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Oblivion Shadow is a master Witcher of the Wolf School. A contract on a Leshens head brings him to the edge of the Northern Realms to answer a call for help. The fight starts off as normal. A second Leshen attack leaves him fighting on two fronts. The Witcher is able to escape, or so he thought when a sharp pain in his back leaves him waking up in Equestria. He is taken in by the Apple family, who treat him as one of their own. He is welcomed by the ponies of this world and he must learn how to accept that or risk upsetting a balance that he did not realize he was a part of. The question he has to ask himself is how does he get back to his world? Or does he even want to go back to a world that is fraught with war and drowning in hate and rage? His senses tell him that monsters from his world are in this new one but he can't seem to track them down. Could his world be bleeding into this one, and how bad will the damage be? He follows the Mane 6 and learns through them what it means to be a friend and a brother.

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Could his world be bleeding into this one, and how bad will the damage be?

"Some say they herald a second conjunction."

Oh yes!! I love that. Can't believe I forgot it! *squeals* Best post ever! Or it could be a first for Equestria.

I'm just waiting for the introduction of Discord.

"Nigh is the time of the Sword and Axe; Nigh is the time of madness and disdain!"

Yup. Pitting a Witcher against Discord will be fun. I have that partially sketched out but nothing concrete. I'm trying not to skip to many episodes but some will be skipped due to the issue of getting Oblivion into the episode or I just don't like the episode. They will be mentioned but not included.

I figured as much, I just brought it up because the second quote reminded me of Discord, so I got hyped for a bit and needed to post it.:derpytongue2:

Yup. Now I have to go play that portion again. Oh well love that game.

I think it would be best to do your own thing and have the episode happen in the background of your own thing rather than skip episodes.

Very nice I like it when you ease a alicorn character in and not rush very good

Good point. Oh! Ideas! love it thanks for the push!

The purple Unicorn opened the book and began to read it aloud. “There are seven Elements of Harmony but only 6 are known.

:raritydespair: Haters may start showing up.
Enough self indulgent, absolutely perfect, can do no wrong OCs have become a 7th element that the concept of an extra element is generally looked down upon.

Still, I'm curious what you mean by the element of spirit? :rainbowhuh:
Looking forward to the next chapter :raritystarry:

Spirit is actually explained in a later chapter. But basically it is like when someone says that another has a broken spirit or when a horse has been too broken. Basically like that. I have it written it just needs to go through the process of me rewriting it and making it bleed from editing. I promise there is a reason. Haters can say all they want. I'm glad people with open minds have read it and I love the comments they leave and they are the reason i write. Thanks for the comment!

Screw you, don't take my necklace! :trollestia:

self insert crossover witcher oc. Just don't make her too OP mkay? also I beat you to it.

https://www.fimfiction.net/story/380352/vattghern-zireael-evngesaen-aen-evall I wrote a witcher crossover before you did

He only made the bed bigger so it could fit multiple poners with boners.
I'm gonna stop right there...

Mac X Oblivion :trollestia:

Looks good. I’ll try to read it.

It's pretty sad not many people are reading this.

I'm not to worried about how many read it. So long as they like it, that's what matters to me. I'm glad people like it and that's all I care about. I'm so glad you read it though. Thanks!

So it seems that all the great magical advances occured before Celestia and Luna came to power.
In Shadow Play Starburst was stupid. It is canon that their has not been a new spell in over a 1000 years.
This means that their has not been a magical advancement in 1000 years.

Blue Buddy :D
I really like when stories change boring or unlikable characters

when he sleeps can't he like sprain or break his wings?

Nope. I have it set that a Pegasus's wings are light due to their bones being hollow like a birds. Oblivion's wing bones are not hollow. While his are light for his body weight. they are not as light as Rainbows or Fluttershy's. They're light for their size.

It always felt like some characters were forced. So I decided that Blue needed to be a bit more likable and making him seem like he suffers just as much as any other worked perfectly for developing Oblivion's abilities as well.

i haven't read this yet but you are now forever my favorite writer

That’s an honor! Thank you. I hope you like it when you read it! And thank you again!

“My steel sword has a hairline crack in it. Apple Bloom noticed it while she was looking at it when I passed them around.” He paused, then rolled his eyes. “I blunted the blade and forbid them from drawing the silver blade. Cheerilee approved it.”

Was AJ supposed to say something or give him a look in the middle of that because it seems like he's responding to her due to the eye roll? If he's circumventing her disapproval because he expects it you might want to add in his thoughts/reasoning of that after he rolls his eyes and before he makes his statement about bunting the swords.

Good point. Thanks for the suggestion. I'll poke at it.

starting to feel like an over powered character, sure he be an "alicorn" but dont make things too easy for him

Do the ponies know he's an alicorn?

What exactly is Witcher, again?

A Witcher is essentially a monster hunter. The Wiki defines it as this "is someone who has undergone extensive training, ruthless mental and physical conditioning, and mysterious rituals (which take place at "witcher schools" such as Kaer Morhen) in preparation for becoming an itinerant monsterslayer for hire." That's the basic gist of it.

Sorry for the late reply. So far Applejack is the only one who knows he is an Alicorn.

He is a bit OP but that's how he is designed. he starts to act as a back up to the Main 6 and lets them make their own mistakes and only acts when the situation needs him to. He is a bit of an odd design but I meant for him to be able to interact but at the same time have a large role of his own in the back ground of the main story. Thanks for asking! :twilightsheepish:

Sasa is adorable!

Well, I'm currently at the third chapter and I have some houghts.
It's almost a crime that such a story has only 25 upvotes. I found it in the "updated" and looking at the last three current "featured" stories....it's just sad. But there is still hope that someday it will shoot up as it should.

I noticed a few times that when sasa talked the teal color wasnt there for her.

Crap. Thanks for letting me know. I'll fix it. :facehoof:

I hope so. I write it for everyone to enjoy. Seeing comments like yours make it worth it. Thanks!!

I would be very surprised if the doctors dont discover that he isnt a unicorn at this point

This story deserves way more views. I'm loving every chapter of it. Keep up the amazing work! :twilightsmile:

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