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A fan of DMC for 10 years and somehow a writer(Im a meh writer in my opinion) it appears lol. hoping to expand into Game Animation. Have to many dreams to live or try(VAing is one, Highly doubt it)

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Luna has returned to Ponyville again to enjoy the festivities that are being taken place, since her last visit to Ponyville for Nightmare Night, she wishes to bring something for the people of Ponyville while enjoying the holiday.

A surprise that they never expected.

This is for fun and in the spirit of Halloween(Or Nightmare Night). Added Random tag just in case. With a Random appearances in the end and in the Authors Notice.

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When Raziel was consumed by the Soul Reaver, his life extinguished before him giving Kain the strength and sight to fight the Elder God, he thought his soul would inhabit his blade forever, But a spirit from an unknown realm gives him the chance to have another life.

But it seems Raziel isn't the only one from the four planes alone in this world....How will Equestria handle the Wraith? What is the other beings plan?

I was going to put Human but since Raziel is technically dead and isn't human...then yea. And for those bronies that Played Soul Reaver this is after the events of Legacy of Kain: Defiance.

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Dante has been given a job to help his shop get into business. But what happens if something went wrong during his job and he winds up in Equestria. At the same time a hidden and ancient evil before Celestia's Parents were born, starts to seethe back into Equestria, How will Equestria handle this new evil, How will Equestria handle Dante, and how will Dante handle Equestria and its citizens? Read to find out.

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