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Sasuke, deciding to take revenge on The Leaf, even after hearing the full truth from The First, goes to The Fourth Great Ninja War and tries to kill Naruto. Explained inside the story in more detail, but due to positive and negative chakra, he's transported between realms and sent to Equestria.

This is my first fic, and I decided to do this because there isn't a single Sasuke in Equestria story. This will somewhat follow the MLP plotline, but I will most likely skip over certain episodes or do small timeskips when needed, or when it will be convenient for the story. Also, changes to the episode may happen. They probably won't be too huge, though, for the most part.

It will be a sort of bildungsroman story- at least, I'm hoping I can try to make it that- which will focus on Sasuke, his Hatred, his relationship with his family, and how he could possibly, somehow, drop all of it off and finally have a heart again.

Gore tag is there for a reason. Just as well, the descriptions in this story will be vivid, and, at times, may disgust some. If you are offended by blood or anything else considered graphic, then don't bother reading.

First fic, with crossover. I'm not that very good at writing battle scenes yet, so forgive me.

One more thing- This is going to be fairly realistic, so Sasuke WILL be cruel. Yes, to PONIES. Don't expect him to turn nice fast.

Anyone who knows more about Naruto than me- I'm sure there are plenty of people on this site that do- please point out mistakes. I will admit I switch between names- for example, Jyuubi and Ten Tails- simply for a larger variety of names.

Please point out any errors you find. I will attempt to update this at least once a week- and I will change the cover image later, but soon, if it doesn't fit.

There is no shipping with ponies in this story.

Yes, I know that's not Eternal Mangekyou. I couldn't find a better pic, and that looks good enough, anyway.

One more thing- as I know people will complain about it, despite the fact that I have creative license, and what I wrote makes pretty good sense, in my mind, at least- and I see others agreeing with me, as well.

There will be minor/major character changes in this story- and not just for Sasuke. Ponies, too, to a certain degree. Some other characters may do things you would never expect of them, or commit to decisions that seem terrible or stupid- but they are there for several reasons, and not just the plot. Remember a few things-

Characters are older.
War changes people.
Shinobi do whatever it is to finish the mission, and for some, they're just realizing it, despite the fact that they've been ninja for years.

Not only are they being changed based on logic, they are also there for the plot. Remember that before commenting about 'Naruto would never do x or Sasuke wouldn't do this.' I've twisted the characters from the original manga. THEY ARE DIFFERENT. Please remember that before posting without thinking. Thank you.

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Holy crap he met Fluttershy. This is either going to go very well or very badly.

Sasuke-centric crossovers don't seem especially common in any fandom (I've seen one other, with Harry Potter) so it'll be interesting to see how this goes. Sasuke isn't my favourite character, and I'm not sure he isn't beyond redempton by this point, but I'm very keen to see what you do with this.

2256078 Thanks. I wrote this for two reasons-
1. As you said, Sasuke-centric fics aren't common. And I actually like Sasuke- he's my favorite Naruto character, if only because of how much of a dick he is.
2. For him to redeem himself, it's going to be a hard, dirty road of blood, sweat, and tears. I don't plan on making it easy for Sasuke.

Well, as it says in the story description, I'll try to update weekly. It may be more often than that, because of how I'll be writing- I'm going to devote time to this every day, and then a lot more on weekends. So probably expect an update by Saturday, at the latest.

Lol already got my first downvote. Oh well, let's see how this goes, and how far I can take it.

i am interested but the gore doesn't make want to read, but i will this a benefit of a doubt :moustache:

2256182 Well, it's not going to be him killing the Mane 6. Don't worry about that. But there will be a fair amount of gore. Just most likely not him killing ponies.

2256211 so there might be pony killings? or is it just other creatures? :trixieshiftright:

i must say for someone's first fic. this is very very well written keep it up

2256315 Well, if they piss Sasuke off :trollestia:

I'm gonna be honest, this thing isn't gonna be pretty. And I don't care if people dislike it, Sasuke isn't becoming all nice and fuzzy the instant he teleports to Equestria. That would be horrible, could you imagine that?

"Oh, the love and friendship of Equestria cured my black heart!"

Yeah right. The guy's killed his brother, abandoned his village, killed plenty on his quest for power, and his quest for revenge, and was going to kill thousands more until he was teleported to Equestria. No, it's going to take a lot more than that for Sasuke to be redeemed, and I'm sure that other people would agree he's gonna have to do some pretty amazing things to make up for what he's done.

2256338 Thanks. I have experiencing writing. I've written my own original novel- not saying it's good or anything- but it was based off Slenderman. It ended up being 130k words and around 400 pages. I've tried writing before that, too. But this is my first real try at writing fanfiction, or My Little Pony fanfiction, for that matter.

what is his power in equestria? i mean on a scale from 1 to 10

2256535 Ten. I'm sorry, but I doubt Celestia and Luna have to fight seriously, if ever. Chrysalis and Nightmare Moon were probably some of the largest dangers in the last- hundreds- of years for her. Sasuke, meanwhile, is an extremely overpowered manga character that constantly fights and kills people. I'm putting Celestia at very strong with near Bijuu levels of chakra- and yes, ponies have chakra, this will come into effect later- but Sasuke would still easily be able to deal with her. Also, before you bring this up, I will be dealing with how Celestia raises the sun in a different way- most likely, it's going to be actually her just rotating the earth with some special kind of magic.

also is twilight a alicorn or unicorn

2256829 Unicorn. This is directly after the first time they fight Nightmare Moon. That was going to be made evident in the next few chapters, but I'll clear up any confusion by saying that now.

