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Apple bucking is no difficulty to Applejack. It pretty much comes second nature; she could do it in her sleep. However, there comes a time every now and again, when she wished she had a way of getting about from tree to tree and the different groves more quickly, cutting harvesting times in half.

Hearing her mutter one night over sore legs, some benevolent Sky Spirits have decided to answer Applejack's prayers. Their answer just so happens to come soon in the form of three metric tons of polycarbonate titanium.

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The Sky Gods work in mysterious ways. :rainbowlaugh:

Needs more Mexican music that won't turn off.

None of the ponies said anything about it looking more like a puma. I am deeply disappointed.

"Every time my friend Master Chief drives one of these through a place, super-heroic ultra-awesome spectacular music plays from everywhere! How come we're in one and everything's all quiet except for the engine?" Pinkie Pie looked around herself suspiciously. "There must be some kind of conspiracy going on here!"

Well, this is an interesting coincidence...

Dude, that was awesome. I very very rarely read fanfics, but I'm glad I took the time to read this one. Aside from a few lil, insignificent mistakes, I'm struggling to find anything wrong with it. Pinkie's Halo reference made me lol, and I liked Applebloom's Hog joke.

And if you like Halo/Ponies, feel free to check out my Halo CE campaign crossover... or not. Sorry for the promo. I'm unpopular, ok! Lol :twilightblush:

Yes. That was fun.

God dammit, this confuses me even more than how the Warthogs gun NEVER RUNS OUT OF FUCKING AMMO!!!

I think videogamedunkey's Halo recaps are in order

4577613 because bungie

This is truly the greatest story ever created.

4578190 Because you definitely know about quality.

4576677 Indeed. It would seem you and I were thinking the same thing when it comes to applying the Warthog to apple harvesting! :ajsmug:

Yeah see here, the ammo is created by the little factory found underneath the warthog's mini-gun. While it is being driven, the wheels pick up vital material found on the surface of Halo, and tubes it directly to the miniature factory. Since the factory is to be in production at all times, fuel is needed to maintain this baby factory.

How much do you wanna bet that this song plays when the Apples are driving their Warthog?

4578517 That makes even less sense!

4578894 This here, this made my day :rainbowlaugh:

4576456 In retrospect, I feel like a jackass for forgetting to include such an appropriate RvB line as that.

4579395 You're welcome! :pinkiehappy: Also, why no Red vs. Blue references in the story?

4579613 Like I said in a previous comment, I forgot, or else I would have for sure. RvB somehow never crossed my mind when I was writing this.

Heresy, I know.

4579618 Maybe you can fix that sometime? :twilightsheepish:

4579621 Yeah, I think I'll do a revision soon. I originally intended for it to be a comedy too, but things worked out weird. First though, my Sgt. Johnson story must be updated.

4579636 Oh, thanks for the watch

4579655 You're welcome! Also, is Applejack gonna end up getting a SHOTGUN and end up becoming a femSarge?

4579659 Her accent would be perfect. Course, I'll have to add all this content in as a second chapter. In the meantime, I've got some RvB binge watching to do.

4579671 Okay. I'll let you get to it. :twilightsmile:

There are very few settings where introducing Halo's favorite super bouncy indestrucible military car isn't funny.

Especially the Halo 1 version ; when the Halo first blew up, all the Warthogs were probably merely sent spiraling through the universe to land on nearby planets where they'll be used for silly antics, with the cars no worse for bear. Heck, putting demolition charges under a warthog is a perfectly valid way of getting it on top of a building or a mountain.

And of course, Warthogs are nothing if not bouncy ; I swear that they're made of metal-looking rubber instead of actual metal given the way they bounce all over the place if they smack in a wall hard enough.

... okay, so all of this is technically gameplay traits and not story ones but well, they're what made the vehicle famous in video gaming.

4577613 It pulls carbon dioxide out of the air to make the shells and bullets out of carbon fiber, and uses a small spark plug to ignite the pure oxygen (instead of gunpowder) that's left over after the hydrogen reactor splits the water. This process is infinitely repeatable as long as the driver/passengers continues to breath and add water to the hydrogen reactor.


How did AJ not get confused with all those pedals?:ajsmug:

If Applejack gets a worthogbig mac gets a scorpion tank and applebloom gets a mongoose:eeyup::ajsmug:

Actually mac should get an elephant
:eeyup: eeyup

4588646 Yeah, there's six pedals, and I'm fairly certain her simple farmer mind couldn't begin to comprehend which ones went in which of the four directions.

They get to keep the Scorpion? Better keep Pinkie Pie away from it. FAR away from it.

4722321 Oh god... Pinkie Pie is the new Caboose!

4722321 Too late, she has it painted pink and shooting confetti and party implements for 50 miles in any direction.

4723759 Yay! :pinkiesmile: Ninety-nine millimeters of confetti-laced munitions for everyone!

hahaha breaburn saying it looks like a puma nice reference!!


Yay! :pinkiesmile: Ninety-nine millimeters of confetti-laced munitions for everyone!


Awww I was hoping for the shotgun scene at the end of this

"Fuck (buck?)"
"Shotgun's lap!"

All the radios in the Warthogs began blaring foreign-sounding music.



I would have written it as a Gauss cannon, though.

Ok last time I checked they rained from the sky

1 when the pillar of autumn crashed
2 when the pelican in the mission covenant in halo 3
Was shot down
3 when the forward unto dawn crashed
4 every warthog drop off in halo history

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