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Joey JoJo

JoJo here, and I've come to FiMFiction to get out a story that I've been itching to write ever since I discovered this wonderful website.


Part 2: Demon Days

Ever since Dante and Vergil’s fateful clash at the Gates of Tartarus, demons have begun running rampant all across Equestria. Now The Elements of Harmony must join forces with the ever estranged sons of Sparda and hunt down the demonic Tartarusians if they hope to restore order to their once peaceful land and return the demon twins back to their world. All the while, a shadow from Celestia and Luna’s past looms dauntingly over the unsuspecting kingdom of Canterlot.

The demon days that lie ahead for Twilight and her friends will bring with them a bloody storm that threatens to resurface the long forgotten, if not slightly altered, history between Equestria and Tartarus.

NOTE: The events of this story take place AFTER the following in their respective order:
- Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening
- Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3
- The Season 2 Finale of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

Concept Art and Image made by DROLL3
Pony May Cry Part 2 Title Card

Proofread by Nightmare_0mega

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Ironically I made a Deadpool crossover story that sounds very similar to this (takes place after defeat of Galactus in UMvC3), and I made a devil may cry story that goes by the name of Pony May Cry,
The difference is they become ponies in this version.
Sounds promising, good luck bro

OMG I remember reading the first chapter to that Deadpool fanfic a few months ago. Thnx for reminding me to follow up on it.
You sir just earned yourself a follower

-Scan new stories: check
-Find ponified DMC story: check
-Swoon for half an hour in a cartoonish way: check

Seriously, I'm so happy someone did this. Although the whole hero relationships thing felt kinda dull, but I guess it was necessary

I really really wanted to give them more depth, but considering I know almost every characters traits, it would have led to a seriously long and drawn out introduction. So I decided to use all my face characters from the game and just go from there

what. the. fuck.

Dante and Vergil working together, marvel universe, thrust into Equestria...?


i should really finish chapter 6 of mine

sounds promising, lets see how it develops...

Dante and Vergil...fuck yea! Another DMC crossover:pinkiehappy:

It seems that someone watches The Online Warrior/Assist Me!. I shall enjoy reading this as it is updated.


FINALLY!!!! I was hoping someone would get that.
Here's an Internet for you

And thank you. I promise not to let you all down on this story.
To be honest these first few chapters in my opinion are the hardest part so you can expect updates every other day when I'm not busy with youtube.

I appreciate that alot. But I'm just trying to keep my viewers happy atm with my Upcoming CAPCOM LPs.
Plus if you ever find the need for some DMC3 entertainment feel free to check my DMC3 LP if you ever feel the need.

Right now I'm currently working on the next chapter

Oh yes. I know my references when I see them. :ajsmug:

"Assist Me!" reference for the win! :pinkiehappy:

And the last line = an instant :rainbowlaugh:.

Wooh! Now I'm reading a fic with and without a ponified Dante in it!


That'd would end up as a bit of a Continuum shift if she revealed who she was to DMC3 Dante and Vergil. (See BlazBlue)

But in all I have a probable reason.
Trish is from Dante and Vergil's world 10 years in the future, meaning she would have had to go to a different phase in the portal to her respective time and location.

Why didn't you tell me you uploaded this?

I am hurt. Wounded even. :pinkiesad2:


Dude, I did. I sent you a Private Message that I just uploaded and submitted it.
I sent it about this time last night and it didn't get uploaded until earlier today during my work shift.
I apologize for not telling you the moment it got approved, but I didn't want to hassle you with repetitive messages :scootangel:

At the moment, my friend SpiritsRise has been unable to fill in the coloring for Dante and Vergil, but yes.
Dante has a light tan coat where as Vergil's pelt is grey.

I thought it'd be more suiting to their personalities. :pinkiehappy:

However I did manage to find a picture as to give an idea of how Vergil looks in this story. :coolphoto:


But yeah loving it more.
Love how you brought Geryon up. Just wonder how their DT's are gonna be affected.
DMC 2 wasn't that bad, gameplay yeah I could understand.

ooooooo this is going to be so good hahaha:eeyup::yay:

Hehehe you sir are thinking like a pro.
Trust me though you're gonna love how the DTs turn out.

Only reason I have qualms with DMC2 is because the final boss was just CAPCOM giving up on being subtle about making you fight bossses more than once.

That Dante was fucking sick looking though...but I agree though, some of the enemies were fucking cool looking(Excluding the tank) The one boss fight I could not stand was Trismagia..

But all in all can't wait for what their DT's gonna look like( Prolly alicorn like).

I wonder what demon ponies look like... gonna be interesting. I don't know if Dante is really this naive/innocent though. I've only played DMC3 so far, but even there he felt more sarcastic than innocent

Yeah, but Dante is a fun loving guy as we all know and majority of the time he's being an asshole is mostly because the people around him start stuff.
But trust me though, I'm keeping things in character.

I like it so far, “Sounds good to me. I’m so hungry I could eat a hor-” made me laugh, keep it up.


Thanks. The fact that people are enjoying this makes it only a bit more difficult for these first few chapters.
First rule of writing a story and being an english major over all


I don't know why, but for some reason THIS EPIC AND CREEPY song kept playing in my head when Vergil was emerging from the EverFree Forest.

Oh I wonder what Vergil plans to do

I wonder indeed


Oh... I don't know.
Bloody murder, maybe?
I hope not, but it's the most likely event.

>> Madara XIII
That is an awesome song. can't wait for the next chapter and seeing what Vergil will do about Fluttershy hopefully he doesn't attack her pets.

Vergil is my favorite charecter from dmc

I can imagine it now, Dante and Vergil are introduced to each other by separate ponies, Dante by... well almost everybody and Vergil by Fluttershy.

Well Dante at least you don't have any olives on the pizz...
BUT NO PEPPERONI!! That is horrible! D:

I was wondering how'd Dante do with the food. Be glad you're not a bacon freak Dante, you'd be climbing up the walls by next chapter.

And don't you think about hurting Fluttershy. I mean it :flutterrage:

*le gasp* Me? Hurt Fluttershy?
Why I haven't the slightest idea why you'd think that

I would never do such a thing...or would I

Again at least it didn't have any olives...and I would pray for Vergil when it comes to Fluttershy.

685166 You better, or you'll unleash forces you can neither control nor hide from :pinkiecrazy:

686372 Why, what's with olives?

For Dante's reasons...we don't know why he doesn't like Olives on his pizza, No matter how many times he says he doesn't want any...their always their.

Do i sense a Vergil x Fluttershy romance :trixieshiftleft: Brain reactivates Vergil + Fluttershy =?????????? Brain overload brain overload


AAAAAAGH!!! Curse my inability to write Subtle Romance!!!


I deeply apologize for the late update, but well hey Father's Day was a special day where I got to make my dad my Famous Waffles.

Still though, thanks to Shadowflash
I will soon have a fully colored cover art for my story.

Thanks Shadowflash you generous son of a bitch!!


i kinda guessed it when you added that picture of Fluttershy blushing after the compliment. Oh i nice story have a moussetache :moustache: and a little song "Vergil and Fluttershy sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G i can't remember the rest.

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