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Darth Imperius was a proud Sith lord. Member of the dark council of the Sith Empire, a Jedi slayer and destroyer of the Hutt Cartel.

But as a Sith, the inevitable has come, he got betrayed. By people close to him.

But during the assassination attempt, an experience propels him in another world.

Equestria,a world populated by magical horses.

Now the inquisitor has only one question in mind: HOW TO GET OUT OF HERE?

This story is a crossover with the mmorpg Star wars:The old Republic.

Now with an editor : Liiiiiiiiightning Farron.

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ok one...great story....two love sith inquisitor...and three faving this and following you, can't wait to see more :rainbowkiss:

seems promising. ill track ya for now

Some parts of the story was confusing and I think I spotted five errors you might want to look for an editor.

Please keep going. This is getting good :pinkiehappy:
I wonder how twilight would react to the sith code? Or when she finds out he was a slave?

I admit I skipped the second chapter while it seems to be some sort of extra prologue, and I'm not always in the mood for a backgroundstory.
I think I just can't wait till he finally meets someone.

Well I took a quick look at the first chapter and have nearly read the whole third chapter.

It looks interessting, but still a bit weird and maybe a bit random but I like what they are talking about, or how normal they seems to be.

If this Inquisitor is anything like the sardonic bastard that most people love, there absolutely must be a scene in here that goes as follows:

Twilight (and possibly the rest of the Mane Six): *Insert long, uplifting speech about love and friendship here*
Inquisitor: "Yawn." (spoken, not an actual yawn)

I like the story, but it's a little confusing that Imperius just ends up inhabiting a unicorn. The ritual usually entails a Sith's essence finding a host and corrupting them. Don't think that I'm berating the story, just explaining how I interpret the way Imperius got to Equestria in the first place.

That shit escalated pretty quickly.

I wouldn't have told her.

But of course, thats why its so liberating being me.

Can't say the same for our hero.

He saved her life by mistake...

Hmmm! Interesting at first I was sure you were setting Nox up to be pursued by Fluttershy. But now I'm not sure if it will be Rarity or Fluttershy who chases him. Have to say been waiting to read this chappter can't wait to read the next.

Wow, his not very good at keeping secrets is he?:ajsmug:
(PS NICE!!!!! First Comment! :scootangel:)

7466314 Well Imperius hasn't took control of an unicorn ,he has transformed into a unicorn. ..i know that its a little strange but it will be explained during the second interlude, And in the final part of the first interlude. :raritywink:

7467706 Eyupp, it's incredible what can happen by mistake. Isn't it?:rainbowdetermined2:

7468709 In this story, Nox will share a strong relationship with those two pony. ..And who know, maybe something of more. ..Intimate. ..or maybe not, you will know it later.

Until then :KEEP ON :derpytongue2:

7472418 A sith never die...They just. ...Okay, it's true, they do die...But !They can get back as a blue ghost :trixieshiftright:

7473907 Ah,Kallig...Sometime too honest for his own good. Thanks for the comment :pinkiehappy:

7474486 Oh! I can just imagine how that would go. the girls try to set him up on a date, and he try's desperately to avoid it. Heck I wouldn't be surprised if the residents of Summerville went out of there way to help the girls set him up.
I can just see how that will go.

So Doctor Nox how would a hansom stalion like yourself feel about going on a date with a mare like me. Said Rarity

Ohh! I would love to Rarity but I kinda,,,, haft-a, haft-a, haft-a, Oh!!!! I haft-a be at Firewalker's big show Celistia knows if I'm not there if somthing serious happens, there might not be another show or another Firewalker. Said Nox

Wait you are canceling a date because of me? Said Firewalker.

Forget the show I'm cancelling it. Said Firewalker.

What!!! Said Nox.

You having your first date since Celistia knows when is more important then my who knows how many show. Hey where are you taking her maybe we can double date. Said Firewalker.

Nox on a date this I've got to see. Said Cerulean Flow.

