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A nerd who thought it would be cool to, with the help of a few equally insane buddies adapt the entire Marvel Universe (with some DC Comics thrown in for kicks) with My Little Pony...wish me luck


Co-written with JB von Herb and theseventhdoctor, The Scarlet Scarecrow and a-phoenix-in-avalon.

Special thanks to TheInvincibleIronBrony for some additional material.

Set 70 years before the events of Iron Mare, Equestria is in the depths of civil war and a humble farmer pony, Applejack, will become a legend.

Please note that the "Other" character tag is to cover my bases. Since this story will feature several canon characters and dozens of OCs.

Rated Teen for War Violence and Brief Language.

Proofread by Dave Man 1000, Fedorasarecool, Iowaforever, JZ1, Spy11887 and VampDash

Chapters (14)
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Comments ( 536 )

To be honest, Captain America wasn't one of my favorite Marvel Cinematic Universe movies.

Hopefully you can make me see why is a good film.

2418052 Oh no I HATE the movie.

But I LOVE the character.

Initiating nerdy, dorky, insane fan-girl scream :pinkiegasp: :flutterrage: :twilightblush:

Actually do to the relevance to the story I was wondering if anyone caught the Men In Black joke in the Captain America movie involving Tommy Lee Jones.

I shall give this a read when I have the time!

EQUESTRIA! BUCK YEAH! Coming again to bring more motherbucking friendship YEA!

2418060 I don't think it's a BAD movie... just not a good one. The story was all over the place, I don't see why Rogers couldn't have pulled the plane up (Plot!), and the acting.... Ugh. The only one who really did good was the guy who played Capn' Murica himself.

2418077 When Tommy Lee Jones hit the little red button in Red Skulls car.

Agent K: Never hit the little red button.

I don't know if it was done on purpose, but if it was it was pretty damn subtle.

2418098 :rainbowderp:

Never would have spotted that.

Too busy being angry at the movie.

2418112 I'm too much of a Marvel Maniac to be able to hate anything they make.

Okay I take that back actually, the Ultimate Avengers animated movies made me cry and not in a good way.

2418122 Oh no but did you see the abomination before Celestia that is YOUNG AVENGERS?

2418130 I did actually. And honestly I had only one real problem with that. the climactic battle was fought against the Hulk, if I remember it right. The ads said he'd be fighting WITH the young Avengers. also the young avengers were all pretty sterotypical teens.

2418159 EXACTLY.

And we had Cap shipped with Natasha.



I honestly already read this on Fanfiction and I have to say, much as I honestly love Spike I'm a bit disappointed he is not older....why won't people mae the poor drake older?:fluttercry: Anyway, I'm really hoping to see how this story plans out, do you need any OC's for this story, I'm willing to offer if you do my brother:twilightsmile: gods, this is going to be awsome, Applejack is amazing:yay:

2418174 Well I never blatantly said he was a BABY.

I said he was a YOUNG dragon.

It's quite possible that he's slightly older then he is in the show.

2418168 Yeah that made no sense.Black Widow and Hawkeye had a thing, but that was short lived. Cap with her though that's just weird.

2418193 EXACTLY!

And at the very most, at least Hawkwidow had some ACTUAL CANON to it.

Also, Thor just sitting around and letting his daughter get her butt kicked and doing NOTHING is really dumb.

Must have graduated from the Odin School of A+ Parenting.

Another great story to add to your avenger universe.

I like how you aren't using the standard character usage of Rainbow as captain America or iron man. Picking the characters like this makes your story that much more unique

2418109 hey, uh.... I was wondering, could you take a look at my Marvel/MLP crossover fic? Ultimate Spider-Colt. I was inspired by your work, and... I was wondering if you would take a peak.


2418200 Those movies were kind of a dark area for most marvel fans. Nothing good came from them.... or made sense.

I think you pcked the best of the Mane 6 for the good Captain. :moustache:

2418324 I think so. I have no knowledg of anything My Little Pony before the current Generation.

2418339 Well from my knowledge, which is rather limited, It seems that G3.5 was a massive black hole of lameness

2418185 Hmmmm......you make a good point:rainbowlaugh: Also, I did not see AJ's legendary hat in the cover art, I hope she still has it in the fic, it's SO hard to see her without it:facehoof:

2418381 oh she will. She wears it when out of uniform:ajsmug:

2418397:yay: Then I have all the info I need to be read to read and review each and every chapter:pinkiehappy:

Would Twilight be Commander Fury in this universe? because that would be awesome (speaking without having read the other fics)

Wait... if this takes place 60 years before iron mare, then applejack doesn't exist in the future, and only in the past? :rainbowderp:

-Kiryu :moustache:

2419728 That's the gist of it yes.

But of course she'll get frozen.:ajsmug:

2419144 Um, no, that would be Shining Armor.

I do suggest you read the others, because once Harmony's Warriors starts, they'll be required reading.

2420383 Oh that one is "Rise of the Iron Mare."

And I guess you could say this project is a collaboration. I'm co-writing Soar with a-phoenix-in-avalon and Captain Equestria with Mark Garg von Herb.

And Harmony's Warriors (The Avengers) will be co-written with a-phoenix-in-avalon, Mark Garg von Herb and Panama.

an update...preliminary designs r complete...ive also Incorporated a few extras to the base model to make it fit with Equestria. though i will admit...i started building a backstory for it as well...no spoilers...

Really hope you update soon. Cant wait to see where the rest of the Mane 6 pop up. Plus I cant wait to see what happens next. And possibly what lead to AJ being frozen. :ajsmug:

2422227 Well, I hope you like it.

I hope to update it soon, yeah.

2422357 A fine prolouge indeed. I look forward to seeing more from you. :raritywink:

I finally got around to reading it (again), and I am very pleased to see its extremely positive take off. This could possibly surpass your Iron Mare! :twilightsmile: However, I won't be able to review it since it would be a conflict of interest. :fluttershysad:

2423761 True.

Lets just hope we can keep this high quality.

Most likely it will. I've learned quite a lot about writing.

As for any future reviews, I bet I can dig up someone on MLP Fourms.

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