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Visual Prowess - UgalaaWriter

During The Fourth Great Ninja War, Sasuke is transported to Equestria. Longer summary in description.

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Repairs, Rarity, Rainbow, and Twilight

Over the next few days after the incident with Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy had been extra careful around the creature. She still hadn’t grown the courage to ask him what his name was- he surely had a name, but it hadn’t chosen to reveal its name, or it didn’t want to, as it hadn’t said it yet. She now knew it belonged to the race of ‘shinobi,’ though she desperately hoped not all were like him. Though it seemed he was sorry for what he’d done to Pinkie, he still refused to apologize, even when she’d brought it up again later. Fluttershy was conflicted about the true nature of the creature.

He seemed reluctant about it, but he let her do mostly everything for him. The only thing he refused to let her help with is using the bathroom. He would rather get up on his sore, destroyed, and most likely sprained legs, which he could somehow still walk on, and stumble out of the cottage, and go into the woods nearby, and come back a decent amount of time later. Fluttershy would’ve followed him to make sure he was okay, but after what he’d done to Pinkie, she was sure that he could take care of himself. She doubted anything, even a manticore, would be able to hurt him.

She’d gotten little to no information from him over the course of his stay, so far. Even though she’d told him some things about herself- that her name was Fluttershy, and she was a pony, not a horse. The only things she knew about him that he had a sword, he was a ‘shinobi,’ and how irritable he was, as well. Besides that, though, she knew little to nothing about him. Even now, he was sleeping in the bed, and usually ignored her as much as he could. Fluttershy didn’t know why he did these things, but she decided to just take care of him, for now. She hoped that eventually he would open up, and tell her what was really bothering him.

Fluttershy had been happy, though, when Twilight came to her cottage in the middle of the day, later, after Pinkie had visited, and gave her a ticket. She had asked what was wrong with Pinkie, who had been sad that day, and Fluttershy, for the first time, had to lie to Twilight. She didn’t feel good about doing it, either, and it weighed on her conscious heavily for the rest of the day. She kept the door to Sasuke’s room closed at all times, so that no one would see him, only opening it when she had to give him food, or when he got up to go use the bathroom, outside.

He’d gotten less jumpy, now, and now that he remembered where he was, even when she poked him with a hoof and woke him up, he didn’t try to slice her to bits. He was healing, rather quickly, even faster than a pony would, and Fluttershy figured that, in a day or two more, he would be ready to leave. Fluttershy would never say this to anypony, but for once, she was glad to have an animal or an injured thing she was caring for leave that bed. Even nasty, ill-tempered bears that she had cared for before weren’t as mean as he was.

It was a few days after the incident with Pinkie that she was bringing him some food. It was around noon. She walked into the room and left some tomatoes, and other fruits and vegetables- more pears, and apples. She was walking out to leave him alone as she always did, when the question came to mind again. Figuring that she had done a decent amount for him this entire time, and assuming, hopefully, that he wouldn’t chop her head off, she decided to ask it.

“H-hey, shi-no-bee… what’s your real name?”

This seemed to surprise Sasuke, who, with widened eyes, had just taken a bite of tomato. He narrowed them momentarily before he swallowed his bite, and slowly set the tomato back on the table next to his bed, with the bitten side facing up. He stared at her, though only blankly, with no distaste. Very slowly, he answered.

“Uchiha… Sasuke.”

“Uchiha is your surname, and Sasuke is your first name?”

Sasuke simply grunted as form of an answer, as he went back to eating his tomato. She wanted to bounce up and down gleefully like Pinkie, but contained herself. This was only a small step forward to what she wanted to go to.

“So, your race is called shinobi?”

Sasuke looked amused for a split second, staring down with what she could’ve sworn was a ghost of a smile. Instantly, though, it disappeared from his face. He ate some more of his tomato before he swallowed again, and answered, still holding his half-eaten red food.

“No. I am what is called a human. Shinobi is a profession in my world.”

Figuring that would be the end to her questions, he continued to eat his lunch, only for Fluttershy to be even more surprised, and now, more confused than ever. So, where he came from, not all ‘humans’ were shinobi? It wasn’t what she was expecting.

“So, is that purple thing you do something only Shinobi can do?”

Sasuke sighed, finishing his tomato, not bothering to reach for an apple. She was going to keep asking questions. Sasuke figured he’d indulge her little curiosity. He didn’t know why he was doing it, but he decided she deserved some form of answer, after all that she’d done for him. Reluctantly, he continued their little game of twenty questions.

