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After Humanities long years of prosperity across the galaxy, a newly formed Covenant has returned in the year 2632.
One colony-classed vessel the UNSC Tycora jumps out of slip space to escape from the fall of New Arcadia into an alternate universe. Upon arrival suffering unexpected damage landing on an unknown planet inhabited by mythological creatures in a world they called Equestria.
After the UNSC crashed on the planet, their ships slipspace drive didn't just damage the ships systems but turned the humans into the species that inhabits the planet they crash on, a group of crew members journey on the planet to find out what they are and what kind of world they landed on.

Takes place three years before Twilight Sparkle was sent to Ponyville and Nightmare Moons Return.

Chapters (8)
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Like the idea! I'm playing with a story of my own that's similar. We will see how land fall goes before giving a thumbs up or not. Keep it up, I want to see how this pans out.

Yeah I'm also busy with the Puerto Rico relief program, but I'm multitasking.

Are they going to have UNSC technology and possibly repair their ship? The new physical traits will help them but with the technology that the UNSC has they will be able to thrive on the planet until they find a way off of it.

What they are now with their technology will bring them to a whole new level.

Just by reading the first chapter it's a bit rough to read but I love where your going with this story.

I recommend reading the story out loud first to get a feel for it to try and any problems that don't sound right when read out loud

thanks for telling me this, I thought making a story would be a good start to the comic series I'm developing and so far I'm catching up on it, and thanks for noticing the story so far.

Excellent story keep up the good work and I give this story a 10 out of 20

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