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After one of that unexpected turns the life makes the god of peace and his angel end in the kingdom of Equestria. Could this help him finding the peace he wants... or he would show them "True peace"

Special thanks to my editors Heartless99 and The Valeyard for their help, I couldn´t do this story without them, also, thanks The Valeyard again since he had help me getting some ideas out when it was hard or I was unsure. Thanks both of you ;)

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Cool, haven't read a story about Pain in a wile:pinkiehappy:

Well... this is interesting. To see Pein/Pain in equestria alone with just konan is an interesting idea and it makes me wonder what direction you'll take this story in. Will it be like 'akatsuki in equestria' with the naruto-verse characters trying to overthrow equestria, or will this take a more peaceful approach? Whatever you choose, I'm interested in seeing what you bring to the table. Keep goin and stay golden^^

You really need to use spell check.

Interested but I have to ask: why are the six paths there? Why not make it just about Konan and Nagato?

Wow, far a good feedback in just some hours, thanks everybody.
@Professionalhitman- Yeah I know :pinkiehappy: they aren´t to many fics about him out there, so I just want to give my humble contribution.
@Suijin228- Well I will try to don´t be to extremist about the aggressiveness of Nagato/Pain and Konan, remember what Naruto had said, "They aren't as the other Akatsuki that would kill just for pleasure", but then again, you can look for some crashes in the ways of thought of the shinobis and the ponies :raritywink:
@Panama- Really? I had used it when you suggested it and I didn´t found a big deal about the writing... or you´re just :trixieshiftright:... ok, forge it.
@Sketch D Tail- yeah, I understand your questions, I make then to myself at first :applejackunsure:, but I decide to make it with them because I wasn´t able to found any other fic with all of them too, I would like to see their interaction with the ponies, and as a great writer had said once "If you want to read a fic of something that doesn't exist, you should write it yourself." and well... they were add more mystery for the ponies having the six paths over there... "We are pain. We are god" jeje :trollestia:

Well I think that´s all I want to say... oh, just one last thing, I don´t know if it would be the best Idea :twilightblush:, but I want to give all of you a little chance to help me, at the moment I´m deciding how to make the cuitemarks of the paths, as far I go, I had three options: 1. Just the Rinnegan as mark for all of them 2. An specific Cuitemark for all of them 3. Or a combination of both of them, the Rinnegan as background and their talent over it :trixieshiftright:

Oooo haven't read it yet but by the looks of it he isn't going to be a PAIN in the ass. I know bad joke, but still looks interesting looking forward to reading.

equestrian will know pain, and celestia and luna will know their pain is nothing compared to nagatos. :moustache:

That description... is a... well it looks like it came from google translate.

Another fellow naruto story. I will watch this to see where it goes.

Good luck, since I have learned sometimes anime crossovers are difficult to pull off

2715037I choose option number 3, Rinnegan background with specialty over it. And about spell check. You have correct spelling... it's grammar that's screwing you. You're either using homophones, or just plain bad grammar. Though it will be interesting to see where you take this.

yeah interesting chapter but be careful with your spelling for here and there I saw a few mistakes like "Uhm, sorry ma´am but this is a private farm, I thing you didn´t saw the fence, right?" but aside from that I look forward to more of this story.

Ya I love the story. But you have a lot of spelling errors, which you should probably have proof read. Also pain does have some jutsu that require his hands. Like planetary devistaion and that resurrection jutsu. So other than that GOOD STORY! :pinkiehappy: I look forward to future updates.

so even Big Mac has fallen for the sexiness that is Konan :eeyup:


Muhahaha. What sort of mischief will God and His Angelic Herald of Death get into? I eagerly await! Onward! 2734236 You're quite right you know, but you forgot Kuchiyose no Jutsu, which required hand signs. Chikushodo, the Animal Path.

Thanks folks for reading and liking this story:twilightsmile: and also your constructive criticism, I appreciate that you want this story to be better and I GONNA do something about the errors in the grammar:ajsleepy:... wait for an advice I will do in some days about that:trixieshiftleft:
By the way...
2720808 I most said that I got some inspiration in your story "Akatsuki in Equestria" to make my own, it is really a good in interesting story so... when is coming out the next chapter? :twilightsheepish: jeje
2734236 and 2743678 both of you are quite right in some facts but the Chibaku Tensei (Planetary devastation) doesn´t need fingers to be perform, if you see Tendo and Nagato only need to put their palms together to create the black sphere of gravity, Nagato at the moment when he was doing it had lost one hand and it wasn´t fully regenerate too.
About Chikushudo he/she/it doesn´t need hand seals to summon, only when he/she/it is going to summon the other paths and Konan, other than that is enough with only slamming the palm in ANY surface to do the summon... but maybe I will skip that fact about the paths and Konan in order to make my story:raritywink:
That´s all folks read you latter :ajsmug:.... I also want to celebrate that I finally realize how to reply the comments of other people in this fiction, yeah don´t judge me :ajbemused:

I'm interested in where this is going I always wanted a pain in equestria story :)

2767218 I was recently reading a good new one on fanfiction.net. And this one is good, too, I hope the author will continue!