“No, it’s something that only I can do.”

“Why is it only exclusive to you?”

“Because I am an Uchiha. It is in my blood.”

“What do you mean by that? In your blood?”

Sasuke sighed again. Answering all these questions was annoying. Hopefully after revealing some information about himself, he’d be able to ask her for a favor.

“In my world, there are clans. Uchiha is a clan. People of the Uchiha blood can use the Sharingan, which is what can use Susanoo, or as you call it, the ‘purple thing,’”

“Oh, a clan! Like a family! Are there more of you?”

Instantly, the room went silent, as Sasuke glared at her with much more coldness than he ever had before. She’d hit a nerve, or a touchy subject, or something, and knew that she’d overstayed her welcome. Turning away, she flew slowly out of the door and closed it, leaving him to eating. She shuddered as she walked away. Those eyes.

Later that night, at dinner time, she had brought him more food, noticing that, by now, he was able to walk around, albeit hobbling. She brought more food in just as he was returning from relieving himself. He staggered a bit, but managed to crash into the bed, falling into the pillow. He made the softest of groans, and then, he began eating again, as always. She looked at the sorry state of his clothes- singed, with holes, and tears and rips all over them.

“I-if you want to, I know where we can repair your c-clothing.”

Sasuke looked up to her with the slightest hint of interest in his eyes as he continued eating, although, with more grace. The first time he’d eaten here, he’d had no manners. It was mostly because he’d been starving. Now, though, he ate cleanly, without making any kind of a mess. He had been the son of a clan head- unlike someone like Naruto, he’d learned manners in his youth, even if his family was only there so long to teach it to him.

“M-my friend Rarity would probably be able to fix it. She’s the best seamstress I know.”

Sasuke briefly considered this in his mind as he continued to eat his food. It would be nice to be able to wear clothes that didn’t have the Uchiha crest blemished- he wore it with pride, and it had to be presented correctly. And it wasn’t just his jacket that needed fixing- as mentioned before, the rest of his clothes were ruined as well. He quietly accepted the offer as he ate.

“It would be useful.” Sasuke said, as he finished his last piece of fruit. Fluttershy often brought him tea as well, and he drank that quickly after he’d finished his food, and then lay back in the bed. He had recovered and healed a lot in the past few days, but it wasn’t time to be pushing his body. Fluttershy flapped her wings as she picked up the plate and the tea, and began to slowly fly out of the door, even as she made one last point clear.

“You’re different than any other customer she’s had before, probably.”

Sasuke scowled. So, he was going to have to come with. He didn’t want to take the chance of her ruining his clothes even more than they already were.

Well, Sasuke thought, thinking about what would happen when he went into what Fluttershy had mentioned as ‘Ponyville,’ I couldn’t hide myself forever. I suppose I could conceal myself in the forest, but I’m going to need to find a way back to The Elemental Nations- and that means conversing with the locals. Unfortunately.

The next day, Sasuke ate breakfast after Fluttershy gave it to him, and then they set out. Sasuke was rather slow as he hobbled, even after having to bring his sword, which he leaned on as a cane. Fluttershy walked calmly in front of Sasuke, leading the way, even though, inside, she was terrified of what could happen in town.

What if Pinkie Pie sees him again?

Will she react the same way?

Not to mention all of her other friends. If Pinkie had been enough to set him off last time, what would endless questions from Twilight bring? Fluttershy didn’t want to think about it. She forced herself to show a smile on her face, even though it was fake.

They walked the road for a long while until they came up to the crest of a hill. Climbing over it, Sasuke could see Ponyville in the distance- not far off, at all. Grunting in pain, he continued on, while Fluttershy walked slowly in front of him, showing the way.

Luckily for Fluttershy, it was early morning, and so not many ponies were out. Sasuke hadn’t been sighted yet, but he would eventually- it was just a matter of time, really. They eventually reached Ponyville after a little more walking.

It was a small town, though that didn’t make it bad or uninteresting in any way. There were several buildings all surrounding a decently sized town square area, that housed the town hall, in the center. Sasuke could see some strangely designed buildings- a tree-house thing, that seemed an important structure, and a building that looked like it was made out of cake and candy, as well as what looked like a hospital, a schoolhouse, that wasn’t open yet, and other buildings, along with houses grouped tightly all around the town square.

The marketplace wasn’t far off, though it wasn’t too busy this time of day, and looking around, Sasuke thought he could see rows and rows of apple trees far off in the distance. There was also a café and a store that seemed to only sell Quills and Sofas, although Sasuke didn’t understand the stupidity behind that business decision. Why only quills and sofas?