2256864 sorry if i did anything wrong :fluttershysad:

2257203 No...? You didn't do anything wrong? You asked a question about the story and I answered it. It's not like I'm gonna give away the whole plot or anything, but you just asking a question like that, nothing wrong with that.

You're paranoid or something. :twilightsheepish:

Glad to see that my likes are above my dislikes, though I still wonder why people dislike and then don't comment why. You'd think that if they had a problem with my writing they'd want to see it improve. Maybe they all just really hate Sasuke. Oh well, lolz.

I'll try it out i am a big fan of naruto and of mlp I'll put you in read later so I can see how this story progresses

2257285 slightly, sorry again :twilightblush:

yeah dude your welcome I hope this story becomes popular:pinkiehappy:

2259658 Lol I doubt it. But even if it did it would get spam downvoted, which is funny, considering I'm willing to bet at least half my downvotes are from people just hating on Sasuke. Some people not like my writing, and that's fine- I never said it was good anyway, I consider myself mediocre- but I'm pretty sure that's where a lot of the downvotes are coming from. Because a lot of people hate Sasuke. That, and the gore tag, which will start becoming important fairly soon.

Sasuke team name was taka

2262442 Thanks, that was a minor mistake. I'll be sure to correct it immediately.

Edit: Fixed.

I mean I prefer naruto but theres already a lot out there and I like sauske he's pretty powerful and has his spot. Plus a sauske hasn't been done and I'd like to see were this goes. Screw on the haters. Love and Tolerate.:rainbowkiss:


Well, Sasuke won't be loving and tolerating, lol

YUS!!! I love Naruto in Equestria-like stories.:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::raritystarry:

2259658 I hope it does too:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

Finally someone puts Pinkie in her place. Her pushiness is sometimes grating.:pinkiesad2::yay:

2265260 Lol. You don't feel sorry for pinkie at all?

haha lol i liked this very much although i think i enjoyed the gruesome description of pinkie pie too much. but the again i like detaield descriptions. i honestly didn't expect much from this story when i first saw it but i like how it has developed. cant wait for the next chapter. i dont have anything negative to say besides the fact that people are dropping dislikes probably because it is related to Naruto or because it has sasuke in it. so childish if you ask me. :ajbemused:


Yeah, I know. I don't attempt to say my writing is the best, but I know that it's, at the very least, decent. I don't make dumb mistakes, I can tell there from their- you know? It's just people getting mad because I'm doing a realistic Sasuke in Equestria fic- not to mention my fic is original, because no one else has done a fic like this. I'm sorry, but this IS how Sasuke would act. Sasuke is a douchebag. He doesn't care about other people- or ponies-, and he's just trying to get what he thinks he deserves- that is, ultimate vengeance for all transgressions against him and his clan. I can say without any hubris or arrogance that this is at least a pretty good depiction of what would happen if Sasuke went to Equestria. If injured, he would definitely manipulate someone like Fluttershy- she's so innocent she'd fall for anything. Once he gets strong, you'll see how much of a douchebag he's going to start being- once he realizes that he's in no danger here.


yeah and frankly that's the only reason i liked your fic. because it kept it "real" not some sugar covered sasuke. you got with your story and do it as you please knowing that most people like it (judging by the like and dislike bar). and yeah most people have trouble distinguishing "their" from "they're". im glad you dont have those mistakes but whats important to me is not exactly grammar but story telling and a relative entertaining plot. i can see you started form the latest chapter and i really liked that element of yours. i honestly didn't see something like that coming. and for once it felt nice reading a fic that doesn't break immediately from the story to go back to equestria and narrate what the hell the ponies are doing while the protagonist is being teleported to equestria. it was fast paced and i really like that. hope you finish this regardless of what some people may think it has great potential and cant wait to read the battles scenes :twilightsmile:


Well, I'm not really that good at writing battle scenes :P
I might be staying home from school tomorrow because I'm feeling a little sick, so if I do, expect another chapter. Even if I don't, it will still be up before the end of the weekend.
Realistic Sasuke will continue. It will take him a long time to find redemption. It is lost to him, at the moment. He would be unable to find it even if it was right in his face, if only due to his mindset, currently. He's going to have to change a lot to become good again. That's what the fic is going to be about- but, like I said- It will take time, Sasuke is going to be MEAN- and realistic- and I will not skip out on descriptions, especially those of the gore form.
"I have turned my eyes away from the light. My goals only lie in the darkness." This is what Sasuke is going to have to change.

well thats good to hear. cant go about without having my dose of highly descriptive gore :D

as for sasuke, im glad you're keeping him that way not much of a point if he changes so fast. :applejackunsure:


Yeah. As I said in a previous comment, on chapter one, it would be ridiculous.

"The friendship and love of Equestria cured my black heart."

That would be bad, out of character, terrible writing. That's not how it's going down, trust me.

I'm gonna be honest with you, I don't like Sasuke at all, but you've captured my interest.


Good. That means that despite how much you don't like him, I've written him well enough that it keeps you intrigued. Good news to me. :pinkiehappy:

Feeling crappy. Wrote 3.2k words today. Gonna write the last 2-3 k tomorrow and edit it and put it up before the end of Saturday.


Haha, and no prob for the Fav, this is fucking awesome. But i cant wait to he meets Celestia.


That probably won't be for 1-2 more chapters, at least. Probably like chapter 5-6.

That's definitly something different. Thanks for the nice chapter. Keep up the good work. *Thumbs up.*


What's something different? What do you mean? The fic in general, or something in chapter 3?


I mean the story in general. It is well written and also is not the standard depressesd-protaganist-enters-ponyville = instant-happiness-and-happily-ever-after
Well forget the first part before equal mark. Good character description and my new fav.

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