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Queen Chrysalis returned to conquer Equestria after her initial failure in Canterlot. However, the Equestrians rallied and repelled the Changelings back to their homeland. The Princesses then decided that the Changeling Empire must be finished off to prevent future attacks. With the Equestrian forces right at her doorstep, Chrysalis makes one last desperate attempt to save her nation.

Chapters (10)
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In the beginning, there was nothing :moustache:

I like the premise for this; good call on making it a Dalek from the asylum. This way we don't have to question why "new" Davros is acting out of character; he's insane...for a Dalek!:derpyderp2: :twilightoops:

Any chance of Doctor Whooves appearing in this?

thank you for supporting my group.... :ajsleepy::yay:


*looks at picture and shits my pants till nothing is in it but shit* I am broken :applejackconfused:

At first i liked the story from interesting story and now i love it. The fact you used an insane dalek from the asylum rather then a normal dalek makes the dalek serving Chrysalis much more believable and i like how it took the name Davros in remembrance to their creator. You've earned a moustache :moustache:, a like and a fav :pinkiehappy:

I love this story i can't wait for the rest

Can i just ask does the Dalek have a laser gun? In the previous chapter it seemed the Dalek had a sword. And can the Dalek feel emotion and that's why it was at the asylum? I apologise if this has been addressed in the story i just couldn't tell.

3859171 if you look at the cover art you can see that he has surgical appendages, the blades are metal gloves that go over the surgical arms and inthe center of the surgical appendages lies a hole at the center that contains a miniature gunstick for defense, the power of both hidden gunsticks equals the power of a normal sized gunstick. Some more of his backstory will be revealed in the next chapter. If you are also wonder on why there are time he does not act like a normal dalek and sometimes says one thing that contradicts something from an earlier chapter just remember that he is insane.

Nice to see someone use old who knowledge in a dalek story. I actually think Rarity and Spike aren't to out of character, they just seemed to me as war versions, which i fine given the situation. Also nice to see some dalek back story i look forward to seeing anything else on his life.

This story seems very familiar to another.

3864781 It probably does, I have read many stories from this site thinking the same thing.

Suddenly, Matt Smith!

3910358 Shame it wasn't David Tenant, he was much quirkier in my opinion. Plus he didn't lose a companion mid season.

3912645 True...but David Tennant wasn't around during the Asylum of the Daleks episode...Matt Smith would have to be introduced first...I SAID TOO MUCH, YOU MUST BE EXTERMINATED!!!!

3912677 *Side teps, revealsing a highly advanced assault-bot leveling it's guns at you* You sure you wanna try? *Sound of personal shield activating*

3912708 EXTERMINATE!!!! Boom pow explosion
Kiseibya barges into the room, "feed...food...metal"
NO STAY BACK EXTERMINATE...THEY ARE CONSUMING MY CASING VXUGGXUIHBELPGICHCXIGUGVSxgjguxguxxicch...S...sy...stems...im...paired...chcyi hhypnoyffy...............

3912756 *Looks at perfectly fine robot behind him and then at the clusterfuck in front of him* I knew making it out of bioconstruct parts was a smart idea.

3914732 It's an organic robot.

3914760 Then be careful of the Kiseibya, in their larval form they eat flesh and in their adult form they eat metal, the ultimate killing bug-thing (From the Big Finish Doctor Who audio drama "Enemy of the Daleks")

3914785 But can they eat metal that is organic in nature?

3914787 Mmm...it's a possibility, the Doctor states that the Kiseibya eat every kind of metal and flesh and the Kiseibya lay their eggs in organic based beings for the larva...imagine a broken dalek, the casing ripped open with the dalek mutant still alive as eggs are planted inside the dalek mutant for the larva to eat, the dalek eaten alive after the eggs hatch, then the larva become adult and eat the metal casing...the doctor watched this happen to a black dalek and you know that he said to he said to creator of the Kiseibya, "I pity the daleks, and if the Kiseibya treat a race as mighty as the daleks like that, what do you think they will do to lesser races...any other race for that matter mmm..."

3914803 Then how would they feel about phasetantium, a metal that is as hard as the universe and untouchable as time.

3914813 The Doctor believed that the Kiseibya were such a threat to the universe that with the help of the daleks, that he blew them up, he did the greatest atrocity within the Dalek war, the genocide of the Kiseibya. And leave it at that. Also what did you think about my story?

3914828 It was good, except you kept using stepped or step for when the Dalek moved, I think that that only applies when the being in question actually has feet.

3914831 yeah, I didn't want to be repetitive by saying move,moved, and moving all the time and also sometimes I use the word step and stepped when it is not just for his movements, but when he was moving at the same time as changelings.

3914846 Fair enough, and I just remembered an old idea I had for a fanfic.

3914884 It contains things and reasons.

3914886 Okay, I just hope episode 2 of my dalek serial does better then this one.

3914906 When's it coming out?

3914909 Hopefully soon, the first chapter is about 52% complete, it's just that the past couple of snow days have made the power go on the fritz and now school is trying to squeeze three days of school work into one weekend.

3914925 That sucks, all I have here is crippling boredom.

3914945 I just proved gravity doesn't exist I'm so bored.

3918669 Okay, also I took some of my sleep time to write the first chapter of the next story it is about at 74% completion.

3919436 Neat, I now return to the alternate plane of existence where I live.


3919489 The following statement is true. The previous statement is false.

3864781 yes indeed. The story is without question, i believe

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