Ponies yawned and rubbed their eyes as they moved slowly along in the morning- it was fairly early. Fluttershy continued to lead him, along a street. The second the first pony saw him, it jumped up with widened eyes, and, after a few moments of staring, would whisper to the pony next to him or her, and tell them to look too. Within a few minutes the entire population of the town square- at least twenty or thirty ponies, at this time of day- were staring at Sasuke and Fluttershy as they strode across the town square, bee lining for another strange building that Sasuke noticed. It looked like an overly excited girl designed it.

I wonder whether they’re staring because of how beat up I am, and how torn and ruined my clothing is, or because I’m something never seen before, Sasuke thought. Probably a mix of both, he decided.

Shapes of horses hung outside of the store, and the entire thing was colored in purple, pink, and blue, with large windows that were symmetrically placed along the store. There was a small amount of yellow in the store’s building design- gold bands circled certain parts of the building, and, also, a small red flag flew at the top of the building. There were even little pink hearts across some part of the building. And then, to top it all off, a female pony walked out, wearing a pretty, frilly dress.

Sasuke was already regretting the decision to come here.

Sasuke leaned on his chokuto heavily as he watched the pony in the dress leave. With Fluttershy walking ahead of him to the door of the building, he grunted, and then hobbled and limped on, though it wasn’t easy for Sasuke. It would most likely be a few more days before he was back to full strength, at the very least.

The store bell rang as Fluttershy entered, and Sasuke, right after her. Sasuke scowled as he looked at the inside of the building. Everything was so feminine in here. He’d have to make his point clear that he wanted nothing frilly, nothing attached. Simply to have his clothes sewn and repaired.

An adorable white unicorn filly with a pink and purple mane walked down the stairs yawning. When she saw Fluttershy she smiled cutely, but when she Sasuke standing there, breathing heavily, she seemed surprised. Her mouth hung open for a few seconds as she scrambled for words.

“Sweetie Belle, could you get Rarity for me?” Fluttershy asked quietly, with a small smile. Sweetie Belle, though visibly shocked, still managed to nod and walk back upstairs, hooves making audible clops as they hit each stair individually. Fluttershy waited patiently in the front of the store with Sasuke as Sweetie Belle went to retrieve her sister.

“She’s the best, you’ll see. You’ll have your clothes back in no time.”

Sasuke only grunted in response as the cute unicorn filly came down the stairs, with a much taller and larger pony in tow behind her. This unicorn had a similar pristine white coat, with purple curled mane, and a purple tail that was also curled, with three blue gems on her side. Sasuke didn’t understand how most ponies had different tattoos- he didn’t expect that kind of cultural practice with how soft these ponies were.

“Why do you all have tattoos on your sides?” Sasuke asked, barely interested, as Sweetie Belle and Rarity walked up to them, with Rarity growing excited as she saw the creature. She wrinkled her nose at the creature’s smell, and his destroyed clothes, but she suppressed her disgust as she reached the front of her store.

“Flanks, not sides. Oh, it’s just our cutie marks. They tell you what you’re best at- your talent.”

Cutie marks? Ridiculous. This place really is innocent.

“Hello, sir. You’ve come to have your clothes repaired, I assume?”

Sasuke only looked blankly at her as she asked this. Well, at least, even if this place is incredibly naïve, there are still individuals who will just get to business.

“Yes. I need all of my clothing to be sewn back together, but I have specific instructions. First, though, do you have somewhere I can sit down?”At Rarity’s nod, who began to lead him throughout the store, he followed without another word.

“You will look simply fabulous when I’m done with your clothing, dear. I promise you this. Why, I believe that I’ll be able to improve on it. The design is rather…”

Sasuke simply ignored the white prissy unicorn as she babbled on and on. She’s much more annoying than she appeared at first glance, he thought. At what looked to be a couch, Rarity moved aside, and let him sit down, putting his sword down against the bed, and resting for a moment, breathing heavily. It was hard to walk still, and it required effort.

Rarity left Sasuke there on the couch, and practically dragged Fluttershy in a empty room not far away. The second they were both in there, and closed the door, Rarity immediately turned to Fluttershy, who seemed a little nervous at Rarity’s demanding stare.

“What is that thing? Where does it come from?”

“I-I don’t know, but you see how wounded he is?” An understanding nod came from Rarity, who flipped her curls and bounced them up and down with her hoof.

“So, darling, you’ve been taking care of him, I assume?”

