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i'm a hungry reader loving comedy and romance with an Happy end

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Rarity had been asked by a client a special type of dress, but she doesn't know it very well. So she decides to go to the Golden Oak Library to gather some information on those but fall asleep during the process.

And it's at that time that Spike choose to get back home from the market and discover the sleeping Unicorn.

What will happen next?

Spoil:Contain Sparity.

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Darth Imperius was a proud Sith lord. Member of the dark council of the Sith Empire, a Jedi slayer and destroyer of the Hutt Cartel.

But as a Sith, the inevitable has come, he got betrayed. By people close to him.

But during the assassination attempt, an experience propels him in another world.

Equestria,a world populated by magical horses.

Now the inquisitor has only one question in mind: HOW TO GET OUT OF HERE?

This story is a crossover with the mmorpg Star wars:The old Republic.

Now with an editor : Liiiiiiiiightning Farron.

link if you want to know more about:


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At sweet apple acre,in the barn,a mare think about her past,the stalion at her side about his mare.

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