Maybe not exactly like that but probably close.

Comment posted by Imperator45 deleted Aug 29th, 2016

Amazing story thus far, I REALLY want to see more of this. The idea of an all powerful Sith Lord acting as a doctor is rather cool, and the fact that he's going to run into the mane 6 soon has me excited. Great chapter, keep goin and stay golden^^

I thought this fic was dead. Glad that was not the case.

(if you ever need help editing, msg me.)

Glad to see more of this story, personally it's one of my favorites even though it isn't very long. Great job with the assassination, given the betrayal of all of his crew mates, I could see him adapting to life in Equestria easier. A fresh start if you will.

Reminds me whenn medic casually tells they are tumorS on the bread.

[...] he got betrayed. By peoples close to him.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe you should be using 'people' here, not 'peoples'.

Wonderful! I'm glad we got to see some of the fallout from Rarity dealing with what transpired. Great chapter all around, I'm so excited to see this story getting updates.

This story is good but the spelling is starting to drive me crazy

Kind of liked it. I may be missing something here, but I'm still wondering how he changed himself to a pony.

Sweet chapter, I'm really loving these updates and the continued back and forth.

7927355 Enope!This fic shall not die before it end....In 8-9 years if we're lucky:twilightsmile:

Thanks for proposing to edit in case of,if i do need it i shall msg you.

7927833 Maybe...Maybe if he does have enough of passion...Revenge shall be his!:rainbowdetermined2:

7927927 And yes, betrayed by his own team...Not something easy to overcome. That assassination attempt asked me a lot of work has there are fight scene...something not easy to deal with...Well I’m happy that it is appreciated :pinkiehappy:

And about Equestria for a fresh start, well maybe that it could be one of it...maybe not.

7930237Okay, I shall correct it immediately, thanks for telling me. :twilightsmile:

7945987 well maybe see if you can get a editor or something like that or just try and spend a while spell checking chapters before you upload them. But even if you don't I will still enjoy this story :)

Yay update! And another good chapter too.:yay:

Damn, that molotov joke had me on the floor.
Glad to see this fic getting updated!

Sweet! Great chapter, it's always a nice surprise when I see an update for this fic. I rather enjoyed the Molotov Cocktail bit and it was good to see Rarity recovering nicely. I do look forward to seeing the whole Mane 6 meet Kallig, and the chaos that is sure to follow them. Keep goin and stay golden^^

I wonder If you slept right through the Inquisitor story? Your Inquisitor shouldn't ask the question of Why? the correct question is When? Why is he acting surprised? He should expect this to happen, and be prepared. Sith have no friends.
Khem Val: I am pretty sure he hates inquisitor guts, and would of disposed of him if he had the chance. Plus for a few years Zash was, or still is (depending on your choices) in his head, that an ugly combination of two people who despise you. Then again because of the bond inquisitor and him"share" (and this is really important) it's really hard for him to actually betray you.
Andronikos is a psychopath, nothing stops him from trying to kill you and run away with your ship, Him been tired of war is nonsense.
Ashara Zavros is extremely loose cannon, having her nearby imperials is irresponsible. The light side choice for recruiting her is to say "hey wanna join me? together we are going to reform the dark council to be good guys" I never actually expect inquisitor to actually say this, I only choose that option to see what it was. the best and the most realistic response from him is to send her away with a 3rd option "Go Away". Sith Warrior has similar issue with LS Jessa, just no.
Xalek: is the whole definition of acidic relationship between master and apprentice: "Yeah he might stay as your student, or he might one day impale you on his light saber".
Talos Drellik isn't worth mentioning because he is an imperial and he is safe to be around.

Okay, I like to think that I'm pretty forgiving about grammar and spelling, and the story starts out pretty strongly, but towards the end there it got really bad. Like, I didn't even know what you were trying to say in places. I'm sticking with it because I like me some star wars, but I'm prolly gonna drop off if this keeps up.

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