“Yes. But he’s a little… eccentric. I wouldn’t let Sweetie Belle near him, if I was you.”

“Eccentric how?” Rarity asked, narrowing her eyes at Fluttershy, who slid her hoof along the ground, and didn’t seem to want to answer.

“How, Fluttershy?” Rarity asked more demandingly, taking one step closer towards the yellow Pegasus.

“He… he made Pinkie Pie throw up.”

“What!? What do you mean made her throw up? What did he do, stuff food down her throat? What a ruffian!”

“No, no. Nothing like that. He stared at her… you don’t understand, Rarity. If you ever see his eyes turn red… it’s horrible. It’s like you feel his hatred and coldness, although that wasn’t what made Pinkie Pie throw up. I don't think he's all bad, though.”

“Then what was it, if it wasn’t his hatred and coldness?”

“He said it was… killing intent. I don’t know what he meant by that, but-“

“Killing intent!? So I have a murderer in my store?”

“I think so… he said shinobi used it when they were trying to kill each other. You should’ve seen how fast he was… I couldn’t even see it. One second he was sleeping, and the next second he had a sword at Pinkie’s throat.”

“Well… let’s just not get on his bad side, shall we?” Rarity forced a nervous grin on her face and walked out, with a slightly worried Fluttershy right behind her.

When Rarity and Fluttershy walked out, they saw Sasuke, still with his grey jacket on. He seemed to be calming down- the breathing was more normal, now. Rarity walked up to him, trying not to think about what she’d just learned. Don’t get on his bad side… don’t do it!

“So, darling,” Rarity gushed, looking at his clothing as if she admired it, “are you ready to let me take the measurements, and to repair your clothes?”

“No. Give me a moment.”

Sasuke took his arms out of his sleeves, and let his jacket fall, still attached to him around his waist, but falling down over the blue cloth he always had attached to his middle. Reaching into his sleeves, he drew out several kunai and shuriken, and slowly set them down on the ground. Rarity’s eyes widened as she watched him continue to take out weapons that he no doubt used for killing.

More shuriken, kunai, and what looked like rolls of wire came out of his clothes, too, and then he deposited a load of what looked like scrolls on the floor, too. It seemed like he was done, and then he took off his jacket, and set it on the couch. He also took off his purple sash and his wristbands, and his sandals, and his pants, sitting on the couch in a pair of simple blue boxers, that seemed mostly undamaged. He had various small bruises and cuts all over his body, that were still healing. Sighing, and turning to Rarity, he allowed her to take his clothes.

“Alright… Rarity,” he said, with an obvious forced tone, “You can sew my clothes, now. Make sure to have all the hidden compartments as they were before. Change nothing else.”

Rarity forced her jaw shut and smiled edgily, nodding, before using her magic to pick up his clothes in her magical grasp, blue aura forming around them, and took them with her to fix them, as Sasuke watched her walk away blankly. As he did, Sweetie Belle walked down, looking much more awake, and saw Sasuke sitting bare-chested on the couch, waiting for his clothes be repaired. Sweetie Belle walked over to him, and looked at all the weapons on the ground.

“Wow Mister,” she said, eyes wide as she looked at all the equipment on the ground. “what is all that stuff?” Sasuke looked at her, more than annoyed, wondering if he should even respond or not. At Fluttershy’s obviously forced smile, he decided that the stupid pony would probably hurt herself with his shinobi tools, and then he’d surely get blamed for it.

“Nothing you should concern yourself with. Get lost, pony.” Sasuke said, watching as she angrily turned to him, seeming mad that he’d told her to leave, in what was technically her own house. Her horn began to light up as she picked through the tools.

“I live here! How can you tell me to get lost?” Sasuke only watched her with bored eyes as she lifted normal sized shuriken and kunai with her magical grasp, which was obviously tiring as Sweetie Belle showed visible physical strain. Still, she picked through the tools, with Sasuke not bothering to stop her. It was only when she picked up a small bracelet with a seal on it that Sasuke grew angry, both for how he might be blamed if she was hurt, and at how stupid she was. He glared a little, but his eyes stayed onyx black.

“Put that down, now.” Sasuke ordered, but Sweetie Belle shook her head stubbornly as she lifted the bracelet with the seal right above her head. Sasuke sighed and got up, wincing even as he did so. With precise, forceful motions, he grabbed it out of the her magical grasp, and set it back on the floor. The tiniest drop of blood dropped on the seal, from one of his wounds, and Sasuke didn’t notice it. Sweetie Belle stomped her hooves on the floor childishly.

