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Why the name? FMA is awesome. Why the avatar? I like One Piece even more. Welcome to my page and enjoy the stories!


One Piece X MLP Crossover

A emergency trip to Zecora's leads Fluttershy to find a strange pony with a straw hat. Unfortunately, he scares Fluttershy off with his talk of eating other animals. The strange pony's arrival in Equestria sets off a chain of events that threaten plunge the peaceful kingdom into an all out war. Twilight and her friends, along with the new pony may be the only ones who can unravel the mysteries that surround Equestria and save it from falling apart.

Now with TV Tropes!

New Cover Art by Droll3

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So far I like this story. It seems interesting.



I think I know why you chose to omit the other straw hats...
Oh yeah. Zoro would chop up everything with One-sword style, Sanji's bucks would obliterate everything, Nami would con everyone, Usopp, Robin and Chopper....they'd be ok. Franky and Brook would scare everyone shitless.

Faved and thumbs up'd. Update soon please :pinkiesad2:

Beat me to it! I was gonna do a One Piece crossover, but after I had finished the first chapter I realized I really wasn't inspired enough, I'm really glad to see one here though! Keep up the great work! :twilightsmile:

I miss Onepiece. Did they ever get through the childhood filler stuff? I miss my drug- er, one of my favorite animes!
The time is the Great Pirate Era. Countless pirates fight desperately for the One Piece, the great treasure left behind by Gold Roger
It's actually Gol D. Roger. Gold Roger was the 4kids version where they essentially GUTTED most of the story.
Not to say it was a bad show, I liked the English intro more than the MANY japanese ones, I just liked the original one more.

this better be good *le big fan of one piece*

edit: quite good, looking forward to more

At first i was all like ya cool story
and then i was like O HELL WHAT IS HE GONA EAT

412060 Oh lord, that thing on Cartoon Network? They stopped because the story got too dark and violent for 4kids to pull off. :ajbemused: Find the Funimation translation (they were pretty far along last I checked) or watch it in Japanese online. I'm guessing you aren't up to date, and no spoilers anyway, but Gol D. Roger's nickname from the government actually was Gold Roger, like Luffy is Straw Hat Luffy.
There were a few minor things that were incorrect in the story, mostly punctuation errors, but well written overall.
Also, I wonder if as a pony Luffy would even be able to digest meat. :rainbowhuh: But then, he is Luffy. :raritywink:

YES! Just got back into One piece and loving it all over again!

considering Applejack was seen with a ham sandwich in season 1 episode 22, I'm sure he's ok eating things that come from pig:ajsmug:

This is very good! I love how you got Luffy's personality right. Just one thing though. If you don't mind, if Luffy is going to use more of his moves,insted of Gum-Gum could you maybe change it to Gomu-Gomu no? It would help make the story more real for me.:fluttershysad:

Oh yeah, there's a reason my avatar is Pinkie dressed as Luffy
May the 4kids dub be forever stricken from our minds!
Yeah, I know my grammar has issues and I apologize for that.
And for those of you not caught up with the series yet Here's the official website I don't know how many dubbed episodes are up on Funimation's site but I believe everything except for the CP9 (coming this summer though :twilightblush: yay favorite arc) and Thriller Bark (i.e. the point where you realized 4kids seriously bucked up) is there subbed or buy the collection sets for this awesome series. :pinkiehappy:
Oh I love the internet

I'm kicking myself for not thinking of this sooner. :raritydespair:

Horay, finally, the other one piece crossovers aren't as good as this, WRITE MORE!

I'm a huge One Piece fan... and oh my god... this is the One Piece/FiM fic I always wanted to read! I can't wait for more!

Can't. Library doesn't have it, and most websites want me to pay to read it, and the last time I tried to DL free it I almost got a virus.


didn't notice that:pinkiesmile: whos your fave?

Fav Pony or OP character, aw well both:
-Pony: Fluttershy (mane 6), Apple Cobbler (bg pony), Luna (overall)
-OP: Ussop


pony: rarity(mane 6), zecora(bg), nightmare moon(overall)
op: sanji

Its been a while since I checked in the the Straw Hat Crew's adventures...


412728 I just google "One piece" and its the first read link

I like it. Well-written and funny.
Just a little CC: You may want to seperate into paragraphs. Squeezing the sentences together isn't really a good way to go. Other than that; liked and tracked.

who would be faster, Luffy´s gear second or Rainbow Dash´s sonic rainboom?:rainbowdetermined2:

Better question which would hurt more Nami's thunderbolt tempo or Derpy's "accidental" lightning strike? :derpyderp2:
Speaking of which I think somewhere down the road I'll do one shots of other Straw Hats in Equestria (think What if scenarios) but for now this is Luffy's story a'la the Paramount War Saga (yeah S:rainbowderp::twilightoops:t is going down!)

My little one piece my little one piece, im gonna be come king of the pirates!

Now to find a chorus and were in business!

also a letter to the poster (hold on this is gona be a long one)
*large intake of air*
If you will remember in the Impel down arc of the series luffy got seriously poisoned to the point of death the only option was for Emporio Ivankov to use a super powerful healing hormone to cure him of his poison a side affect of this not yet known is that luffy is immune to almost all deadly and non deadly poisons (learned this in the fishman island arc) i mearly find it odd that he could survive a poison that could kill a whale but poison joke can make him pass out:rainbowhuh:

Story wise Luffy's time in Equestria is the same time he would have spent in Amazon Lily, so he doesn't have that ability (or any post-time skip powers for that matter)

Perfectly fine, it let's me nerd out over One Piece, which I'm perfectly happy to do.:pinkiehappy:

WHERE was Zoro when he did his first cannon named attack
WHERE was Sanji when he did his first DIable named attack
WHAT Was the verry first nammed attack in the manga

Skypeia fighting ohm
Tower of Justice fighting Jabera (so confused on his name)
Gum-Gum Pistol I believe

418588 NICE
How many souls did luffy absorb to become nightmare luffy
What is the name of the wood used to make the sunny
Were was the first time chopper when monster point
Name the only all the people to fight all 3 navy admirals
Who protects Fishman Island
Will you be my friend
What was your favorite story arc

100 (Moria absorbed 1000)
Adam the Jewel Tree (also made Gol D. Rodger's Ship)
When he was testing out the rumble ball (destroyed an entire village on drum island)
(I don't fully understand the admiral question):rainbowhuh:
Was Whitebeard, then big Mom, currently Luffy (kinda)
CP9 Saga- showed just how awesome Ussop could be and has in my mind the most epic and brutal fight of one piece (that wasn't completely one sided)

419143 the only people to fight Kizaru, Akainu and Aokiji were Luffy, marco, and Edward Newgate
i think im missing one

Hmm, you have piqued my interests proceed.:moustache:

being sent to a far off land by the enemy,the same enemy who nearly killed you, soon later found out that the land is actually inhabited with nice adorable/adorkable (for twilight) ponies...


The plot thickens. :moustache:

‘Well,” Fluttershy nervously looked at her friend, “I...I’ll give it a stern talking to!”

More. More, damn it! :flutterrage:
(love the story btw :rainbowwild:)

“I am the best student!” Twilight said as her eyes spun around in circles. “I’m never tardy!”:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

Um...Moria sent a letter?
And I love what Luffy did to Twilight. What next, Gear 2 Luffy Vs Dash?
I have a suspicion that Fluttershy's stare is Haki- The King's Disposition.

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