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17 years have passed since princess Twilight Sparkle and the element of honesty, Applejack had dissapeared in a magical accident, and now, equissians are in war, an alliance between the griffon empire and the changelings left Equestria in a warring state, after all this time, a strange vessel crash lands on Equis, near the Hollow Shades, bringing home a couple of genetically modified ponies within, codenames warlock and cowgirl, but those have another names, because finally Twilight and Applejack are home.

(not my art, it is from drawponies, also I don't own rights over Hasbro or Microsoft, whose characters I am using for this story)

Chapters (16)
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Looks good so far, so I shall be following this story closely.

Have a Favorite, a Track and an Upvote.

Can't wait to see what you have in store for us in Chapter 2!

7292590 thanks, also I hope that you guys could give me feedback

7292638 You're very welcome, and I'll do my best to later.

Loved this chapter! Can't wait for more!

Ohhhhhh, the Changelings and the Griffons in this area are soooooo screwed now! Warlock and Cowgirl are on the case!

Well, ALL of those birdbrains and bugs are, really, given that they have a pair of battle-hardened Spartans involved now.

Hehehe, can't wait for the next chapter!!!

Enjoyable, but holy hell the grammar mistakes! :twilightoops:

7293306 hope you can enjoy it, thing is, sadly I don't have an editor right now, and usually when I got one, the dislikes began to accumulate on the story, but no the explanations of why it has the dislikes on the first place

7293313 Ahh. I can read past the grammar myself and I do look forward to what's next. :twilightsmile:

I suggest putting an anthro tag on the story, I generally don't read those, personal preference.

You need an editor ASAP

Why doesn't this story have a dark tag?

Damn. The bomb has dropped.

I love the story and the idea behind it. But can ask somethings, why don't to use a Mack blast on the home of griffon and or changeling. With that out of the way... It's is fucking epic, i can see Aj smashing I griffon skull in with one kick. :pinkiecrazy:

This shows great promise... I await further updates with great anticipation my friend

7339951 actually a MAC round can blow up a planet if aimed correctly, besides that, the safest war aplication of MAC warheads are the Mammoth's... no spoilers for you mister!

Wonder what happened back on Earth. ....

7401093 :facehoof: that was awful and you should feel bad for it.:ajbemused::twilightangry2:

She had it coming, alright!:rainbowlaugh:

7631756 wait for next chapter...

Good chapter, but you repeated a couple of paragraphs.

Here you go:

"What do you mean siege!" Twilight exclaimed, trying to get out of bed, "My brother and my sister in law are being attacked and we're sitting here ?!"

"Twilight, please calm down," Celestia said, a look of pain and anger in her eyes, "While I would like to help the empire, we have neither the strength nor the resources to go to their aid, also right now we are a bit tight, since you brought refugees from Manehattan, the royal guard and the military are quite busy controlling those ponies."

"What do you mean siege!" Twilight exclaimed, trying to get out of bed, "My brother and my sister in law are being attacked and we're sitting here ?!"

"Twilight, please calm down," Celestia said, a look of pain and anger in her eyes, "While I would like to help the empire, we have neither the strength nor the resources to go to their aid also right now we are a bit tight, since you brought refugees from Manehattan, the royal guard and the military are quite busy controlling those ponies, not to mention that you're hurt and the only military aid I could send consists on a couple of balloons with at the best 200 ponies, I will not send more innocent to their deaths. " The sun princess said, again lost in her memories, with an edge of steel in her voice, in the room, however, tempers were about to explode, Applejack was again clenching her fists, a look of incredulity toward her regent, Rainbow and Rarity were together in the bed of the athlete, none of them really wanting to look up, and tears running from the eyes of the ex-fashion guru, Pinkie Pie was simply in a corner, moving so uncomfortable in her front hooves.

You MIGHT want to remove the first two of these IF you meant to use the bigger paragraph where Celestia is talking just before Twilight whispers "No more".

Just doing my bit to help.

7665968 sorry, 3 AM here, I didn't notice, thanks

7665996 That's okay. We all do things like that if we're that sleepy.

As I said, just doing my bit to help.:raritywink:

:facehoof:The grammar still needs a lot of help...

At least i understand what is meant....

7666741 sorry aboyt that, I dont have an editor yet

7667391 ok.

I'm guessing english isn't your native language?

7667453 same here.

Though i am quite fluent in it even if i sometimes have difficulty finding the words to speak.

Well you know the saying: practice makes the master and a master practices always. At least the saying goes somewhat along those lines:eeyup:

ETA on next chapter?

