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Peace in Equestria - The-G80

After one of that unexpected turns the life makes the god of peace and his angel end in the kingdom of Equestria. Could this help him finding the peace he wants... or he would show them 'True Peace'.

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Equestria, Huh?

Chapter 2: Equestria, Huh?

The first thing he felt was the dizziness that came around when someone returned to consciousness, quite annoying not being able to properly control yourself, but after a few shakes of his head his thoughts finally became clear. Surrounding him was a dark, dank, moist cave. Not that he had expected to be relocated elsewhere after his first awakening, even more, it was a logical decision for his loyal companion to leave him here, relatively secure and hidden away from any prying eyes.

After a few loud cracking sounds from his neck he readjusted himself to be in a more “comfortable” position, not that he had a lot of options attached to his chair, though. But Through usage of the legendary Rinnegan he carefully examined his surroundings only to reveal to himself the company of his Pain’s which were lifelessly strewn about the ground of the cavern, a few moments past while Nagato contemplated his options, giving the cave a few glances every now and then but ultimately returning to his bodies.

After a few more moments he made what he consider the most suitable decision and suddenly one of the cold and dismal bodies gave the first signals of life. At first trying to stand with some rough movements the female form of a orange mare proudly stood on all fours.

"Good" she replied in own approval the mare with a quite, dark, emotionless voice, her penetrating stare gazed upon her own form together with a peek from the red-maned stallion. “So in the end it wasn't just a dream, or a Genjutsu of terrible taste, but they had indeed been somehow ‘transformed’ into horses of some kind”.

At that moment Nagato could say he felt better, but he still needed more energy in order to use the six paths at their full power. Chikushodo would be the right decision, her smaller size in comparison with the other pains made her the one that would waste less chakra and given her ability to summon the other paths if they were necessary, together with the fact that it was the second most agile and faster of the six, made her the perfect scout.

With a more decent trot Chikushodo made her way through the long corridor of the cave until she was upon the entrance of this ominous place. Concentrating some chakra into the Rinnegan of his current body he could see an improvised but efficient trap that had been left by his loyal angel. A good amount of explosive seals properly hidden covered the surrounding area next to the tunnel; this prevented anyone from slinking into the cave without first being blown sky high.

She expanded some of her chakra through her hoof and into the ground to get a feel for where they were, once the explosive’s had felt her signal they immediately disabled themselves, it wasn't odd that the traps that Konan or Nagato set would recognize each other. But with another slight shock wave of chakra, the explosives had been re-activated.

A forest, was what came to the mind of Nagato after the first few glances here and there, quite strange in some ways but nothing to worry about. It had been enough rest for a lifetime so with a quick movement the female path boosted herself into a fast gallop over the branches of the forest. Moving at unbelievable speed Chikushodo quickly began to understand her surroundings better, it was indeed a forest, along with the other aspects that came with it; rivers, lakes, strange flowers of blue coloring and many other oddities.

But the more she advance the more something began to feel ....odd... or to be more precise the "lack" of something began to feel odd. Chakra. Even though he had never learn the ancient technique of "Sennin modo" the Rinnegan still gave the user the ability to sense chakra from other living beings as well as the natural chakra of the world, but at the moment he could barely feel the latter. Actually, he started to feel something... strange and new he had never felt before.

His thoughts were immediately interrupted as a loud roar called to his current vessel at the moment. Looking down from her position she saw one of the oddest things in all the world, a single, strong figure stood on the ground with a threatening glance. Coming down and closer to the animal she confirmed her suspicions. Standing on all fours and with an arrogant pose was a form of lion. This one however, didn’t have the usual aspect of one of its kind, two large wings reminiscent to those of a bat were attached in a natural way to its back, as well as the giant scorpion tail that replaced its own.

The beast once again roared in defiance and proceeded to smash its huge paw into the ground, trying to scare the living lights out of its new pray, nevertheless, the bored expression that remain on the face of the mares should have had been a signal for the Manticore that it would be the best to forget this meal and run away.

"Are you a summon of some kind?" Asked the mare with her normal bored tone, she hadn’t felt any chakra coming from this creature but maybe it had the ability to hide it, if it was a summon then it could prove to be good or bad news. If indeed it was a summon then it would go to show that they are in a summon realm or there is a shinobi nearby, but in both case it would mean they were still in the elemental nations.

The colossal creature seemed to grow a confused expression after hearing the strange question of the even stranger mare, but it only lasted a few mere seconds until the animal proceeded to launch a furious blow to its new prey. Big mistake.

Some Epic Music

But to the total surprise of this strange beast, the mare didn’t show any signs of being impaled by its large claws in which it took great pride in, but instead, it was now all over its large paw standing like a statue giving him a gazing at it with those strange and horrible eyes of her’s, now, just now the Manticore realized it had made a mistake, this pony didn't show what all the others experienced, the others always had a sense of fear and terror, but no, this mare doesn't have the eyes of prey, even more, her darkness and determination feel like stakes piercing its heart.

