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This story is a sequel to Guardians


The Covenant have a foothold in Equestria. But for every inch they take, they pay dearly at the hands of the headhunters.

It’s Ishmir, Marko and Princess Warlock against a Covenant army. There is still time to stop the key from turning on the gates of Tartarus. So Flintlock will give everything they have. There is no going back.

Win or lose, the Battle for Equestria ends today.

Halo (non-canon) vs. My Little Pony (season 4) Crossover

Rated Teen for gratuitous swearing and violence.

Chapters (7)
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Comments ( 18 )

Gonna wait til its finished

I love this series you have created, but when you made those toothpick wielding, gold painted tin armour wearing, Marshmallows the equivalent of UNSC Marines it sort of killed the story for me...


I wonder that will forerunner Monitor show up in inside of installation? But i presume if monitor show up then will high amount of chance to involve with the Flood... The sentinels must have to be show up due to scale of installation whatever there purpose.

*gently shoves Monitor into a box*
Hush my little friend, go back to sleep.

Hell is real in equis , possible reincarnation? Memory spell so they can get there old experience again? Possible? Please? I'm sorry I shipped Ishmer and twi!:rainbowdetermined2:

Beasty-ass Twilight tho...I love a badass finish

Spartans never die......they go to hell to regroup.....and finish the fight:rainbowdetermined2::rainbowdetermined2::yay::yay:

this saga... has been epic

im kinda worried about twi.. She's getting bloodthirsty...:pinkiecrazy:


I don't know how you don't have more views and likes, but you definitely deserve it! Throughout every chapter, I was enticed to keep reading to see what happens next, because you developed the characters so well and delivered an imaginative, funny, affectionate, heartrending, and epic feeling to the writing, including nice touches to references.

Also, I loved Marko and Ishmir, they were really fun characters, both personalities contradicting each other, but paired perfectly together while jabbing and fucking with each other. It really hurts to see them go. I'm gonna miss those two little fuckers.

Lastly, I'd recommend this story to anyone looking for a good piece of writing such as this saga any day! It's definitely been a ride, PseudoFiction. Thanks for making it epic! :heart:

I honestly can't stop coming back to the moment Marko was saying his last words, because I loved his character so much and I thought he was a really cool guy. I get so many feels in those words and makes me wish he hadn't left.
I'm gonna miss that kick-ass motherfucker!:fluttercry:

Please let there be a sequel.

"princess Twilight, alicorn of death and war sets out each sunset in her war plate to gather the lost souls of the previous day and to distroy the enemies of Harmony flanked by the spirits of her loyal headhunters. It is said they will return to fight Equestria's greatest and final battle"

"Headhunters headhunters? Where have I heard of those before?"

~here starts the bigining of a new saga of cartoon ponies

You quoted Mythbusters wrong. It is "I reject your reality and substitute my own."

I think the author wanted to put in a reference or homage to I believe halo combat evolved where Jonson and the rest of the marines gave his speech. I can be wrong tho.

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