7749565 Actually working on it, delayed because we moved out our old house and we are still getting stuff out of boxes

You are such a good writer that I can wait for you to get writing done, no matter how long it might take:scootangel:

See you in the next chapter, Baron Shenadri:raritywink:

7983136 thanks for your support and kind words, hope you read my other stories, and as always, feedback is greatly appreciated

Griffin net attack infantry meets the AA wraith and scorpion tag team.
Cause fuck you and your whole army

7988765 actually, the Harmony packs enough punch that it has even a couple of sabers, so, dont worry XD

7988788 fuck the sabers that type 56 ainti air artillery vehicle is a monster on infantry... besides it's winged infantry. Also did some digging there is a variation of the scorpion called a Sun devil that well

That would make a bad day for any infantry. But backed by a captured or gifted AA wraith?

"Oh how cute they brought a little fleet of airships." Sun Devil and red wraith fire for a about twenty minutes. (Being generous or how long it actually take) and any Griffin ships not burning piles of debris are limping home trails a lot of smoke.

7988788 ps what class was the Harmony again.

7989053 Light Assault Frigate modified with one standar MAC Canon and some self sufficient sistems, automatized weapons and ammo factory and some other surprises here and there

7989212 unsc has 4 standard classes of frigate, charon light frigates (example forward under dawn), Paris heavy escort class, stalwart light frigate (in Amber clad was one), and the strident class heavy frigate.

All have mac guns. Ranging in size from stalwart 478 metres (1,570 ft) long. to the 575 metres (1,890 ft) long strident class. Paris class can't deploy ground units as it sacrifices the landing bays for larger hanger space. All frigates are atmospheric rated, and have odst drop bays called SOEIV bays. But none have the hitting power it's stand up to Covent ships alone as the Covent frigate is almost twice the size of the largest UNSC frigates. Best one to use given its a post war thank you gift would be a repurposed cbaron 490 metres (1,600 ft) long. Crew is about 30 plus marines pilots and odsts. It has up to 12 SOEIV bays near the rear for the deployment of Orbital Drop Shock Troopers. The bottom has a cargo bay that is about as wide as a Sabre fighter. The front half of the frigate also has multiple cargo holds on each side and at the front of these structures are the forward maneuvering thrusters.

Here was the armament and compliment of the forward under dawn to work off of.

Mark II, Light Coil - 83B6R3/MAC (1)
M58 Archer Missile (50) Pods 30 Missiles/Pod
2x M870 Rampart 50mm Point-Defense Network (4)
M4093 Hyperion Nuclear Delivery System (3 Silos)
Scorpion Tanks (4+)
M831 Troop Transport Warthog (1+)
Gauss Warthogs (3+)
Warthogs (9+)
Mongooses (3+)
Hornets (25+)
Pelicans (7+)
HEV (12+)
Escape pods (12)

7989289 it is a strident class, but as I stated before, it has HEAVY modifications, practically the ship could be handled by two (this was designed and tested by Twilight and Dr Halsey after they 'cured' the rampacy problems on the AI's, then the humans allowed Warlock and Cowgirl to leave the Earth, also, who said that the MAC on the Harmony could only shoot standard ordinance ???


7989289 PS: probably I will be using the checklist you provide me on the different weapons config. Thanks a lot by the way, I was searching that datasheet for eons

7989385 Spartan gaming has table top miniature games for halo one ground battle the other space, and halo wikis help.

7989385 ps your ships in foe

The Strident-class and Paris-class heavy frigates are the only design of frigate with no vehicle hangar located at the bottom of the ship. Instead it is replaced by a shuttle bay on each side of the ship.
This is the first class of UNSC frigate known to be equipped with energy shielding, an unprecedented augmentation to its combat effectiveness.
This class is 575 meters long, making it the largest known frigate class put into service within the UNSC Navy.
Engine unit(s)
Deuterium nuclear fusion reactor
Slipspace drive
Shaw-Fujikawa Translight Engine
60 centimetres (2 ft 0 in) Titanium-A armor[1]
575 metres (1,890 ft)[1]
124 metres (410 ft)[1]
112 metres (370 ft)[1]
Mark IV, Heavy Coil - 94B1E6/MAC[1]
M42 Archer Missile Delivery System[1]
M870 Rampart 50mm Point Defense Network[1]
M4093 Hyperion Nuclear Delivery System[1]

What Gizmos was she referring to? or is it her head?

but I can't wait for more!

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