Maybe Manticores weren't the smartest of all the creatures, but this one wasn't going to stay and find out why this mare wasn't afraid of it, something like instinct told him to run, to run and not turn back. It only had had this feeling, this sensation when it was too close to being near to a bigger predator, like the Ursas or Dragons, but for some reason this mare gave it the same feeling.

The chimera gave a strong shake to its paw and after getting rid of the mare proceeded to quickly turn and run at it’s full speed. Its hopes of getting away safely from this strange experience went down quicker than a stone in the ocean when the mare suddenly appeared in front of it, even for itself, a proud and fast Manticore couldn't run that fast. And then there it was again, that same penetrating gaze that threw chills in the spine of the beast.

"I think that you aren't one after all. But maybe you can still be useful" The serious and eerie tone in which she said it frightened the beast, even though the Manticore didn’t understand her words, it gave the beast the clear message.

Realizing that it didn’t have a chance to escape the beast decide that it wouldn’t fall without a fight. In another quick and incompetent attempt the Manticore threw another blow in hopes that it could try to perforate the heart of the mare with its tail when she dodged it, it had fail yet again. The mare easily dodge everything the desperate beast could throw her way , it confused the Manticore to no end how she did it without any effort at all. This time, after a quick spin to one side, the mare turned around a gave it a powerful strike with her hind legs, the spine of the beast felt of an unbearable pain as the Manticore was launched some hooves over the air and then rudely crashed against a solid tree.

It was ridiculous, how this single mare was defeated it with only a single strike, it was a Manticore for the Celestia’s sake! But it didn´t care at the moment, it was trying to breath, but every breath it took felt like claws in its lungs, and who knows, maybe there was a chipped or broken rib. The poor Manticore can only watch how the mare came closer to it with a calm trot, and when she was just a few steps away, she pulled out a strange black rod of sorts, and then she proceeds to speak to it again with her same dark tone.

"You had thought you would be a challenge, did you not? You're weak, but allow me to make you stronger. Now...know pain "

(End of the Epic Music)

Dozens and dozens of butterflies freely flew over the skies of this"Ponyville" as these creatures had called their home, she couldn't understand all the ridiculous names they put into everything including themselves. These butterflies however, weren't normal at all, if some curious pegasus could get close enough to one,they would soon realize that these insects,defied logic as they knew it, for they weren´t of flesh and blood, but actually... of paper.

Konan had decided that she would go much faster if she scattered herself over this small town, even in her current form she was able to see and hear everything around her, as odd as it may have seem it was useful. The more she explored the town and learned about these ponies the more she grew confused, not only were they able capable of higher cognitive thinking, they even spoke and performed daily task, almost as if they were humans... not only that but they also seems to... to be happy?

They didn't seems to posses care in the world of any danger or future problems, just enjoying themselves and whatever company they possessed at the moment. The little colts and fillies, if she remembered correctly, were playing in the streets or in the parks like they were eternally safe from any and everything, the mothers would just watch them like they knew they would be perfectly safe, knowing that it was a ridiculous idea that something terrible would happen on this seemingly perfect day.

If she still possessed a face she would frown, this was ridiculous, it was like an insult, how they could be like this! They acted as if nothing bad could happen to them, what about wars!? What about all the suffering and pain!? The peace they were showing couldn't possibly exist! After all true peace wasn't something possible in this accursed wor-...!

It suddenly hit her like a rock, it was then she knew this wasn't her world anymore. It was then that the multiple butterflies began to slowly unite with themselves nearby on one of the hills hidden in plain sight in the park, and after forming a small vortex of paper they began to merge themselves, after a few odd seconds of this strange and extraordinary spectacle, a blue mare appeared standing on all fours, however, she doesn't have her usual cold or proud attitude, now her eyes look to the ground as her face took that of a thoughtful expression.

Definitely this wasn't her world anymore, no, they were in this... "Equestria", but even so it was hard to believe, how could this be possible? All that she had ever known was misery and suffering, and even when for some time it had appeared there was hope for life she had remembered that things weren't as always as easy as that. Maybe... no, she needed to finish her research, it no longer mattered how strange this world could be they needed to return to their own. They! Pain would want to know all about her discovery and she needed someone to tell about this, maybe her dear friend could help her understand all this and-

"Ouch!" A single tiny rock had landed and hit her front-right-hoof following up with a moan of pain forcing her to look down to the source of this nuisance. There, rubbing it head, was a little horse...eh, pony trying to shake away its current grief. It took some seconds for the little... colt, if she properly recognized it, to see that he hadn’t crashed against a tree but instead another pony. A mare to be exact, and when he saw her, his little eyes grew to the size of two small moons. He had never witnessed anypony like her before, it wasn't her strange clothing but she... she was just... beautiful. After realizing he was just staring at her, she had risen a brow in expectation, until he finally return to the real world.

"Uh..."-barely-"... Uh!, sorry miss, I didn't see you, I was just looking for my ball" He responded by pointing a shaking hoof to the named object. Konan just needed to turn her head a few odd inches to see the little red orb. “Was It was really there this entire time”? Maybe she had gotten too deep in thought to notice it.