Sweetie Belle was too stubborn, and she then grabbed it up in her magical grasp again as soon as Sasuke sat down. Now, this was the first time Sasuke discovered that unicorn magic was very similar to chakra. As Sweetie Belle floated the scroll above her head, it unsealed and immediately, a large Fuma shuriken was released above her head. It began to fall.

Sasuke cursed under his breath at her stupidity, even as he rushed forwards and shoved her away, catching the shuriken, and holding it in his hands, saving her from being impaled. Sweetie Belle didn’t have words to say. But she did have tears to cry, and the sobbing began almost immediately. Sasuke only scowled at the stupid crying pony, even as he resealed the Fuma shuriken in the bracelet.

“I told you they were something you should’ve left alone. You would’ve killed yourself.”

Sweetie Belle didn’t respond though, the fear still too paralyzing to do anything but sob, the tears coming down like two waterfalls. Sasuke only stared and glared at Fluttershy, who nodded and flew over to Sweetie Belle, and began to comfort her, as Sweetie Belle leaned into Fluttershy’s chest. Rarity came back when she heard crying.

She saw Sweetie Belle sobbing and Sasuke standing up, and put two and two together, in what was a good assumption, but not what actually happened. Glaring with all the anger and hatred she could muster, which was barely any, she walked up to Sasuke.

“How dare you hurt my little sister, you brute! Get out of my store!”

Sasuke sucked his teeth, annoyed, and turned to Fluttershy for support, who had seen the whole incident. She nodded and flew over to Rarity and began explaining the incident.

“N-no, Rarity. It wasn’t his fault. Sweetie Belle was trying to play with those… things he has, and he tried to make her leave, but she wouldn’t listen, and she almost killed herself with a big… star thing. He saved her, though.” Rarity now looked embarrassed at having made a wrong assumption.

“O-oh… well, thank you for protecting my sister from her own curiosity, I guess. You can stay, sir. Do forgive me for my words.” Sasuke only grunted and sat back down on the couch, and didn’t say anything else. Before Rarity left, though, she had a question to ask.

“About the red and white marking on the grey jacket, do you want that taken off?”

“NO!” Sasuke shouted, and Fluttershy, Sweetie Belle, and Rarity all took a few steps back, scared of how angry he seemed to be. Almost like he was emotionally unstable.

“No. That marking has… meaning to me. Just clean it. Make sure it looks good.”

“Oh, I can do that, darling. Well, back to work!”

Rarity trotted away, back to work on Sasuke’s clothing, and Sasuke sat silently on the couch as Sweetie Belle cried in the corner of the room. Fluttershy comforted her, and she left to go to school a few moments later. Fluttershy flew over to the couch and sat next to him.

“Thank you for saving Sweetie Belle. That filly is too curious for own good sometimes.”

“Hn. I just didn’t want to get blamed for her death. Dumb pony.”

Fluttershy only put on a bright smile as a response, knowing that was his way of accepting the thanks. She was surprised that he had even bothered to save her. Maybe he’s changing, she thought. They waited there silently for a while until Rarity came back with Sasuke’s clothes fully repaired. Sasuke accepted them without a word or thanks, and began to check them immediately, looking for any mistakes made.

Hm. She actually didn’t mess it up. Good enough, I guess.

Turning, he mechanically put his clothing on, and afterwards, once he was dressed, he put all his weapons back inside of his clothes, and in the end, got his sword back from the side of the couch, and began to hobble on it, and made a beeline for the door. Rarity watched him go, still a little disturbed by the strange individual. Fluttershy hurriedly flew after him, and caught up with him as he exited the store, with many more ponies out in the later morning.

“I expected that tailor pony to charge me.”

“Oh, she’d never do that for a friend of mine. She’s the Element of Generosity, after all.”

“The Element of Generosity? What the hell is that supposed to mean?”

“She’s a very generous and nice pony who can use one of the Elements of Harmony.”

Elements of Harmony? I’m just going to stop asking questions.

“Now that we’re in town, would you like to visit someone else?”


“But, but, she might be able to help you get home!”

This peaked Sasuke’s interest. His only goals currently were not getting into too much trouble, as he was still fairly weak, and figuring out some way to get back to the Elemental Nations. He still had unfinished business there- specifically, killing Naruto, Kakashi, Sakura, and the rest of Konoha. He’d burn the village to the ground and kill every last person.

Only then would his revenge be complete.

“How do you know she’ll be able to help? You don’t even know where I come from.”

