :twilightsmile::pinkiesmile::pinkiehappy::heart:


Loved it. Great job dude!

Had me literally laughing on the floor almost the whole way through. Please write more stories, especially with Discord :D

Thanks for the kind words, everybody!

What's interesting is that I wasn't sure I had properly captured the humor in the story. It's hard to tell what's funny and what's not sometimes, so I'm glad that people find it amusing.

I don't know if I have that many ideas for another Discord story. The idea for this one came out of nowhere, and I actually spent a lot of time re-watching Discord's episodes to make sure I wrote him right. In some ways, he's a difficult character to pin down, and I spent what felt like ages thinking of appropriate pranks, since I rarely, if ever, try to pull pranks in real life.

However, if I were to write another Discord fic....

One possible thought I had was an alternate universe where Discord had defeated Celestia and Luna at their first encounter, so the mane 6 would grow up under his quirky rule. The difference would be that he wouldn't be the sadistic villain that many stories in the fandom seem to favor, but instead he would stick to being "chaotic neutral," or maybe even "chaotic good." If you know of any stories where Discord won and the result isn't a dystopia, I would love to read them. Discord's chaotic world in the show wasn't completely horrendous (probably because the writers had to keep it family friendly, but I like that aspect of the show), and it would be fun to see a more lighthearted deconstruction of "what if Discord won?" However, the story would require some really stellar world building, and I don't think I am yet up to that task.

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