Peace in Equestria

by The-G80


Prologue : Arrival
It was a cheerless and dark place; avoided by so many thanks to the reputation that it had gained over the years. Of course, the dangers that could threaten the life of anyone that entered had helped a lot in that regard too. The scary and unnatural look of the vegetation was a permanent and disturbing reminder of what you could find inside of this… this… forest.
The “Everfree” forest.
It had been a place of nightmares for young fillies and colts, a warning, and sometimes the base of daring jokes for the older ponies in this land. However, to the upcoming arrivals, it would be the perfect place, what more could they have asked for.
The forest wasn´t composed only of trees, lakes and dust; there were also steep and ugly hills, the same as giant and impressive mountains. These colossal structures of nature could be totally solid, others could be actual volcanoes, but others could have cavernous tunnels and caverns that went deep beneath them.
In the middle of one of these mountains was a normal cave if you can say so. Twenty feet tall and even wider on the sides, quite spacious, with a long tunnel that curiously went on after some turns here and there to the outside of the giant rock.
Anyone or… anypony could easily lose interest in it, but it wasn´t the size or the look of the cave that made it special, no. It was the strange phenomenon that was just happening inside of it.
A bright and white light, just like the light of the sun that could blind anyone that dare to look directly at it, was shining at full force inside the spooky place. A white orb of a mysterious energy was furiously shooting, in all directions, sparks and lighting of unstable power. Some unlucky rocks had been found by its strange power and were immediately reduced to dust. Its powerful and deafening roar almost make the walls crack and fall to ground.
For some moments, just fractions of second, someone could tell that the strange anomaly was actually morphing in some kind of… dark vortex. Rather than absorbing anything it seemed that the dark matter was trying to expel... something. The strange sequence of events repeat itself a few more times until it seems that the portal, if you could call that odd crack in the fabric of existence that, wasn't able to support itself any more.
A final and even louder roar was heard not only in the cave but also in the surroundings of the mountain as the strange portal finally seems to disappear in midair allowing the cavern to fall into darkness and silence once more, but not before leaving a present behind for this new and strange world outside.
The time passes, and it seems that the forest was slowly returning to its natural habits. The hours come and go and the cave doesn’t look like it would break the silence at all… but.
An almost muffled groan was heard in the inside of the cave, a small figure tries to move but it seems that whatever it was, was to tired or hurt to try anything. Another moan, slightly louder, echoed in the darkness of the cave, from what could be heard, it was greatly troubled.
Two lids rose to reveal a beautiful pair of amber eyes, at the moment they weren’t as beautiful as they could have been since they were impregnated with confusion and pain. Another clumsy attempt to stand up ended with a louder groan as the blue haired creature fall to the tough ground. There wasn’t another attempt, for the moment the creature resigned itself to rest a little until it could try it again.
Its eyelids become heavier as it felt like losing consciousness and being able to organize its thoughts, its breaths were less audible with every second that passed. Suddenly its eyes opened in shock as it remembered something. In a quick movement, knowing that it wasn´t able to move, for the moment, it tried to roll in the ground desperately looking for something… or someone.
It calmed itself a little after finally finding a quite familiar heap of orange spines, but even so, it wasn´t its primary target right now. A few more rolls and crawls allow it to finally find what it was looking for.
“Nagato!” The clearly feminine voice shouted, finally allowing her to become more recognizable in the middle of the darkness.
The female crawled a little more, but after getting tired of it she tried to stand another time, without success. It started to become strange, she doesn’t feel dizzy any more but she wasn´t able to properly stand on her two legs again. It doesn’t matter for the moment. She crawls a little more and finally was the close enough to the strange and mechanic chair to see her friend.
A deafening gasp was all she could muster, where her loved friend should be now a…a… horse of some kind was sitting. Its red coat and darker red mane try to tell her something, but it wasn´t until she saw the back of the creature and the long and black bars attached, no, embedded to it that she truly recognized the creature before her.
“Nagato…?” She asked in disbelief, this strange sight that her eyes provide couldn´t be true.
The gaunt horse finally gave a signal of life, just a little groan to be precise. After some seconds of waiting it finally opened its eyes, the left one was the only visible eye since it mane cover the right one, but it was all she need to confirm her suspicions. A totally purple and multi-ringed eye shone in the darkness of the cave as it try to observe its surroundings.
“Konan…?” He asked in a male voice, quite tired and haggard too.
“Nagato, is that really you?…what happened to you?” She asked in full concern but her question was quickly countered with another statement.
“I can ask you the same thing, Konan…” Said Nagato, his breaths were heavy, just like he was tired and only breath was a big task. Konan noticed this, and the full picture finally came to her memories… at the moment, the rude travel they had make had been really hard, her body clearly told her that, and for the red haired man, it surely had been worse. By the way, his statement didn´t go unheard and a confused grimace covers her face as she began to look at herself.
More shock and surprise, she had become a horse too, a clear blue coat cover her for what she can see, her black and red clouded robe was still covering the majority of her body, but the shocked expression never left her face.
Looking back to her partner who seems to have a bored expression, he doesn’t seems to care for his actual appearance or perhaps he was just too tired to care. More haggard breaths are heard as he try to get some air in his lungs. It was more than clear that he had been trough better times.
“This seems to be the result of the abrupt and sudden clash of our powers…” He confesses, giving her a calm stare waiting for her to realize his words.
After some moments in deep thoughts she seems to understand him and accept this reality, after all she didn´t feel it as a Genjutsu, so she slowly began to inspect the zone. She wasn´t still able to properly wal-, no, trot… or whatever, but she manage to move around. It was a cave by the looks of it, quite spacious and wet, it wasn´t her first time in a place like this so she didn´t complain. It was actually giving her a good nostalgic feeling.
In the floor, with a little help of chakra in her eyes, she saw a total of six bodies lying over there, scattered all over the ground, all of them with the same dark robe and the complex pattern of piercings over their faces and bodies, almost all of them had orange clear coat and a darker mane, resembling the hair they had in their previous form, one of them was completely hairless, which she easily guessed was shurado.
After making sure that all of them were still in one piece since she knew they were indispensable for her friend, she noted that they just had some scrapes and dust over here and there, she return to her loyal friend that looked like he could slip into unconsciousness at any moment.
“So… what happened? What now?” She asked, her concerned tone betraying the calm neutral expression she wore.
“I can only guess all this happened when our chakras had crashed in that way. Our actual appearance, it isn’t a Genjutsu or I would have felt it the moment I awoke. I´m not so sure but maybe the Rinnegan had something to do with all this…” Explained Nagato, but some coughs silenced him before explaining further. He need some rest and she knew that even if she didn´t understand all of what he had said could implicate, she had to ask one final thing, maybe the thing she should have asked in first place.
“Where are we?”