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What happens to Ulquiorra after his fight with Ichigo when he turns into dust and is dispersed into the wind? Did he die? Or did he simply disappear from his world?

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Cause of this i actullay checked who is Ulquiorra and saw the last battle between Ichigo and Ulquiorra holy shit.. gonna watch it from the beggining to the end really great show, and i cant wait for you to update this story!! :twilightsheepish:

So what shipping are you hoping to see later on in the story if I may ask. I will do one of three: Ulquiorra and Luna or Ulquiorra and Red Hear? Or would you rather it be a surprise because there is one more pairing in mind that may become obvious by the time she appears on the fic.

4111914 Make it a surprise. Besides, a Luna x Ulquiorra ship has been done before (points to Dirty Bits' story: Cuatro).

4113735 i hopped someone would say that, and im sure you wont be disappointed

read something like this on fanfic.net wonder if it will be similar

4143628 well I've never heard of it and I'm sure it will be very different as soon as the story gets serious although I doubt the concept is very different.

I thought it was good. Don't know why it already has 8 dislikes.

i dont understand it either, but its probably just some haters disliking stuff just to do it, but it wont bring me down. I'm glad you're liking my story though. :twilightsmile:

I pray that he gets his reiatsu back,
Its the only way he'll be able to survive Pinkie's wrath.

Comment posted by mapu deleted May 1st, 2014

4317279 well I'm sorry you feel that way but I'm working hard on this so if you don't like it just don't read it, where else was I supposed to begin, i know that was the obvious start and had probably been done somewhere, but I went and did that extra writing cause i thought the readers should be more aware of exactly when and how he got to equestria and I did not steal the idea from anyone, I came up with it on my own and I haven't even seen or heard of any other Ulquiorra related stories until after I had already started writing chapter 1 so look at it for the story not the similarities to other stories.

Also, you have written no stories so you really don't have any right to be dishing out insulting criticism. If it had been constructive, I wouldn't mind and no you don't have to say anything nice to be constructive, you just have to comment about what you see in the story and what you feel may improve it.

4317279 and as far as the characters go, I chose the princesses to be among the first ponies to see him for a reason which, keep in mind, will be revealed in a later chapter, so you should be asking questions about the story rather than making half assed assumptions.

To everyone else reading my story, I will not accept insulting comments about the story as I've nothing on it that should offend anyone so if you post a critical comment, it had better be a complement or constructive otherwise it will be taken down.:ajbemused:

You kinda dropped the ball by skipping that meeting between ulquiorra and celestia.

Also, you really need to proof read your stuff before posting. There are a lot of grammatical errors.

4325275 well i dont care enough to wait, although i do make those improvements as soon as i notice them, ill keep that in mind though. Thanks.

4325176 and celestia walking in was just her being celestia, it will be explained in another chapter.

I was hoping someone would make an Ulquiorra in Equestria fic. Otherwise, I'd do it myself. I just love this character and would love to see him in a world where the very being of the ponies clashes so much with how he was portrayed in the anime. And seeing how Ulquiorra is portrayed so far, I am finding this extremely interesting.

Oh man. This is going to be extremely good. I am going to thoroughly enjoy this fic!

This looks promising....... I would be pleased if there was a new chapter :twilightsmile: Really, I see some potential in this. I hope you continue this story! :pinkiehappy:

4427349 thank you and ya I'm still on it, in fact, I already have over 1000 words on the next chapter so it should be out in a week or two

I'm sorry but I won't be getting any chapters out any time soon, I'm spent for now and I will be taking a break on my stories not only because of this but also because I've been busy lately.

Again I'm very sorry about this, although I still plan to continue this story.

Well i spotted a few grammatical errors but other than that it's been pretty good so far. I would suggest you either read through it yourself or get and editor/proofreader to read a chapter before posting it just to spot those couple little errors that slip through when your writing. Other than that all i can say is keep up the good and i hope you update soon :twilightsmile:

It may be a while as I will probably be very busy in the near future along with a little bit of me just thinking about the story in general so I'm taking a break from writing for a while, however, I will continue it so that is something I'll promise.

Thanks guys, I'm taking a break right now on the story because I'm about to move into my uncle's place but as soon as I get settled Ill start back up on the next chapter!

OHMYGOSH! This is gonna be SO good!

WHAT?! Ulquiorra's Hollow Hole is gone?! OMG! Amazing! Just what is gonna happen next?

I sure hope that when Ulquiorra gets his Zanpakutō, things won't go misinterpreted! Awesome work! Keep it up and update soon!

do you still work on this story?

5652016 to be honest, not nearly as much as I should be :(

The story is great so far and see no problems in terms of lore or other things, well other than needing a spell checker to go over the chapters. Looking forward to the next chapter.

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