The little colt just proceeded to grab his toy and then return to the blue mare.

"I haven't seen you before miss, are you new around here? Are you a traveler, cause those clothes make you look like you are? What's your name?" Even when in other situation she would already be annoyed for the sudden assault of questions, she doesn´t feel angry at the moment, actually it was entertaining all the curiosity this little colt can have.

"You know, little one, it’s bad manners not introduce yourself first before asking ‘somepony' else’s name" She said, incorporating the ways these ponies spoke as to not arouse suspicion in others. Curiously her tone and mood didn’t appear as cold as it always was.

"Ups! sorry miss, the name´s Pipsqueak" He said with a big grin in his little face, a brown stain decorated the left side of his face.

"Well then, my name is Konan, 'Pipsqueak' " she had heard many strange names but at least this wasn't as bad.

"So are you new to this place miss konan, I can help you if you want!" He offered, almost yelling the last part with enthusiasm, just what you would expect from a child. It was curious how the ponies around here continue offering help to her even when she was a perfect strange, but this time, maybe another perspective could help her to understand better this place.

"I think you can. Very well, you guide" And almost like that her words were like telling him about a present, the smile on his face slowly grew becoming even bigger as well as the spark in his eyes. It was actually funny, how this kid could go from being so easily impressed to happy.

Konan calmly trot behind the little one as he began to show her this "Ponyville"

The forest shook with every step the big Manticore took, however this beast wasn't a normal one, not only because it was allowing a orange mare to ride it, but also... something about it felt... bad. Its predatory eyes were now empty as if looking into a void, it was almost as if there were no longer a soul inside this being, and the still fresh wounds on its body almost seemed to bore it.

The mare just proceeded to carefully examine every corner and shadow in the forest as her ride took her wherever she felt like going. After few more minutes without anything useful or interesting suddenly something in the corner of her powerful eyes caught her attention, following the command of its tamer the beast turned around and came closer to the structure. There, in the middle of "Nowhere" were the remaining ruins of a colossal castle, really quite a strange sight to see since someone wouldn't expect to find a structure such as this in a forest as this one.

"hmm...Interesting" Confessed Chikushodo with a bored tone and her still doll-like-appearance. Just before she could decide to investigate the ruins a few sounds made her perk up with curiosity. Slowly turning around, still present on the Manticore’s back, Chikushodo focused some chakra in her eyes and began to search through the dense foliage of the forest, her gaze dug even through the toughest of the trees allowing her to finally locate the source of the noise.

Thirteen from what she could see, thirteen horses with a strange armor covering on their bodies... what was the meaning of this? Whatever it was she didn't know, but whatever it was could very well prove to be problematic in and of its own, but the ruins were still of interest... maybe it was time to multitask tasks.

"kuchiyose no jutsu!" She shouted as her right hoof furiously slams the dirty forest floor. A dense cloud of smoke had appeared out of nowhere but very slowly started to dissipate, revealing a single figure.

"I will handle this, you go to the ruins" She Command, the other being just proceeded to obey, calmly making its way to the old castle.

The stone floor of the ruins proceeded to make loud cracking sounds as it was stepped upon, its eyes were looking for anything that could prove to be of some assistance at all in their current situation as to ascertain where they were and if it possible how to return to Amegakure. This place proved not only to be huge from the outside, but as well as its interior, it took quite a bit of time and a lot seemingly pointless wander before stumbling upon a spot of interest.

A huge room, and at its epicenter say a large chair, actually, upon closer observation it was easy to see that it wasn't a chair but instead throne. In response to this it simply rise brow in slight surprise and continued progress throughout this strange place. Along the way it came across a huge faded window with what appeared to be pictures embedded in the glass which immediately catching its attention, it appeared to be a monument of some kind which depicted the proudly image of two... horses? One white like the snow and the other as dark blue as the night sky. However, these horses weren't something normal for what it could see, both of them seemed to have possessed pair of wings and... a horn. It wasn’t aware if this was something that could have possibly been symbolic, because it doubted such a creature could exist.

It’s moments of confusion was interrupted as a sound in the distance gave an echo all throughout the structure, it couldn't have been the other horses so it wonder who or what in this case was it? After seconds of waiting the sound could finally be heard again, this time it could clearly hear a conversation... or more exactly complaints being spoken.

"I told you that we get lost!" Said one of the strange voices, it was apparent it was female, but it sound too young, perhaps a girl.

"Not with aren´t!" Contradicted a second voice, this one more annoyed than the last one and female.

"Com´on Scootaloo, I knew we should have waited for Zecora, but NOOO, you wanted to do it yourself" Sided a third and for what it seems final voice of a girl, this one had a strange accent that it couldn't be quite sure if it had ever heard before.

The voices became louder as these "girls" came closer, two of them continued to voice their complaints to this Scootaloo about howthis was all her fault. Maybe this reconnaissance mission was useful after all.

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