Sorry people for the Trolling jeje:twilightsheepish: I think the comments get deleted with the chapter:trixieshiftleft: but someone had put a fluttershy face that make me regret my actions... my apologies to YOU:pinkiesad2:, but tell you what the new and REAL chapter is up so go and give it a chance:pinkiehappy:
I also want to thank ALL of you people, for your reads, favourite and all :pinkiehappy: Really thanks, cause without all of you.... thanks:ajsmug:

The potential for a great story was already there, and there is no shame in needing some help. Well done!

This seemed rely disconnected from the previous chapter.


2780928 Hold on. There was a troll attempt? I'm glad my dad shut down my computer and locked it for the past few days. It would have looked seriously bad for me if I were caught in a troll attempt.

Comment posted by add deleted Jun 29th, 2013

Here, let me give you more music http://www.youtube.com/user/n9s2cya/videos

I am loving where this story is going but it is just so hard to read. Heck, I'll proofread for you if you want, but you have to get someone to do it.

2810929 Really? I already got a betareader for the third chapter...

2811373 Wait, so you already have a proofreader for the third chapter? I noticed that it has better grammar than the previous chapters but there are still a few mistakes in it that made me do a double take.

Any chance for more?

This... hurts my brain to try and read it.:facehoof:

You say you got a beta reader... well you need a new one. Your current one isn't doing his job.

When will the next chapter be up?:duck:

2852630 Don´t worry, don´t worry! I´m not dead...yet.
2859095 Right now :twilightsmile:

You say couple errors here and there. I say errors in almost every sentence.


Whoa. Things are getting interesting. As for Nagato... I am slightly confused on why he has not left the Everfree yet. t appears to be a good idea. Or why he has not tried to meet the Princesses. Hmmm. This will require a bit more of looking into. Also, why would Nagato be immune to the puppy dog eyes?

Man this is the best Naruto crossover meeting scene I have ever read. Good job.

i wonder what the princesses will think of Nagato? :unsuresweetie:
Q: will Nagato restore his original body at some point?

2867603 Well about the forest; at the moment it`s providing him a good place in where to hide his original body, and that that he doesn`t even know the ponies don`t go to that place. About the puppy eyes... well, a life of suffering and sorrow had hurt his ability to easily like the 'cute' things of the life.:ajsleepy:
2869231 thank you sir :twilightsmile:
2870684 mmm... I think both
of your questions will imply spoiler... so sorry:ajsleepy: ... but maybe you should be asking what they would think of 'Pain' jeje:ajsmug:

Could do with a rewrite, but it's most definitely an interesting idea.

Oh right folks, a new edited version of the last chapter "Strange Meetings" had been posted, this time I will like that all of you help me;
It's better? It´s good? No more mistakes? you can 'understand' it? It doesn´t hurt your brain when you´re reading it?
Please leave a comment :twilightsmile:

Comment posted by AtomicSpades deleted Aug 3rd, 2013

This story is pretty interesting so far, and I am enjoying it, but the grammar is so bad that I can barely follow what's going on. Considering how often I have to stop and think about what the sentence is trying to say since it has such poor grammar I can't even say this story has any kind of flow.

I know the chapters are old and you might not even be working on this anymore, but if you ever get a chance, find someone (probably from one of the many groups here that deal with proofreaders) to proofread the story to correct those mistakes. It will only help the story.

Hey hey hey! Everybody, Im not dead...yet, sorry for the long await, but you know, school, animes, Naruto Storm 3 and laziness in general -w- but dont worry, I will try to get a new chapter for this weekend, so read you soon ;)
3158348You see, SOME chapters were corected by my beta reader, they survived the hardest of the critics, Im not sure if you read THAT chapters, but if you had and still you didnt liked it I oficialy give up to that, I already had changed my beta reader once, and I dont even more know if you folks were happy with the results :/

Interesting. So it was more than just one Pain that ended up in Equestria. I'm guessing this is the summoning one.

Any chance for chapter? Or at least an estimate when we should wait it? A month? Couple of months?


Lies! All lies! We have been deceived brothers! Let us start a rebellion!

Very old comment, still need to agree on it though.
I think the most appearent errors you make are words written in the wrong time.
Your narrator tells the story in "Simple Past", therefore you have to remember to add -ed to most words:

"I will handle this, you go to the ruins" She Command, the other being just proceeded to obey, calmly making its way to the old castle.


"I told you that we get lost!" Said one of the strange voices, it was apparent it was female, but it sound too young, perhaps a girl.


In response to this it simply rise a brow in slight surprise

rose (simple past form)

Hope you see what I mean now. There are definitely more present/past mixups in this chapter.

Interesting. How'd Nagato and Konan get to Equestria? And when does this take place?

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