Goku is considered the greatest martial artist in history and legend. Apple Bloom has a special talent in martial arts as well, but not being the best bugs her. So what better way to become the best, by learning from the best? It will not be an easy road for the young filly.

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"But, uh, first I suppose we should at? Hehehe."

Should be eat. Other than that, great fanfic. :)

5711735 yup, hehe, tried to correct all my errors whoops but I'm glad you like it so far, I appreciate the fav.

It's interesting enough that I gave it a thumbs up, but I couldn't help but wonder a few questions:

Are they even from the same planet? If not, how did Apple Bloom get there?
How did Apple Bloom even find her special talent?
If Apple Bloom is still a young filly, does that mean she left on this journey without consent? I mean, while Applejack did do something similar, she went to go with other members of her family, the Oranges, in Manehatten.

I guess it's not that important to the story to know, but it did come to mind.

5711857 Well, I left most of those to be answered in the next chapter my friend. As for her age, I guess didnt convey it well enough, but she is in her young adult years, so old enough to go where she pleases. Hope that clears things up.


Loved the chapter, can't wait for more.

"Trunks is away on some venture he toldme nothing about." Vegeta grumbled. "You are the only one beside my son who can keep up with me."

Add a space.

I've been looking for Goku and Applebloom art, and I have found it!

Oh boy. This is going to be complicated

Oh I can't wait to see how this all goes. *gets popcorn and soda*

I spent a minute trying to figure out what a "beingin" when I read the short description of your story before realizing it was suppose to be "being in". You should fix that.

Wasn't to sure about it when I first saw this story. But, now I want more!

Not even a saiyan or human... Apple Bloom got what it takes!

Appleten or Gobloom....hmmmm....I'm shipping it either way. :)

5715829 ... what if they preform fusion?

5715869 Well, to perform fusion you have to be similar height and power level, so...I'll let you think of it for now x3

5715920 Not unless you got yourself some fancy earrings? or use an alternate method of fusion. There are many different methods. Goku only learned the one specific method.

5716173 Oh yes, the potara ear rings. But that fusion is permanent unless Majin magic unfuses them, whereas the fusion dance is on a time limit and requires similarity. I know the many ways of using and what it entails. Just have fun with the idea, right?x3

How old is applebloom in this story?

5716548 Simething tells me she's still young. Like Goten's age

5716782 at least there the same age. I was picturing Goten was 15-17 and Applebloom was 8-10 in age.

5716825 I was thinking Goten's age like around the same time as DBZ: BoG

5716849 well the story said he was a teen so i thought it was the gt age goten, or it could be the goten at the of dbz.

5716887 Yeah, that's a good guess

I think that anyone with saiyan heritage age slower than humans (and presumably ponies)

In this story Gotten is 16 and Apple Bloom is 18, and for the sake of simplicity, she ages the same as a normal human

5716930 and saiyans don't age slower but full blooded saiyans never lose their looks when they reach a certain age and their hair also stays the same. If any human blood is present in them, they age normally x3

Wiudn't it be better if they wish for appleblom to control when she becomes human or pony at will, make her an anthro doesn't sound convincing.

5718598 Perhaps, but I toyed around with the idea in my head a bit, and to be honest, I haven't actually decided on if she should be able to or not. We'll see how things go :)

Welcome to the Saiyan Family!

Where we summon Shenlong every other birthday for our kids!

I think I liked it better when Apple Bloom is able to switch between human and pony form while she's in THIS part of the multiverse.

Hmmm if Sweetie belle @ Aj died an unatural death the namekian Dragons can bring them back (Big Mac not so much)


I'm enjoying this story as time goes on, though I would rather get one long chapter ever three or so days, then all the short one.
(I only say this since I write 5k chapters every so often, apposed to short ones every day.)

But it's up to you, and I'll enjoy it ether way.

I wonder how appleblom will react when she discover that she could revive big mac or anypony who died, or that she could ask goku to arrange a meeting with her brother, eather in person or just telephaty, I'm sure goku can ask kingkay some favors.

Reviving Big Mac might be a bit tricky because the Dragon Balls can't bring back those that died of natural causes. Then again during the Freeza Saga, King Kai said that Guru-the Namekian great elder- died before his natural death because of grief. So maybe. She could always as the Namekian dragon to bring Big Mac and Applejack, and everyone else that may have died.

5720897 don't forget that the earth balls grant 2wishes (and the namkian balls cannot bring back more than one at a time

I wasn't sure what to think when I first saw this story. Very glad I decided to read it. Enjoying it a lot :pinkiesmile: Keep up the good work.

Actually the Namekian dragon balls have been upgraded as revealed during the Buu Saga. I forgot about that bit too. Anyway I think bringing back Applejack would also bring back Big Mac, since her death played a factor in his own. Or so I believe if I remember the manga and both anime dubs.

Going the anthro route, huh? You should consider adding the Anthro tag. (I normally don't read Anthro fics, but I've read one or two good ones)

Is this Kid Trunks wearing his future self's clothes?

5724981 Yup, Kid Trunks it is, but not so much a kid anymore haha

5724966 its not true anthro, really. Think of it like Frieza's transformations.



5726219 I'm not sure if you are actually interested or just being sarcastic cuz of your caps XP but either way, you'll find out eventually. Just gotta keep reading ;)


Also, I have no idea what sarcasm is except for two special scenarios which is when I am doing it and when I actually know what the hell is going on enough to detect sarcasm.

5715817 be as strong as Krillin.

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