“S-She’s good with magic. Where do you come from?”

“The Elemental Nations.”

“That sounds like a strange place.”

“Hn.” Sasuke didn’t say much else. He figured he’d follow the pony, though he didn’t really want to meet more annoying horses, he was even more bored back at the cottage. He figured anything that could provide even the slightest entertainment would be better than sitting in a cottage all day. Besides that, there was the fact that he had to start really pushing his body again. The longer he laid still and did nothing inside the cottage, the longer it took to get moving again. There was a point where you just had to get up and start using your body again, no matter how much it hurt you. He had to start using his muscles again; he couldn’t let them or his strength atrophy.

Fluttershy lead Sasuke through the center of the town, and compared to last time, earlier in the morning, there was at least three or four times as many ponies as before. Most, if not all eyes were on Sasuke, watching with undisguised interest as he calmly hobbled forward on his cane. He was used to having a lot of eyes on him- it had happened enough in the academy, and the days where he’d still been back with The Leaf. For some reason though, this bothered him, and he found it more annoying than he thought it was going to be.

Still, though, they managed to ignore everypony, and were slowly trekking through Ponyville and making their way to what looked like a giant tree right in the middle of the town. From far away, it just looked like a tree, but as they got closer, it became clear that it was some sort of home. Sasuke could see windows, and even doors built into the place.

Sasuke and Fluttershy walked at a slow and steady pace, and they were nearly there when they was a whoosh of air and nasally voice addressed them.

“Fluttershy, who’s this?”

Fluttershy turned around, as did Sasuke. What he saw surprised him.

So far, even as ridiculous as this place was, at least everyone looked normal. Everyone had coats and manes that went well together. She looked an oddity- a weird all-color mane, with the same for a tail, and then a sort of lightning bolt as a… cutie mark. The boastful way that she fluttered and flew through the air made Sasuke decide one thing- he already didn’t like her. She flew around them in circles as she continued speaking.

“I’ve never seen this kind of thing before… it’s not a dragon, or a pony, or a griffin, or anything. Fluttershy, who is this? Did you just meet him?”

“Yes, Rainbow Dash. This is Sasuke Uchiha. Sasuke, meet Rainbow Dash.”


“So, what are you guys doing right now?”

“We’re going to visit Twilight. I’m hoping to find a way to get Sasuke home.”

“Oh, not from around here, huh?”


Rainbow Dash flew around Sasuke, repeatedly circling him, annoying him extremely. She floated down a bit, noticing the sword he was leaning on. Sasuke continued walking as Fluttershy lead the way, with Rainbow following them and annoying Sasuke the entire time.

“So, where do you come from?”

“The Elemental Nations.”

“Where were you born?”

“The Hidden Leaf Village.”

“Sounds like a cool place!”

“It is not cool. It’s a place of injustice and treachery.” Sasuke snarled.

“Woah, guy. Calm down.”


They walked for a while more, and Rainbow quieted some for the next few minutes as they slowly made their way to Twilight’s home. Rainbow just had to ask another question, though. She poked his sword with a hoof as he walked forward on it, and he glared at her. She didn’t notice it though, not paying attention, as she asked her question.

“Cool sword. You ever kill anypony with it?”

Of course, Rainbow meant it as a joke. The answer given wasn’t what she was expecting.

“Plenty of people.”

Rainbow went a bit pale, as did Fluttershy, and then both decided not to say anything else as they approached the tree house. When they arrived, they knocked on the large, red door and waited. It wasn’t long before a voice could be heard calling someone else.

“Spike! Get the door!”

“Yes, Twilight!”

A few more seconds of silence went by, and then a shuffling of feet and a creaking were heard as the door was opened and entry was allowed. A small purple lizard thing stood there, looking up at Sasuke in surprise, and maybe a bit of fear.

He walked past the thing without a word- he could care less about it- and walked inside of the tree-library thing. Looking around, he could see shelves upon shelves of books, and a lavender unicorn sitting in one corner on a desk, reading a book. She was completely absorbed, and didn’t even seem to notice Sasuke, who began walking around the library, looking at the contents, still leaning on his sword.

He took one book out of a shelf, and flipped it open to the middle.

Thus, it can be said of magical theory, that when magic is combined with will, you get….

So, a scholar, Sasuke thought.

“Egghead! Look up from your book and look behind you.” Rainbow Dash said.

Twilight closed her book, annoyed.

“What?” She asked moodily, turning around.

“Who… are you?” Twilight asked, already growing excited.

“Uchiha… Sasuke.”