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A fan of DMC for 10 years and somehow a writer(Im a meh writer in my opinion) it appears lol. hoping to expand into Game Animation. Have to many dreams to live or try(VAing is one, Highly doubt it)


Dante has been given a job to help his shop get into business. But what happens if something went wrong during his job and he winds up in Equestria. At the same time a hidden and ancient evil before Celestia's Parents were born, starts to seethe back into Equestria, How will Equestria handle this new evil, How will Equestria handle Dante, and how will Dante handle Equestria and its citizens? Read to find out.

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Pray to god I dont delete it again by accident lol

:rainbowlaugh: how did you delete this by accident?! lulz

I spaced out and was tired was going to put up another chapter...then yeah. :rainbowlaugh:


hopefully you got all the chapters on a separate folder right?

(side note: I can't seem to decide what fucking fic to finish?!?! Pick one)

Well got two of the chapters, Mission 4 and The Prologue Mission were in their and saved, but when I found out I didn't save them :facehoof::facehoof::facehoof:
So Many facehooves and facedesk came lol.

Positive: I get re work them a little, but some of the old lines gone, remember most but not all but I can still get their.
Negative: Gonna be awhile before I get caught up.

And I left an apology on my blog containing a link...Check it out or not, I don't mind


I don't know that feel, but feels bad man :ajsleepy:


Yeah it does, felt alot of pressure.

333710 swa the link. clicked on it, and oh my gawd, cant wait for it to be complete

Fail I almost didn't notice this :pinkiegasp:

uhhh what happened? revising the story?:pinkiegasp:
cant wait to read about how it goes:pinkiehappy:
saw the new pic btw:yay: good luck having Dante explain to his"associates" why he has candy colored pony friends and why his brother is like in a relationship with Luna:pinkiecrazy::trollestia:

i kinda remember the main theme of the chaps:twistnerd: give me number and chap tittle, will search through my endless vault aka THE BRAIN. for answers:pinkiecrazy:

Just take your time I usually ask after I finish a chapter so you got as much time as you need.

Gonna be awhile man I got to Finish this first.


334014 ACTUALLY Vergil got transformed by mondus and will show back up the first game. and gets killed. so yeah NO VERGIL!!!

okay, this in not in order sooo:
remember the event where Dante hung up the pony bullies?
then there was the one about Dante fighting Celestia. i think you put it down as bossbattle 1?
then there was the one about Trixie getting her plot handed to her by a peeved Dante.
the visit to canterlot and the villain poisoning the mane six, the secret missions between Luna and Virgil and what else...:twistnerd: whoops! sorry! went into nerd mode there, the info is still a bit messy but as of now its all i gots:pinkiehappy:

We know...I have figured it out from the start before I asked.:trollestia:

334127 Yup good thing saved Chapter names to. :)
and thank you for bringing them up :)


334128 ok then just makeing sure you dont accidentaly F with the DMC Eventline (it aint a timeline it is the sequence of events)

I know I don't plan to ruin it, I respect the DMC event line I don't plan to F with it.


334127 and sorry to rain on your parade but last i checked Vergil got transformed by moondus into a full demon... not to mention he is in hell until the first game...


334146 yeah i am bit of a fanboy so i will be a big stickler for things like i dont know... Bringing Vergil back and he is normal... so sorry to say but unless this took place BEFORE three then it could happen... but it aint... also will equestria F with his Devil Triger?

This is between the events of DMC 3 and DMC 1. No one knows what happened between those timelines, even though the novels explain, no one knows. And to the DT thing, the only thing that screwed with his DT but kept him in it was the Neo Haywire generator in DMC 3.

Gotta let the story unfold first.


334178 yeah but the demonization process was PERMENANT and vergil got turned at the end of three... so sorry but there is no hope for vergil... :(

Like I said gotta wait for it to unfold, I planned it out.


334200 im guessing it is along the lines of a tempory change back... or something like that... or equestria F's with DT and that forced him back... something like that?


334217 ... TROLLESTIA!!!!! (p'ed she dare mess with the DMC Universe) well at least it aint molesta... *gos to sleep unboknowst i am sleepin in the castle* (oh crap... wel... atleast i HOPE molestia doesnt show up *gulps*)

i feel bad bro..:ajsleepy:. Well, on the bright side you now should know to do it in WORDPAD OR Mic. Office...:pinkiecrazy:

Good premise, but the amount of typos are ridiculous...

badass, keep goin and stay golden^^

hmm, interesting concept. DMC meets FiM.

Well, honestly can't wait till the next part.:rainbowdetermined2:






I facepalm Everytime I read the comments on here, it's like only me and 2 other guys know what you already wrote, IGNORANCE!!!

You gon be retracting that shipping huh?

Dante won't have any.

And Hey I am surprised everyone for VergilxLuna,I asked and I was expecting No. I was expecting more DMC fans swooping in and saying no.


so Vergil x Luna is still alive?


yes. Alicorn Devil Human Babies!

I could tell ya what happens...but I can't it would be a spoiler :trollestia:


Luna rapes Vergil and bears his unholy child

and that's how Nero got his name


Majority think Vergil finally did it with a woman before DMC 3.

I think Nero just a reincarnation of Sparda, but that my opinion.

Because Berial says this when Nero beats him:

You are just Like he was!

and besides I could tell ya, but then it would ruin the story now would it?:trollestia: lol


I'm not majority therefore no, I believe Vergil fucked so many bitches one of them was bound to get pregnant, cause ain't nothing but a G thang baaabaaay!

Still loving it. Can't wait to see an update with the next chapter!

To every brony, I did pre read this and ran it through.
But its nearly midnight around here so I may be off a little :ajsleepy:

No trouble. You do what you gotta do.

I look forward to when the current chapters are reuploaded :pinkiesmile:

356240 Love the story dude. Its good that Dante is being (sort of) nice to the ponies now. be the next chapters are gonna be SO AWESOME!:rainbowkiss:

i just noticed one error: you wrote ''dam'' and not ''damn''

Honestly, so far, LOVE IT STILL! Can't wait to read more. <3

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